Stibnite... Want To Change Your Life?

 Brings Transformation On A Grand Scale!

Written By Liz Oakes

Stibnite aids transformation and brings you a totally new outlook on life. This is a strong stone to aid you to bring what you desire into your life.


In particular it may bring transformation on a grand scale, including a totally new outlook on life for the better.

Its metaphysical properties have the potential to bring great wealth and power, but only if you are able to stay focused on your goal.

If you do not stay focused, and are less than totally honest, it may bring undesirable results.

It enhances personal power as it attunes you to new frequencies, as you release fear around spiritual exploration.

Note: this stone is extremely toxic, so I do not actually recommend using it unless it is very well sealed up in a container.

Where Does It Come From?

Most of this stone comes from China, but it is also found in Japan and Romania. Its color may be bright metallic grey or lead-grey, that will tarnish to a black color.

This mineral is a lead sulfide of Antimony, and is sometimes called Antimonite.

Its crystal form is unusual and quite beautiful, but as it is made of Antimony you need to take care when using it, as this is known to be quite toxic.

I was not aware of its extreme toxicity until it was brought to my attention. So I am now concerned about using it, unless you can keep it totally sealed up, where you do not breathe in any of it, including metal ore particles that may come off it.

As it is an Antimony based stone, it should not come into contact with your skin.

If you keep it inside a very strong sealed cloth bag the vibration will still come though without you having skin contact, but take care how you manage your use of this stone, and ensure you use it sensibly.

What An Unusual Stone! Why Would You Use It?

This unusual stone is a powerhouse of potential, and can manifest your intentions if you stay focused on them. 

Stibnite will also aid you to adjust to the current earth changes that are happening around you, and getting stronger and more varied each day.


If you have been thinking of making changes in your life, using this stone may help you to manifest these changes. It may aid you to change your career, your finances and your spirituality.

It may magnetize to you a range of different experiences and it has an element of coincidence and synchronicity within its vibration.

So you may simply trip across different positive assistance seemingly by accident.

Those who are greedy when working with this stone, or less than totally honest in their dealings, may come unstuck very quickly under the influence of its vibration.

It may bring an increase of abundance and prosperity into your life on a grand scale, and may it aid you to manifest more money, but it should be used with care.

Take care as this seeming good fortune may not be all that it appears to be. This stone has a component within it of being a deceiver, so you need to be cautious.

How To Use Stibnite

Stibnite has a strong grounding action down through the earth chakra, to ground excess energy.

If you have suffered from the symptoms of being ungrounded, this stone may help you to ameliorate these symptoms.

This stone is unusual in that it grounds only the physical body, but does not ground you mentally or spiritually. This makes it a very helpful to you. 


It helps you to be able to avoid the physical problems often felt when you take journeys spiritually, that might otherwise have left you very ungrounded.

This stone is also an excellent aid to meditation, as it allows you to slip easily into meditation, and brings through a state of mind where you may be less distracted than usual.

It is a strong psychic protection stone, that creates a barrier against psychic intrusion during the time you are doing your spiritual practices.

How Will It Help You?

Its energy will stimulate within you a greater amount of personal courage, to reject contact with beings that you do not want to associate with.

It has the possibility to allow you to contact extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional beings at these times.

Due to the earth changes, many of us are now vibrating at a higher level energetically, as we have been developing our spiritual gifts.

If you have been elevating your vibration, this stone is an excellent tool to use to allow you to ease yourself more easily into the higher vibrations.

This is a quite different stone that may bring transformation on a grand scale, including a totally new outlook on life for the better.

If you know you are able to stay totally honest, and only if you know this, then this is a stone that will totally transform your life for the better.

Its highest and best use is during meditation. Combine it with other powerful stones for transformation to give you the best results.

Combining It With Other Stones

If you wear a Moldavite Pendant on your body, or other jewelry made from this green stone, you have a better chance of success when working with this very unusual stone.

The combination of these two stones is very powerful, and the combination with Moldavite is a strong safeguard while using Stibnite's powerful energy.

If you keep a piece of Moldavite on your body, the vibration of this green stone ensures that your results will be guaranteed to be for your highest and best good.

Moldavite alone is a stone of transformation, and combined with Stibnite this vibration is magnified.

If you are a genuinely spiritual person, you may use this stone to aid you to make major transformations happen in your life.


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