Stones and Fertility for PCOS

by Sarah
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.)

Hello everyone,

I recently married the man of my dreams and we're trying to have a baby, so far no luck and I should mention that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). It's extremely hard for me to fall pregnant due to irregular periods and ovulation tests just don't work for me.

I have fallen pregnant once when I was 23 years old, but miscarried about 5 weeks in. I'm now 28 years old and really want to have a baby. I want to try and avoid all the "treatments" involved to multiply chances, due to money and I just don't know the risks at the moment.

I like to go natural with most things if I have a choice. The other day I bought NEW JADE, CARNELIAN and MOONSTONE, due to them helping with fertility. I just have a few questions and I'm not sure who to ask.

1) Can I carry all of them at one time? Or will they "clash" with each other?

2) Do I have to carry the stone around with me? Or is it okay to keep it near my bed?

3) Is one of them more helpful than the other?

4) Will the stone help with my husband too? Or do they only work for the female reproductive system?

5) How often do I have to charge my stones?

Sincerely, Sarah xoxo

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Crystals For PCOS
by: Anonymous

Dear Sarah

1) They shouldn't clash. It should be fine to keep them all together.

2) You shouldn't have to carry them around with you 24/7. I suggest meditating with them for at least 5-10 minutes a day or when you have the time/energy. PCOS is a killer on energies. But if you feel you should, then do so. It's whatever your intuition says to do.

3) Not that I know of but for added help, I suggest getting a clear quartz to amplify the other stones.

4) They can help your husband, too! But I suggest he get his own set to meditate with so it's in tune with his energy and not yours since he doesn't have PCOS.

5) How ever often you feel. This is more on how they feel to you. Cleanse and charge then whenever your intuition says to.

You might want to look for a bracelet option for you as well if you feel you should have them with you at all times. If you have pains associated with your PCOS, I suggest adding Baltic amber to the mix as well. I hope this helps. Good luck and much love!!

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