Strong pulsating sensations from Labradorite and Preseli

by Fern

Hi all,
I like to meditate lying on the bed, sometimes I lay crystals on each of the chakras,and sometimes have wands or tumble stones in my hands. One day I must have nodded off but was woken by this roaring, pulsating coming from my two wands in my hands, they were labradorite and preseli bluestone.

The strength of this pulsating vibration I have never experienced before and to be honest it scared me. I thought I might be having a heart attack! I could even hear it as a noise inside my body which was surreal.

I stayed off it a while (the Preseli and Labradorite) to see if it would calm down a bit , so when I meditated I would leave out the hands. A few days later whilst meditating with stones on the chakras I had the same again from the three lower chakras... not sure which stone was where but they were Shungite, Covellite and Nuummite.

After this session I could barely get up and remember having to roll onto my side to get off the bed. I am a big girl so put it down to needing to lose a bit of weight in the area... I had the rest of the day feeling like I had been kicked.

The following day again while meditating in same fashion that I realised it was this combo of stones as I used two of the three stones again and sure enough same thing happened.

Does anyone know why? And can anyone explain this strong pulsating I have described. Can't find anything about it on Google and really don't know who to ask.

Thanks all.

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