Surgery, what's best?

by Chrissie

I am about to have a double hip replacement & am wondering which crystals will be best for me to take to hospital. I also would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on something that will help me to be more motivated to build some leg/core muscle before the surgery to help improve the healing process.

I have tried Carnelian & Citrine but so far nothing is motivating me. I suffer from chronic pain & depression as well so motivation is hard even at the best of times. Any advice would be appreciated thank you & blessings. Chrissie xxx

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Pain and discomfort
by: Swanand


I just hope you have someone to visit you and take some care on you. Meditation is a great help if one has realised its importance in life. Pain and discomfort amplify more based on your thoughts. So raising one's vibration through meditation accompanied by the energy of stones and crytals can help a lot. I think iron pyrite can be a great helper in this hardship. It depends upon your preparation and daily practices to know best based on your intuition which stones can help a lot. Nuumite helped me once to relieve from a pain. Clear quartz can be interesting to raise your vibration quickly to inner piece and joy which can easily push you forward in this circumstance.

I just wish a lot of courage, light and love. Whatever happens know well existence is beyond our misery and perception. So, arm yourself to accept totally life coz there are ups and downs.

by: Caleb

I'm not sure about how long ago this was posted, but Angelite came to mind. Some others I would think of in regards to surgery would be a few of the strong root chakra stones, or something that will increase the amount of life force energy in your body.. My other recommendations under these criteria are, bloodstone, jasper, prehnite, maybe green tourmaline, maybe labradorite or tiger iron.

Those are the ones that especially come to mind right now.. Ah yes! Sugilite is another that comes to mind.. It isn't the cheapest crystal/mineral ever but it isn't the most expensive either. Maybe Angelite, sugilite and something nice and grounding maybe like tourmaline.. Or rainbow obsidian..

I always liked the grounding energy of rainbow obsidian.. It really seems to bring a equilibrium while also motivating you to stay grounded.. While cleansing away negative psychic energy.. Anyways, those are just some of my thoughts.. Wishing you much love, peace, health and wealth!

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