Very new...

by Joanne Tracey
(Perth, WA, Australia)

For the last long while I've felt the urge to buy myself some crystals. Not knowing why at all I just felt a certain need almost desire unlike anything else.

Funnily enough today I was paying for some clothes in a shop and I noticed the cashier was wearing a beautiful crystal around her neck. I recognised it but names etc. didn't come to me. I then asked her where she got it.

Money at the moment is a bit of an issue, not hugely so. However, I just started walking looking for this shop. I found it today, although I had walked passed it huge amounts of times it was today I went in.

The moment I entered the shop I felt as if I was being washed of stress and almost felt drowsy with peace. I had a running heart and felt so overwhelmed. I welcomed these feelings. Unlike anything before I continued to ponder the crystals on display. I chose four crystals, rainbow moonstone, ametrine, blue goldstone and goldstone. I was so overwhelmed by my surroundings and choice I had to get the cashier to write down the names and colours for me because I simply couldn't remember what I'd bought or why. Like hypnotism.

I couldn't wait to Sit on the bus and take a closer look. I immediately put my ametrine in my twine cage around my neck for it's digestive healing properties. I have been having a lot of trouble with dairy and gluten as of late and thought it beneficial.

When I returned home once again racing heart when I take a look at my crystals pure excitement. I felt almost an electric shock from my goldstone which I am currently wearing around my neck. It still feels like it's tingling/vibrating all of them do but especially this one.

I feel so calm and trance like. I can't leave my crystals, they haven't left my hands/chest/face/head/arms since I've gotten home. Why is this? Anyone have any explanation for this? I feel a huge amount of feelings and I'm not entirely sure why.
Like a huge connection.

Thank you,

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