Victim Of Pure Moldavite (Flaminite)

by LeJolith
(Now Cleveland, Ohio)

It was May 20th, 2006. I found a fresh fall of the tektite known as Moldavite. I found that there was more to the mineral than what is originally known. Such as how it is formed.

First off all we have been collecting are remainders of the outer shell. To make this short it comes in another magnificent form. Crystals!!!

I stated in the subject line "Victim of Moldavite". I am subject to it's effects Spiritually and physically. I am subject to it's radiation as well as a hand full of others. I have observed behavior patterns and physical changes in all.

My story is not in full, there is reason for this contact. Search your spirit to see. I would like to introduce to you the truth behind what is to come in our evolution. Especially how we can use the crystals to generate electricity.

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