What are some good combinations for my crystals?

by Kelli

Hello all you beautiful souls!

I'm new to energy work and have started a collection of crystals that is still rather small. I was hoping some of you can advise me towards good practices in energy work or combinations of my stones that may be helpful.

I have Black Tourmaline, Green Calcite, Amazonite, Snowflake Obsidian, Carnellian, and Sodalite that I carry with me, but I also have a selenite wand and a larger piece of Sodalite at home.

I've just been buying crystals that I am drawn to and that feel good in my hands. Any advice?

Thanks for your time loves :)

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The Sodalite
by: Janice Suria

I keep my sodalite under the monitor, and stare at it usually once a week for a minute, that actually dissipates the radiation from your eyes after a long use on the computer....if your stare at Lapis it also does the same. One night I was staring at it, and could see such glossy colors, voilet, and green and lavendar and little people with umbrella's on it, but only saw that the one time....

At the time I was looking at it, I think I probably was staring at it but half asleep because when those colors just bolted out it sort of woke me up, but I wasn't asleep I know that. This term is what they call scrying. and if you have that intention to welcome it, it will appear.

I use black shungite tumbled stones in my water bottles (this is the ONLY ONLY store I do add into water) because Russians have done that for eons, and it purifies water and gives the body lots of anti-oxidants, plants also love it, but for them it strongly has to be diluted with water. The Black Tourmaline I have to try again.

Carnelian I don't get much energy from, but I'am learning how sometimes you just have a craving almost for a blue or a yellow and it's your body saying, pick a yellow or blue, your body needs it, but it's quite interesting when you have 3 green stones on the chakra's, and then 3 yellow's and then after 3 blacks, you "feel" the difference in energy.

Whatever stones your drawn to those are the ones that will work for you, because it's just how this works.

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