What Are Your Thoughts On Orgonite?

by Kazzie

I've been reading a bit of back ground on Orgonite and there has been both a positive and negative feedback regarding this creation from aliens to evil spirits.

Initially I was going to go all out and buy the biggest one I could find to put in front of our massive TV so our daughter is not affected by radiation.

I would like to know if other people have had any experiences with Organite in their homes?


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Effect Of Orgonite
by: Liz Oakes, Site Author

Hi Kazzie

I have some orgonite. The lady who made my orgonite was a very spiritual lady who embodied lots of quite beautiful crystals inside the pieces. So that may have added to their energy.

I am unsure of its effect, even though I have a few pieces, I can't say I have noticed any dynamically different changes in my environment. But then again I have so many crystals it would be hard to tell what was causing a change if it happened.

I do feel that its of value to try to mitigate electromagnetic problems, so I have my wireless network on a timer switch and it turns off at 11.00pm and turns on at 6.00am, just to help the situation. But I have homes all around and know they don't turn theirs off. I can hear the sound of the wireless very strongly during the day, and sometimes, I can hear it at night, especially week-end nights.

I bought it as I am of the belief that anything that might help should be given a go. Use your intuition and go with what suits you best.

Blessings Liz

by: Janice Suria

I have a few from years back pyramids, and little muffin ones, but really don't find they do much, and I've been extremely affected by EMF since having a large TV next to the wireless water meter, and too many currents in my body from 2 treatments from the Quantum Biofeedback Machine from someone in Toronto, who didn't realize the connection of this happening with someone who has MCS.

But I've learned that the Yellow Sapphire is one of the best for those with EMF sensitivity, and I put tumbled shungite in my water bottles, which purify the water and give your body lots of anti-oxidants, that's the only crystal I will add into water, all the others I tape outside water bottles 3 max. per bottle though.

If the TV's plugged in for just one night I get hives and rashes, from the Quantum Biofeeback over one year ago.....I was hooked up too much and didn't want that but she didn't listen and said it was much more effective to rid of the eye pain, but back then I didn't know anything about Aquamarine Exilir. Thanks J.K.

by: Anonymous

Some work, some don't, It is important that person who in making orgonite is cleansed of any "negative" energy (best if he or she is in alpha state or is some kind of healer or spiritual worker (reiki master or any other)) I work a lot with different crystals so I feel energy.

I had experience with some fake orgonites (I didn't feel anything) and some real (I felt energy) that works well. But even if they work there is nothing outside of each one of us that is going to save us from...

It is all on us, we can have millions of crystals, orgonites,... but if we are not going to live a life that is going to keep us healthy: both physically and mentally (not just sport and food but also daily routine of some spiritual work: meditation, yoga... and the most important, our thoughts) than these is just a lovely decoration, with some effects we block with our lifestyle.

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