White Aquamarine saved my eyesight.

by Janice Suria Quinn
(Toronto, ON Canada)

I had severely dry eyes for years due to an allergy to Minwax Wood Stain Paint. After using eyedrops for 4 years it got to the point where I could no longer even use homeopathic drops, never mind store eye-drops.

Eye specialists were no help but they certainly did have drops that made my eyes worse.

I read one night that Aquamarine was used by Roman Soldiers in ancient times to purify water. I react to the water in the house because of a LARGE TV beside the wireless water meter, (still gotta put large pieces of malachite or Iron Nickel beside the TV, and get a Yellow Sapphire Bracelet or necklace)

I also read the Aquamarine was good for eyes.....next day I'am at the store buying 5/6 pieces of Aquamarine. I purchased the White Aquamarine at this store, I was reading something about elixers and thought about putting that into water, but the woman told me to just tape it outside the water bottle, this way you don't get any toxic chemicals from crystals or the tumbled stones, so I did that. I

I left it overnight and I diluted elixers 90% with water. Absolutely no more eye problems at all, and since August when I started this (it's now February), I have not had dry eyes, my eyes are always hydrated and dry eyes can cause cataracts and major eye issues.. no more eye pain, no more stinging in my eyes.

Then I added Bloodstone to that bottle which helps Iron and Adrenals and also Tourmaline Quartz that dissipates conflicts easily, and the energy of the crystals go into your DNA and blood, you become the crystalline energy of the minerals which are represent the elemental angelic kingdom of Earth.

There's about 20 maybe 30 different stones for all kinds of eye problems, Blue Tigers Eye helps your eyes with focus. And from there I started using different combinations sometimes for exilirs, and other times just to place on the body. For TMJ pain, I use sugilite, Citrine, and Apatite, but you need Blueflash Moonstone with the sugilite for extreme pain, according to the gemisphere.com free past teleseminars.

My Master Power Exilir is Blue Jasper, Green Kunzite and Moss Agate, and currently using Amethyst, Moss Agate with Orange Calcite for our dog, the OC helps with IBS and gas issues which helps with that. Dogs love Amber, Rose and Mother of Pearl, and Carnelian too, I only give them 1/2 tsp. in their bowl of water every other day though. But the Amber exilir is a natural antibiotic too. Lepidiolite Exilir rids of wrinkles. And just wear Blue Topaz or Sodalite and you'll lose weight!

The water I use for my bottles come from bottles with tumbled shungite, they purify the water and give the body lots of anti-oxidants, I don't dilute this water for myself, but I do for plants, and the dog when I do give her that, dilute 95/98% for them.

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White Aquamarine
by: Dena

Hi there

I loved reading your article as I have really bad dry eyes and nothing seems to be working so your article has given me hope. The only problem is that I live in Australia and I can't find white beryl anywhere, even online.

I know that aquamarine comes under the beryl family so was wondering if this stone could also be called white beryl????? Is the stone white or clear????

Sorry I just really want to find it here as I'm sure it can help my dry eye issue.

Regards Dena

Goshenite is Clear Beryl aka White Beryl
by: Liz ~ Writer Of This Site

Dena, I haven't actually heard of this use for White Beryl, but its easy to find. Its real name is Goshenite, so look for it selling under that name.

Here is my article on this stone: Goshenite

All the best with finding it. There are quite a few retailers selling it in online. All the best Liz

Dry Eyes! Please help!
by: Ana

I am so glad it helped you with your dry eyes and I'm hoping I can get help here too. I had been suffering from dry eyes for over a year because of a inflammation in my 7th nerve that is called Bells Palsy. This left eye has been driving me crazy for quite a long time.

So what I don't understand if you can explain in details is diluted water with the stone. Exactly how you do that? You have mentioned the part I understand because I seen it online.

What I understand is place the stone taped on the bottle. Is it a pure spring water bottle? Or diluted bottle or can use both? And second, do you drink the bottle after the stone or crystal been taped on the bottle overnight? Please help me I'm suffering too much with this eye.

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