Why I instantly knew that healing crystals work...

by Paige
(New Jersey)

I am a teenager who has several mental illnesses like OCD, PTSD, anxiety disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, and more. A little over 4 months ago I went into treatment because my emotions got to intense and I felt hopeless.

After 7 months of getting intense help, I came home. I told my mom that I wish there was something that could make the worries go away. She told me to get a worry stone, so I did.

I got a lithium quartz palm stone because I am on the medication lithium. I instantly felt a rush of relief from whatever was going through my mind. I now use crystals everyday and am glad to say that they actually work. If only I had found them sooner.

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Lepidolite, pyroluria
by: Cora

Thank you for sharing :-). You might find that lepidolite also helps as it is rich in lithium too. Your post reminded me that I left my lithium quartz in storage when I am moved. But I took the lepidolite bracelet I made and wear it as needed.

It is all round beads stretch, so it's in direct contact with my wrist, the pulse point for fast relief. You might want to find a good N.D. and have yourself tested for pyroluria.

Read about this physical condition which affects the mental then ask your mom if testing is something to consider. All the best to you!!

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