Yellow Apatite

by Pinky

I want to lose weight. I read in your site that yellow apatite helps weight loss. So I bought yellow apatite. But now I don't know how to use it. For first 3 days, I held it in my hand, then I read some crystals may be toxic.

So I covered my crystal with tape and then held it in my hand for about seven days. In the first 3 days, I felt some weight loss, but in the next seven days I actually gained weight.

Then somebody told me Apatite should touch the skin. So I have now removed the tape, but I am not sure if it would help. Please guide me on how to use yellow apatite for effective weight loss.

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Yellow Apatite.
by: Janice Suria

You may decide to tape Yellow Apatite outside of a glass bottle preferably glass bottle (no words/sticker's, no metal top)...use spring water not tap., or mineral water (I'll explain below).

This is called the indirect method when taping crystals outside water bottles, it structures the water so the energy of the gems are infused into the water, but you will not intake toxins. Obvious ones like crystals with mercury (cinnabar) and a few others I won't do this with, but you just have to be aware and learn about the stones first and they have to be cleaned first always before doing this.

I never tape more than 3 stones on 1 bottle, or you can simply place a bracelet around a bottle to, Amber is generally great for everything, and White Aquamarine hydrates the body, Bloodstone is great for Iron/Adrenals, & Tourmaline quartz dissipates conflicts easily. The last 3 are on my usual exilir bottle and all of them I dilute 90% with water.

The mineral water I use is from bottles with tumbled shungite in them, it's very very very safe, and the only stone I do add into water, Russians have done it for eons, and it gives the body lots of antioxidants. Use Apatite, and Blue Topaz which is incredible for weight loss (the pale blue) - and even if you just sleep on it too!

For some I've read the Sodalite helps them lose weight, it depends entirely on what color and energy your body needs and wants, those are the ones you'll be drawn to most.

Wear a bracelet .....if you want.

My Response
by: J.N.

It takes time. Generally with gemstones, one should not expect instant results... I sleep on my yellow apatite. It's right under my pillow. I generally put gemstones where ever I get a feel they should go. They practically communicate it to me. Within a month, I typically begin noticing the difference.

Apatite for weight loss
by: Janice Suria Quinn

About the Apatite, or pale blue topaz or sodalite for weight loss, wear next to skin around your neck, or on a ring.....or place next to a clear quartz around the outside base of a glass water bottle with structured or spring water.

Gem Elixers go into your DNA and blood, use 3 stones instead of 2, or just use one crystal with a clear quartz. Lean whatever crystal you do use against the clear quartz which is against the base of the water bottle but always kept outside of the water.

When the crystals are outside of the water bottle it's called the indirect method, the energy is still infused into the water but no toxins, and believe me it's still just as good, and besides that many people are too sensitive to stones even inside the water anyway.

You can also listen to free past teleseminars at the gemisphere website as well about apatite, and blue topaz and sodalite.

Apatite crystal and weight loss
by: Anonymous

Hold it in your hand while you sleep. Takes practice to keep it there while you sleep. Pray for weight loss, explaining you’re holding the stone for weight loss, pray before you go to sleep.

Also say the crystal is gift for those who help you with weight loss, those people who love you in your dreams. Don’t give up, weight loss takes a long time. The crystal connects you to the people you in your dreams, and they will help you through your subconscious mind. They love you and guide you.

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