~ Spirit Quartz Crystal ~ Shasta Retreat Gathering with Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael

Roshandra's spirit crystal Shasta 2011

Roshandra's spirit crystal Shasta 2011

July 2011 ~ Recent Retreat Ascension Gathering to SHASTA ~ Each Month...in the retreat gathering Spirit has guided me to do at Shasta... there is a Message in this Process of Awakening... but this recent retreat I found myself guided to discover a lovely druzy quartz lavender crystal called SPIRIT Quartz.

Locating two of these crystals they seemed to immediately 'speak to me' and they found their way into my hands. The vibrations where not only soothing but aligned with where I was heading.

They lifted the mood and seemed to keep my focus in the color pink and lavender ranges. Also I found both the presence of St.Germain and the Violet Light come in more and Adama of Telos. The Lemurian high priest of the Ascension process in Telos there inside the dimensions of Shasta.

On the last day as I was completing with the group...a vision came to me in Shasta. This vision was of Adama and showing me and guiding me into a dimensional cave opening.. As the Vision guided my soul it brought me calmly to a door and walking thru it with Adama I entered a crystal room of such beauty. The entire room resonated with this Crystal energy of the Spirit Quartz and the colors matched the small crystals I had just purchased in Shasta the day before. Inside this room was a sense of calm, peace, quiet and Soul of such Beauty that these beautiful energies of spirit quartz resonated to and brought me into.

Since then I found I am posting on this Crystal on my FB page and wanting to hold this crystal all the time. This is my picture of one of my crystals found and enjoying how this is guiding a process and the Soul experience.

Blessings Roshandra ~ Reiki Master
Arch Angel Raphael

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