A bridge to the peaceful present moment: Azurite

by Dominique Korn

Sometimes I happen to think that the world does not notice me at all. That is when I feel that communicating gets difficult, real moments of listening and sharing become rare and nobody, including myself, seems to really see me.

Sadness and a deep feeling of solitude set in. What is happening? What should I do, or should stop doing in order to find MY place back?

I open the door to my cabinet and just look at “my” crystals. Without consciously deciding it, my left hand grabs a magnificent little Azurite, which seems to shine even brighter today. I sit down, relax and put down the Azurite in front of me, simply looking at it and breathing… I don’t feel the need of a physical contact yet, all I ask is to perceive how the energies around me start to change.

The air refines, becomes lighter and brighter and everything around me is refreshing. With every breath I seem to inhale clarity which starts to fill every part of my body… no, not every part…. I am NOW able to feel how heavy my head is, heavy with too much thoughts, worries, plannings and programming…. NOW is the time to take the Azurite in my hands.

I immediately have a sense of release in and around my solar plexus, a feeling of calmness overcomes and I breathe deeper and deeper; with every breath the bars around my head disappear. No need to think anymore, to know nor to remember.

I get in touch with the perceptions in my body, my thoughts are anesthetized, I AM in the present moment, in calmness and peace. Every single perception, every emotion is bright and light and chilling; thanks to the Azurite a bridge is made connecting my individuality and the new consciousness that all is in the present moment, the present is all there is.

The bridge lead me back to MY PLACE and I was gently but firmly guided by my friend the Azurite.

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Azurite - Creating A Soothing And Peaceful Moment
by: Liz Oakes

Dominique that was a lovely description of how you interacted with your Azurite! I had something similar happen to me when using a piece of Chrysocolla today. Both are copper based and are lovely stones to aid you to let go of the weight of the world.

Your description of the air refining and becoming lighter and brighter, is often for me a prelude to a synchronistic event. Its sort of like you are being made aware that there is something happening here that is not usual, but that is very special and usually of a spiritual nature.

You almost feel like you are slipping away, as if you are no longer here in this world, but have taken a step over some sort of unseen boundary where spirit waits to work with you.

Thank you for sharing your experience with your Azurite :)

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