A Celestite Growing More Crystals On It?
Is That Possible?

by Jessica
(Lockport, Il)

Growing Celestite Crystal

Growing Celestite Crystal

I was wondering about a crystal that I have been meditating with now for at least a couple months. The information I'm questioning about I can't seem to find any answers to.

I have been meditating almost every morning with this small cluster of Celestite and she also sits at the head board of my bed every night when I sleep. I have noticed that my dreams have been way more vivid since using this crystal and that when I meditate with I feel that I have met one of my guides and my twin flame.

So needless to say I LOVE this crystal. In this past month I have noticed a lower shelf of crystals that seems to be growing on the underside of the piece. I know that it was not there before and that it is getting bigger!

It even seems to have a "key" developing in one of the developing crystals!!!!! I have attached a photo and circles the area where the new crystals are forming. Has anyone heard of anything like this or knows what this means? Any info would be much appreciated!

Many Blessings to all!!

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Is That Possible?

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Liz's Reply About Your Celestite Growing
by: Liz

This is excellent Jessica! The energy of where you keep it in your home must be perfect for it to continue its growth. Celestite is a beautiful stone to encourage contact with the higher realms, the angels and your guides, and clearly works for you! As you also have a key in it, it sounds like it is becoming or always was an Elestial.

This crystal tells me that anyone who's environment is positive can grow crystals. If you love them they will be comfortable where they live. So interesting!

Thanks for your input to this page and the others Jessica. If anyone else has crystals that have changed or that have grown, share your story here. Both Jessica and I love would like to hear about it!

Blessings Liz

Changing Crystals
by: Anonymous

I have a large Lemurian Seed. I put it out in a tornado and rainstorm. The lightning flashes were incredible. It was the first time I had washed or dedicated it.

Afterwords there was a large gold yellow area within it that wasn't there when I bought it. Also a tiny red marking within it. The red comes and goes and the intensity of the gold does too.

The more time we spend together, the more the fairy within changes and grows. It is truly a living thing!

Re: Crystals Growing
by: Jo@ Kindred Spirit Mag

I have many crystals, I was a rockhound before I became interested in healing attributes etc but I'm sure my Cavansite 'blooms' have grown over the last 5 years I've had them (on a matrix of Stillbite) and maybe it's the room or their many crystal 'companions' as I don't handle the specimen much.
Blessed Be,

Changing Crystals
by: ElizaBeth

I gave a natural Smoky Quartz wand to a friend of mine that does readings a few years ago. Every time she did a reading, she would hold the crystal. About a month after she began doing this, the smoky developed a curve! I didn't believe it until I actually saw it!

It would also turn a very dark color-almost black-while she was doing the reading, then afterward would change back to it's original color!!
The energy of crystals never ceases to amaze me!!

Celestite Grown More Crystals
by: Whispering Peace

Remember stones/crystals are all made by God, along with all their healing properties. I LOVE the idea that this piece is growing along with you. A great affirmation!!! You are using the right stone for your path.

I agree, Celestite is the most amazing crystal to work with to connect with angels and the higher realm. Continue your path and the Celestite will continue growing with you.

Gave Itself In Service
by: kukn4u

I had a piece of Gem Silica years ago that I took back to my home state and a friend unexpectedly ended up using it while experiencing a miscarriage. When she gave it back to me, it was dark and cloudy in the center and she apologized profusely. I reassured her it was the stone's choice, and brought it back to Phoenix.

I put it out in the sun for many months and eventually it cleared considerably. I returned it to an alter location and one day I noticed it was gone. No one could have taken it. I believe it dematerialized after giving its service to my friend. It was a cab off a larger piece that still had some druzy geode and I still have that and its energy. Love that the Mineral Kingdom is willing to help us like that.

by: Erica Rock

This is TOTALLY possible and what is funny, is that I too have had the same experience with Celestite. They are GROWING. I even got into a bit of an argument with a geologist no less who said that isn't possible, well it is in my reality! How fun! Thank you for sharing.

by: Anonymous

Funny to see a post like this. I've had a chunk of Cavansite on matrix for about 6 months now and I swear they seems to have tripled in size (they are very tiny ) and new ones growing on the matrix. I have a nice chunk of Celestite as well that seems different. I thought I was going crazy.

Growing Crystals
by: Anonymous

I too have a crystal that appears to have new crystal matter growing on it. I've had it for about 2 years and just recently noticed the new growth.

My Moldavite
by: Emanuele

I lost it before this recent snow storm here in the north east coast of U.S. I was hoping that it wasn't stepped on or broken.

I found it and it is a little bigger and the natural crack in it is completely crazily gone or healed or whatever you want to call it.

Maybe deep love and gratitude makes them, the crystals grow.

Apophyllite Growth
by: Isaac

I have a cluster of apophyllite that I adore. I took it in the shower with me one day, and watched the shimmering beauty immediately wash away and it turned into a slushy looking thing. I was mortified that I had 'ruined' such a gorgeous piece of art.

Over the past few months though, I feel like I can see little terminations forming out of the slush and growing upwards. Upon research, the internet says that it is not possible, crystals do not really grow after they are disturbed.
I am going to keep a close eye on it and see if my eyes are deceiving me or or if it truly is changing.

Just thought I'd add my input! Thanks

by: Steve

I found a large piece of celestine in a charity shop it weighs over 1lb. Every day it can change colour from almost grey/white to the most brilliant sky blue regardless of the ambient light. It almost seems to reflect my mood or how well I feel and always gives me a feeling of well being when I hold it.

Is it possible for the change of colour, and its not just a slight change, it is totally a different colour.

by: Quiszengald

So a lot of us are seeing growth right? I think we all gotta focus on that growth. In all aspects. It's there for us. We just gotta go get it.

Energy is Abundant!

Tibetan growing
by: Anonymous

I have a double terminated Tibetan crystal that has a small trigger on the side. This trigger has grown dramatically and has two termination now. I thought I was crazy and the rate of growth in the past 6 months is amazing, I have never seen anything like this. Quite a few of my crystals are changing and growing.

Yes, crystals change and grow
by: Sea Priestess

You are not imagining the crystal growth. I have had single terminated crystals turn into double terminated ones. Also, crystals and gemstones, clearing from solid opaque to clear. Have had many experiences of them 'disappearing' and reappearing years and even decades later in unexplained places. Be grateful for these experiences and the gifts they bestow!

Growing changing Crystals
by: jc

I have several crystal formation that have changed
One Gemini crystal drew blood into the core from someone wearing it that wasn't in tune with it.

I have an opalized petrified log that is growing a 2 inch long line of crystal formations from it once i brought it home.

And a short grouping of amethyst clusters on matrix that have grown 1/3 inch longer, with some other mineral formation growing in between the crystals now.

Crystal changes
by: Nancy

I have a number of crystals for more than 20 years and definitely some have changed/grown since I first got them. I don't remember all of them from when I originally got them but some were special and I do see the change. Happy to see that others see it too.

As an fyi... I was advised by a metaphysician that when you no longer need the crystal it can disappear.

It’s true
by: Claudia

Crystals can and do grow and change. When I was a child, my mom would tell me that crystals are alive and continue to grow. I’ve have many pieces change. I had a small cluster of amethyst back in 1995 and a point was loose/wiggly....well a few years ago, I tried wiggling it, and it would not budge. I have a few geodes that keep growing new crystals also. I have another piece of amethyst that was gifted to me around 1999. It was a little light in color, but now it has gotten slightly darker.

3 crystals growing!
by: Karen

I have a smoky quartz I bought 2 months ago and 2 new quarter inch points that have grown from the bottom. My Fire quartz also has a new tip coming out.

The Herkimer diamond stretch bracelet I bought several months ago also has new growth.

by: Sierra

I went to the park with my roommate two weeks ago and something told me to look down and a garnet was right in front of me! I took it home, washed it off and have been charging it non-stop.

It has stayed in my window sill for the last 2 weeks day and night and the crystals are getting larger and new ones are forming. Some are dark red, others bright red and brownish orange.

It’s not your imagination
by: Michelle

I am documenting the growth in my various crystals- visually and by measuring dimensions and weight. I first noticed those on their matrix but now have separate several points where growth is also evident. My amethysts are growing the fastest.

Citrine crystal
by: Anonymous

I had a small Citrine cluster. Unfortunately my grand-daughter plucked all of the crystals off leaving behind a coral-like rock. I left this on a shelf and forgot about it. A couple of months later the crystals had started to re-grow and are still growing in size.

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