A Few Crystal Questions

by Cole

I am generally quite new to crystals, although I have been researching a lot as of late and have a few questions about particular stones.

What are your opinions on Moss Agate?
It is definitely the stone that calls to me most and I am quite curious about it in a general sense.

Any experiences or opinions would be appreciated :)

Also, even though I am a male I am absolutely fascinated by Moonstone.

I have always been a night owl and loved nighttime. The connection it has with the moon and its mystery is awesome to me. I recently received a moonstone in a bundle, and I know it's real, but they were out of white moonstone so I was given a peach-ish colored stone.

Even with the color, this moonstone will still have all the mystery, connection with the moon and nighttime protection as all moonstones right?

Those two are easily my favorites so far, but I have also acquired Tigers eye, Amethyst and Green Aventurine. Any other experiences with those I would be interested in too! Thanks :)

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