A Question About Reading Energy

by Richard

I don't have a crystal story but I wanted to ask if anyone might know if is there is any sort of “machine” that you could recommend that “sees” and reads energy – either the energy that surrounds a human or energy from a spirit?

Thanks for your help.


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Aura Photography
by: Anonymous

Richard, Use Google to look up the Holistic Fairs in your area and see if the ad for it lists someone with the Kirlian Photography or Aura Photos. As a healer at these fairs I have seen clients aura photos and they can show many things. If the one taking the photos has a lot of experience they can tell you if there is a spirit in your energy field.

Most readers can tell you that also w/o the photo. I feel you are trying to find out about someone that passed on. The reader can tell you that, plus who it is, without the photography but if you are more scientific minded, you may wish to have tangible evidence of it with the photo.

An interesting thing I have found if you come to the fair lost, disoriented or just not feeling good, when you have healers work on you while at the fair your aura will change and become brighter and more colorful. Try that.

Take a photo before then choose a healer that fits with your personality, check them all out first, then go back & have the photo retaken and see the difference! Good luck...

Spiritual Energy
by: Shelly

I was told I put off a high spiritual energy and its a really rare for I am one of many billions I think I was told. What does this mean?

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