Advice Needed

by Amanda Kee
(United States)

I have been honing my skills over the past couple of years, and I have friend who also practice. They believe I am a gifted person by the level of my growth in such a short time.

For example, when I meditate outside and I look at the sky, not at the sun, I can see static energy in the sky. The more I focus I can see patterns in the energy and the energy "pools" at certain points. I rather enjoy doing this exercise.

One instance however had me a bit worried. I was meditating for a while outside in one of my favorite spots and when I opened my eyes I saw black spheres all around the sky. It was not just in my frame of view, because I tried looking towards the ground, but the spheres remain in the sky. After about ten minutes, and me closing my eyes to mediates again, they dissipated.

Another thing I am starting to notice is a veil over my skin. I can see the same thing with other people, varying in shades and sizes. If I take my fingers and put them together and pull them apart I see white static appear. I would love to know what is causing this.

I have always had a sense of those around me, and I can always feel people looking at me. Sometimes it even makes me uncomfortable in public. I am not strange looking by any means, but I notice people tend to look at me more when I project my energy outward. Almost like I am "shining" in a sense, I feel like anything is possible when I do this.

I am also EXTREMELY sensitive to the emotions of people around me. The slightest shifts I notice. This is something that was brought about in my childhood living with my bipolar mother. I started that skill in order to protect myself early on.

My most recent experience has been with my Moldavite. It has such a high vibration, it almost gives me the jitters. I feel like I am highly caffeinated all day, and lately I have been getting the sense that it is trying to lead me to something but I do not know what. I even get chills up my spine and the back of my head sometimes like something is reaching out to me. It is not a bad sensation, but I don't know how to proceed.

I would love any advice anyone has for me to hone my skills, to expands on new ones, or even how to proceed with my Moldavite.

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May 20, 2016
You are good, not good enough yet for now
by: Anonymous

Well, you have a high level of energy sensitivity, just like me, I see all those light energy Sparks all around me, everywhere.

They are not only in the sky, but everywhere, and for black sphere, I think it is just your imagination tricks, don't worry about them.

And using moldavite does help accelerate your spiritual growth specially to those energy sensitive like you and me. I am sensitive to magnetic, electric, light, sound, crystal electromagnetic energy, object electromagnetic energy, all kinds of energy ... I can really feel tiny electric currents in the air and of the light energy ...

You are on a great path, just keep doing and when you are high enough, you will meet me ...

Sep 27, 2015
Here's my answer
by: Jay

Yea, I definitely think you're advanced at multiple abilities.

With the Moldavite, from my personal experience, I can tell you this story of mine: I got two nice sized pieces of moldavite months ago. I'm not so sensitive to gemstones in general but I remember I wouldn't prefer to hold moldavite for long.

I generally can feel vibrations of gemstones after they've charged or when I'm receiving them for the first time. I only keep one Moldavite in my exposure. I've felt it's slight difference early on within my proximity but I've not minded it after the first month, month and a half or so.

Moldavite will affect your future and/or encourage you toward spirituality. It helps to bring you desirable results and life situations you'd prefer. Those are what I believe but I can't be sure. Now, I have wayyyy too many different ones near me to certainly identify what one of them do. I'd have to go by text/information.

Hopefully, you can acquire a good hint to what Moldavite's effect(s) are from my experience...
If you want more info or whatever, just respond to me.

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