Amethyst BioMat

by Angela Harvey
(Nanaimo, BC Canada)

Three years ago I found physical healing using an Amethyst BioMat where the crystals enhance the far infrared and negative ion function of the mat.

With regular use I have found my limited psychic abilities increasing and with eyes closed I "see" my own violet colour and can also pick up colours of others.

Although I principally share a mat experience with people who have physical pain, I have found I can pass on my violet colour to others for a calming effect and do this while people lay on my mat.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I might "clean" my mat of any negativity.

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Cleaning your healing mat
by: Helen Hansen

I had a BioMat for a while and now have another healing mat also with crystals.
The way I clean them is by placing them outside under the moonlight. Greatest cleanse takes place when the moon is waxing or full.

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