An Amazing Discovery

by Tim

I'd never come across healing crystals before, but have spent many years meditating and working on self development.

But last year I discovered the powers of crystals and I bought a small set. My meditation has since become so much more enlightening, focused, and introverted as well as expansive - and I've expanded my collection.

I use different crystals to attain different states and this website is just amazing to help me learn what crystals to use to what affect. I feel so much more at peace through meditating with the right crystals, as well as energised.

Now my meditation is more deliberate and rewarding and this is the site I aways come to to find out what each crystal will help me achieve. I use this site for reference and learning but now also make a conscious effort to shop through here, just to try and repay the help you have provided me in my progression towards enlightenment.

I've shared the page through Facebook (I'm not on twitter and the rest) and if there's anything else I can do to help you and your cause I will, because you've helped me so much in my journey into the positiveness of crystal healing.

This site is also where I learnt about smudging, which is something I now do regularly in my house to create positive energies and cleanse the space in which I live. I can't give you enough praise for how you've helped me in my journey. I just wish I could repay the debt.

My most profound meditative experience was with a combination of selenite, amethyst and tigers eye. I began with a breathing exercise, as always, then moved on to more transcendental awareness and was hit by some amazing feelings and some quite life-changing visions/thoughts. It was completely profound.

And I must say, another reason I love this site is that you have explanations of some of the rarer crystals. You know, the expensive ones! You cover everything and it's the reason this site is number one on my bookmarks! If you ran a program or course I would definitely sign up! I've bought a couple of the books you've mentioned on your site and found them so helpful.

I just have to add, lastly, that I'm a 'young professional' as my demographic is called, who works in the city in an office and I felt like I'd lost touch with the true life force of this beautiful planet, but through meditation with crystals I've found that connection again.

I now carry crystals on me at all times, usually amethyst, obsidian, blue kyanite or prehnite. And I would not know about these crystals if it weren't for this amazing site. I'm honoured to benefit from your knowledge and I just want to thank you so much!!

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