Black Obsidian

by Leigh Tomes
(Mangatangi, New Zealand)

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Hi I have only just found your site when I looked up the beautiful fuchite which I was recently attracted to and couldn't put back down.

It weighed heavily in my hand and I was unable to put it back onto the table. Love the information you have and look fwd to working with this lovely crystal.

However my story relates to the black obsidian that I was instantly attracted to which was set in silver in a little jewellers shop about a year ago.

My mother knew I was attracted to it and bought it for me there and then and I have to say I can now say I am very grateful to her for this.

I put it on straight away but found that I could only wear it for short periods of time before feeling overwhelmed. I changed instantly from the moment I put it on. I also noticed that I changed back again as soon as I took it off. It has only been up until recently that I have been able to keep the pendant on for a long period of time.

As soon as I put it on I found I became much harder and stronger. I was able to say things that I wouldn't normally have the courage to say. It threw things at me testing me continuously. I would remove it when it became too much and I didn't want to deal with the situation.

My beautiful obsidian showed my a version of myself like a mirror, but not all of myself just the parts of me that I hated and detested terribly. It still does but I am slowly learning to like myself and all my negative traits and to start using them in a positive light instead of just ignoring them and pretending they don't exist. This stone has shown me the deepest darkest depths of my soul and has shown me the courage to face my own inner demons and to not be afraid of myself and my power.

I have to warn anyone wanting to wear this stone that it is extremely powerful and at times quite frightening and can take some time to become accustomed to. But stick with it because it can show you the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm starting to see the light now and can honestly say the power of this amazing stone is worth the pain and heartache to achieve the amazing learning that it has graciously imparted to me.

Love and Light to you all, Leigh

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Black Obsidian Helps Me As Well
by: Ali

I enjoy black obsidian... It doesn't effect me quite the same way... I have always hated crowds... It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized it was because I picked up on everyone's energy and made me disoriented.

I made a black obsidian necklace and noticed that when I wore it I was able to maneuver crowds with no problem... No apprehension... I started wearing it all the time upon leaving the house. It's a very protective stone and I'm glad to know it :).

Black Obsidian
by: Leigh

Hi Ali

Thank you so much for yr reply. I'm so pleased to hear someone else has had wonderful success with this lovely stone. It is great that you can deal with crowds when wearing it too. I too feel very well protected by it.

Only it always amplifies that which I'm having trouble dealing with at the time. Would love to see photo of your pendant. I will try to send one of mine just as soon as I figure out how to. Am new to this laptop computer (computers in general).

Does anyone have any ideas about the Fuschite that sparkles so gorgeously. Go well. Leigh

Rainbow Obsidian
by: Anonymous

Ah, yes, I got a nice rainbow obsidian pendant a while back, it is a beautiful piece. Honestly when I first started wearing it, I had it on all the time.

Just as you had said, it is very helpful in showing you some of the darker parts of yourself. Eventually it kind of wore me out in all honesty. I still wear it here and there and wouldn't mind wearing it more, but you are very right when you say it is a powerful stone/crystal.

It really helped me to speak my mind (which can be a good thing or a bad thing lol.) But it can be a hard stone/crystal to work with all the time, so like I said, I will wear it occasionally. Rainbow obsidian and straight Black Obsidian do have slightly different properties though.

I have also used snowflake obsidian, which is also a nice stone(this was like the first stone I started working with, when getting into stones and crystals.) Rainbow obsidian has always been good for helping me feel more protected(especially from being taken advantage over) and to help stabilize my emotions.

Good stone for revealing some of the aspects you may have been trying to ignore, and if not how to correct them, how to work with them.

Wearing My Obsidian, My Story
by: seancpt

I have been wearing a ring of silver with a obsidian stone.

I am the 3rd generation wearing it, before my dad past it on to me on my 18th birthday. I had problems saying what I feel and worried all the time what people thought of me.

Since I've been wearing it I could feel the changes. I'm more outspoken and wild,I speak my mind and don't hold back anymore. People started seeing this and asked me what had happened that I'm more confident.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and it feels like my emotions are in overdrive, is this a result in wearing it to long?

To seancpt
by: Leigh

Hi Sean

I think its wonderful that you are the third generation to enjoy this beautiful crystal. How lucky you are to have a family heirloom to pass on.

I wonder if you cleanse and bless your crystal often and recharge it in the moonlight. Sometimes I will place it on the earth in my garden for a full month to go through the entire moon cycle and let it be rained on too.

I use a simple blessing which I found from a crystal site on the internet. While holding the pendant in my left hand and concentrating on it with all positive intentions I say the following words:

"I ask that this crystal be cleansed and blessed and restored to its natural glory so that it may release its subtle energies for the greater good of all. Thank-you."

Also as Ali has mentioned in her comments about the Obsidian, I too only wear it periodically now. It is a powerful crystal that can get a bit out of hand and knowing the right time to wear it just seems to come with the use and knowledge gained from working with it.

Try taking it off from time to time and see how you go. Also put on other crystal pendants or wear them in your pockets instead of the obsidian or even with the obsidian to see how the work together. But always cleanse (even with running tap water) then say the blessing before using any crystal. You have no idea where the crystal has been or what it has picked up before it came to you. Enjoy learning about yourself and the wonder that crystals unlock from inside yourself.

May you gather and share much light in this lifetime.

Black Obsidian
by: Ali

I just saw your comment Leigh about showing a pic of my obsidian pendant..I will definitely post it later this morning.

I also saw you asking about fuchsite ...which I love..I like it best as ruby fuschite...its a nice pick me up. in it original form it's very delicate though I keep it away from everyone lol...

Thinking of obtaining a Black Obsidian Crystal?
by: Anonymous

I am new to crystals so please bare with me. I work in a building with one other person during the evenings and we have both agreed that there is something negative there. We have heard growls, voices and have been touched by things we cannot see.

I have heard that Black Obsidian is a powerful Crystal and is used for protection against negative energies. I am wondering whether it would be a good idea to take one of these pendants with me as things are escalating and we do not know how to protect ourselves.

Would anyone recommend us getting a black Obsidian pendant? We are clutching at straws as we have to go back there tonight for the first time since the physical attack and we want to be ready.

Excuse my rambling! I am not well equip for these things and like I said I am still very new to crystals and their powers!

Thank you in advance.

To Anonymous With Fears
by: Angie Benson

I'm not sure how long ago you wrote that you had some bad experiences in your workplace and that you are scared to return with out help, but I feel for you and will pray that you receive help and also know exactly what to do to clear your space.

Some things that have worked for me and my family might help for you. Burning Sage and asking for anything present to go to God helps immensely. Open a window or leave a door open first.

Hopefully you can feel the energy change. Adding a plant or plants along with protective crystals helps too (and try to bless them with Reiki).

Ask the Archangels and Angels for help also. Hope this helps you and anyone else dealing with this very scary situation. And Blessings

by: Anonymous

How do I wear it? Some people say it shouldn't be worn for it is very powerful! But since it's related to the root chakra, is it ok if I wear it as a pendant? So should I just use it to cleanse the aura from time to time or may be carry it in my bag? Help.

Amazing Crystal/Stone Lava GLass! lol
by: Anonymous

I was anxious to obtain obsidian because it caught my eye at a store with jewelry and I just knew I had to have it. Then I looked up its healing properties and it was a match for what I need at this time of my life (or I THINK that I need because its so pretty....and plus I love black.) Truth.

But really, to make a long story short, I had a vision about a horse. Just the head in a stable. Looked up Spirit Animal. Said if I see my horse in a stable, I'm holding back or something is holding me back. So I needed things to be revealed. Right? So, I went to my local crystal store, bought 4 obsidian rounded stones. Didn't feel much. Kept them in a bag overnight. Didn't feel much this morning either.

But this afternoon, I was thinking of something that was itching at me. But then I began shaking. Like I just discovered something that was always right in front of my face, I just put pieces of a puzzle together. Flashes and flashes of thoughts, instances that were confusing at the time but then now it all made sense.

I freaked myself out and wondered what was going on. Then I turned my head and my eyes landed on my bag with my stones. My heart raced. I had to back away for a second. It all made sense now. I put the stones in some salt and by a window for cleansing before I use it. And now I will try to wait for a new moon cycle too. (Thanks for that tip up there in the older comments) But I just knew that the stones were already making a connection with me. But worse that I had 3 stones. Not just 1.

So imagine how powerful this energy became. Over all, amazing. An amazing crystal with amazing powers. If you have been working with energy you will definitely feel this crystal. My new truth serum.

Black Obsidian Information
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Liz here: If you would like to learn more about these powerful crystals there is a site article about Black Obsidian where you can find out more.

There are also quite a few images there too, so you can see how stones that you buy might look.

I also have pages on other types of Obsidian too, and there are links to the four other types of Obsidian on this pages, plus pictures of other Obsidian crystals not yet written about.

Enjoy, Liz

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