Black Tektite Bracelet Broken and "Screamed Out"

by Tara

I've got a bracelet with 6 black tektite nuggets. I broke it accidentally one day, smashing it on the ground. The bracelet is still intact but with 1 1/2 nugget broken off.

I always keep the bracelet and pieces under my pillow with a black tourmaline. I've been hearing sharp, whizzing sounds on my right ear and a lower hum on the left.

I'm not quite sure if it's from the tektite as I have other crystal friends nearby (tumbled, one elestial a bunch of other ones). Or am I developing tinnitus? I only hear it when I am near my crystal friends.

I dreamt of the tektite in the form of Johhny Depp came onto the bus I was in and kept screaming loud gibberish in the ears of all the passengers and in mine. Johnny then calmed down and I could make out something like "patch from the batch".

In a subsequent dream, I was holding a large black tektite and it broke into half. I felt like it said it gave birth to a sister/brother. I'm not quite sure if crystals speak, so I researched online and found that the American Indians called crystals "stone people" and that they actually have personalities and talk.

I've cleansed them by immersing them in salt once. I dreamt "hearing" that they did not like to be cleansed that way.

Does the tektite want to be pieced back together? I'm not quite sure. I started talking to them but they're still making static noises that I don't understand. I often wonder if they speak the human tongue?

I love them very much and wish I could communicate with them in a way that makes sense to me.

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Hello there..
by: Anonymous

Hello there..

I just started using Tektite yesterday and I'll tell you this. It's a pretty amazing stone! The way I cleansed mine was by passing it over a white candle flame.

My other stones, I used my sandlewood smudge stick. You may want to try those and see how you feel. Your communication with them will come back. On the flip side, the salt could have maybe changed the properties of the stone so you might need to leave it out in either sun light, moon light (either full or new) or pass it under some kinda stream of water.

See how that works for you..

by: Mysticlaine1111

Right before reading this, I had run water over my obsidian and it was hot water. Then I ran the tektite under the hot water and I heard in my mind "I do not like being cleansed this way". I immediately changed it to cold and I felt relaxation from the stone.

Then I got on my phone google black obsidian and tektite & came across this post. It was such a synchronicity to hear you had a dream about the tektite not liking being cleansed that way!!! Also the mention of stone people resonated deeply, as a I feel a strong person like quality with the tektite, seems masculine.

Thank you for sharing! I am happy I found this post! Totally validated what I just experienced.

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