Black Tourmaline Not Working For Me

by Vinaya

I bought a black tourmaline stone. I cleansed it and meditated with it for a while with no effect. Then I purchased a black tourmaline bracelet and did the same. No effect.

Both crystals were bought from a trusted crystal shop. I don't even feel anything when it leaves my body. When my Amethyst or Herkermer leave my body I immediately notice. What does it mean? Why is it not working.

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Cleansing crystal try this
by: Kkr

It appears that this crystal is not compatible with your frequency... Or not cleansed properly.....give a last try....clean it with salt water...Followed by running water if not natural flowing one...and immerse for a minute or so upon fragrance incense stick all three immediately one after another... And try taking it on your body .... Let me know if it works....

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