Blue Agate Surprise!

So I'm relatively new to crystals, having been introduced to them when a friend of mine gave me a Shiva stone. Blue agate was one of the first crystals I bought and I will never forget the first time I worked with this amazing stone.

I was building a chakra stone set for myself in a crystal store and the lady working there suggested the blue agate (not blue lace agate). So I bought it, took it home to cleanse and charge and started working with it the next day.

After meditating with this stone I felt wonderful and decided to do a bit of research into what healing properties it actually had out of curiosity. I read somewhere that it could ease a sore throat. Instantly my hand flew up to my throat when I realized that I no longer had the scratchy throat I'd been fighting with for the last few days. I had gone into that meditation session with a sore throat and came out of it feeling better than ever.

Needless to say I was freaking the hell out! I called my friend right away and told her about the experience and she really wasn't surprised, knowing that crystals could heal the physical body. Whatever doubt I had about crystal healing is now completely gone. By just working with the stone it healed me without me having any prior knowledge to exactly what it was supposed to do.

I was more so interested in chakra work but my blue agate gave me a physical healing instead. Do these stones somehow know what you need when you need it? Because I believe mine did.

I'm confident that crystals affect our bodies on a spiritual as well as a physical level if we only open ourselves to their energies. I can't wait to continue working with them in the future. I just had to get on here to share with everyone.

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