Blue Aragonite Joy

by Alitash Tafari

What can I say... I love this stone! When I pick it up it's an instant calmer... It blends with my aura and I now wear it, carry it... meditate with it all the time... It's like a good friend you never have to tell your secrets knows and aids you energetically ...

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Using Blue Aragonite
by: Liz

I can understand why you love Blue Aragonite... as its energy definitely helps to fill you with joy and makes you feel more confident and optimistic about life. It is a lovely stone to calm you, and this makes it excellent to help stress, anxiety and depression.

Its a great stone to keep on you as it helps you to remain cheerful when you have things happen that might make you feel despondent. It is lovely when you find that special stone that is just perfect for what you need in your life right now!

Thanks for telling us how you feel about it. Love and light...... Liz.

Love crystal and meditation crystal 🔮
by: Londa

I'm just a beginner learning how to heal and strengthen the mind and psychic abilities.

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