Can A Moldavite Crystal Stop Working?

by Cardell
(Chicago, IL)

I bought a Moldavite crystal because I learned that it could help with lucid dreaming. When I found about its other aspects, I became curious to see if it would affect me the way it had so many others.

And sure enough, I felt very "spaced out" after wearing it for the first couple of days. Then I seemed to adjust to its energy and could wear it for long periods of time with no problem.

After wearing it for a few months, I did get some ideas about new directions to pursue, although I can't say for sure that was the result of wearing the Moldavite. But since that time, I have not felt any energy while wearing the crystal nor have I gotten any new ideas that could lead to a higher level of consciousness.

Has the Moldavite done its job and switched off? Or maybe the crystal is just not for me at this time. I'm wondering if it's time to pass it on to someone else.

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by: Whispering Peace

In my opinion a stone does not quit working, however, they may not be what you need for the time being. It may have served its purpose. Moldavite is a very powerful stone and is not for the novice. The energy you felt from it at first stands to reason.

My suggestion is to put it aside for a while and one day you will need it again. It is also my suggestion not to pass it on. If you do, however, please cleanse it before hand. Peace

Moldavite Crystal - I Would Not Pass It On
by: Vivien

Hi, concerning the Moldavite crystal, the only thing I would like to say is that personally I would not pass it on to anyone else. - I feel that when you have been drawn to any stone you should keep it then for yourself. - If you feel that it isn't working for you at this moment in time = put it away somewhere safe.

Try wearing another crystal for a while, then at a later date give the Moldavite another try. - Personally I have a lot of different crystals and I can't wear them all at the same time, so I change them about. = Don't give them away because at sometime you will be drawn back to a certain stone. - and remember to clean them too (I do it under clear running water)

by: Anonymous

Please try putting this awesome stone in your window so it can be recharged in the full moonlight or the sunlight can do it as well. Sometimes I clear a stone with sage as you do a room. I share a very special Amethyst with people who come to my presentations at Holistic Fairs and so there are a lot of peoples energies touching it.

I clear my Amethyst after each fair so it is ready to go again for the next fair with pure energy. I bought a rabbit pelt to wrap around this crystal in the beginning just for protection then I found that the Amethyst really loved it and when I would pass this crystal around to share without the fur, it asked for the rabbit fur to go with it. I loved finding that out... Crystals all have their own personalities just like people do!!!

by: Soo

I am not sure how long ago this question was hope I am in time.

All crystals choose their owners and sometimes they do move from owner to owner. With regard to whether the stone can stop it won't. Ensure you cleanse it. Put it on your windowsill on the night of a full moon this will recharge it for you. Do not wash it - Moldavites are not big fans of water.

I have a pendant which I wore every day when I first bought it then one morning I knew it was time to have a break - so I wrapped it up and waited for the next point of change in my life. Once the call to wear it arrived I took it out and put it back on.

I really hope this helps..

by: Anonymous

From time to time, I have found that when I feel my Moldavite has stopped working, or I am starting to be uncomfortable wearing it, it is time to wash it under running water until I feel clear. Or time to set it aside until I feel that I am in need of a change since I have applied what I learned the last time I had been wearing it. Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

I am not sure if my Moldavite is working or not... all I feel is a warm heated flush, which could be Menopause! How do I really know for sure, I been wearing a large pendant and earrings and I just am not experiencing what I have read!

When wearing my Moldavite, I wear pink Kunzite and Black Tourmaline for protection, I worn both pieces all day for the last few days with not experiencing to much of anything. Any advice out there, please. Thank you, Love and Light!

Projecting Energy With Moldavite
by: Anonymous

Get comfortable with one...communicate with it...last step is to allow it to work with you and you with it. In your mind you create 3 to 6" width for the Moldavite... transmute its size to a width that you both feel balanced with, the practitioner person is to create a holy truth rod which you can direct the negative energy into competent hands.

Need Help with my Moldavite please
by: Rick

Just acquired (bought) my Moldavite a couple days ago. I've been carrying it in the pocket of my dress pants all day at work, for 2 days. I'm feeling nothing. Not even when I hold it in my hand for about 15 minutes. I need an education... how to carry it, cleansing, charging... all help is fair game! I'm eager to learn.

From Liz (site owner and writer). Put it under your pillow while you sleep, and you may be stunned by the changes you find happen in your life. Have you read my page on Moldavite ... here

It's a form of glass so can be cleansed like quartz, just rinse under running water. Not everyone can feel Moldavite at first, but often the effects can be felt.

All the best Liz

Thanks, Liz
by: Rick

Liz, thanks for the speedy response. In fact, I have read the link you provided, and I'm continuing to read it several more times so that the information sinks in fully. I'll definitely try it under my pillow, as well. Also, I've been under a lot of stress lately. Maybe I just need to relax, focus, meditate and be a bit more open to subtle changes rather than immediate and drastic changes.

Thanks again!


by: vp

I had a piece of Moldavite made into a pendant and I took it down from my hanger today to wear it and noticed it has turned black. The pendant has a quartz to clear it, but why?

Moldavite and Water
by: Jac

I do not recommend washing your Moldavite crystal under running water. Instead look into other ways of cleansing it. I just took a shower with my Moldavite crystal necklace on, and immediately knew that the Moldavite was NOT a fan of water. At all.

I felt really guilty about it actually and immediately dried it off and googled it. (: I found myself here due to Soo's comment, and I would definitely say I agree with her (:

Moldavite Authetication
by: Anonymous

Hi there, i have a question relating to Moldavite too. I have just bought a piece of Moldavite and although this took some time to research what I thought was a seller of authentic Moldavite, how do I know it is actually real? I cannot say I have felt anything when I held it in my hand. I now have it on a chain wearing it round my neck.

The shop I bought this from appears to be genuine but I cannot be 100% that the piece is authentic. Other than to look at, is there any other way of knowing if the Moldavite is genuine?

Some tips on getting a real moldavite
by: Bluejay

I recently got mine from Inner Vision Crystals and had my doubts at first. Im in the Philippines and ot took quite awhile to get here. The person I talked to at IVC was very helpful and im happy it all turned out good. But back to you question as to how to tell its real, one thing I noticed it that the rough stone does not look like glass and mine was almost an inch wide and it looks black without a spotlight from behind. Also the genuine one will likely have bubbles in it and other imperfections this is what sets it apart from manmade glass. After spending some time with it I do feel whats called moldavite flush and it feel I have a high blood or something but I generaly have normal to low blood. And lastly, I was unexplainably drawn to it. Like hypnotised to having it. Could be its majestic green glow under a light which I could not resist. Cheers! Love and light to you all!

My Moldivite shrank and fell out of it setting
by: Edie Sertich

I was lucky enough for my Moldivite to find me, it is a ring set in a very old hand forged very very solid silver setting and I found it about 6 yrs ago while recycling. Its a very powerful stone that took me a to a place in my spirituality that I can and do say "I GET IT".

Well my sister got very sick, and they put her in a nursing home... I believe to die. I put my Moldavite ring on her, and she was back home and in her own apt 3 months later.

It took so much energy for my Moldivite to save her that the stone itsself shrunk, and fell out of the solid setting it was in. I don't feel the energy it had before this occured and would like to kno w how to revive it!

Holy Grail Stone
by: Anonymous

Hello Edie, that would be the first account of me hearing that a Moldavite would shrink in size with great use. Is it possible that other explanations exist? Been using moldavite for a couple of months constantly wearing it around my neck. Seem to have improved my metabolism. My hands are constantly war but I also practiced Tai Chi before and it did have that effect. Seems to be related to how you breathe. But back to the point, I dont think Moldavite would shrink on its own. love and Light to you all.

My Moldavite Is Not Working
by: pokemon

My Moldavite is on a pendent and it is not working. I don't feel everything from it I cleanse it I leave it alone for 10 days or more nothing. When I first picked it up I felt a bit in my hand so what does that mean? thanks

Moldavite is Powerful
by: DWG-Healer

Hello! I am a natural intuitive healer and earth energy worker. I have read several of the questions and answers for moldavite and from experience I am compelled to comment. Even basic research on line for the metaphysical properties of moldavite provides you with some warnings.

Please take these seriously. As with all energies, not to be afraid, but to understand the properties first before you spend your hard earned money. Moldavite is extremely powerful, it is of the highest vibration.

If you do not understand the metaphysical properties of "high vibration" crystals then please reconsider. Moldavite will/can change your life, your world. Someone mentioned that at first they felt something, but then it stopped. You have adapted to it's energy, you have bonded with it.

Now you must allow it the time to work it's stuff. Over time you will start to see changes in your life, small at first. Be ready for change! before you wear it.

Cleansing Gemstones
by: Fay Kelley

Namaste ~

Unless it is of the Quartz family or another water-proof stone beware of water. Also, be very careful about what stones you put in the sun, as Amethyst, and others will fade.

Two methods I use are sound ... I have a Tibetan gong I use ... and also, unless the stone have oil from your hands for some reason, putting stones in/on a large geode or on Selenite will bring them back to life, if left there for a while.

Moonlight is great but I worry about forgetting them outside and them getting rained on or dew, so I don't use that as much as I'd like.

If a stone has been used for a long time and/or for a huge job, put the stone in a completely WATER-PROOF container and bury in the Earth for 3-6 months (not during freezing weather).

Or you can try leaving on top of a stone that is never used for healing, etc., for 6 months to a year and it should become renewed. If it does not, you can "retire" the stone and have it on a shelf.

My stones do not like being put away ... they are out on shelves everywhere to get "air" and be talked to each day. But whatever floats your boat.

As far as passing them along, it is fine to give the stone to someone else if it has served its purpose with you. A lot of people give stones as gifts and that it how they find the next person they are to assist. Intention trumps all so you can breath the Breath Of God on them to clear them as well.

Crystal Blessings ~

Moldavite Tricks for stronger impact
by: Mya

I found a way to have a POW in my dreams with Moldavite. I put my head at the foot of the bed so there would be room for a chair at the foot of my bed where my head now was.

I put the largest clear quartz crystal I have on the chair and put my small Moldavite on the quartz. I had the quartz crystal point to the top of my head. WHAT A NIGHT I HAD!

I had the best dreams I've had in YEARS! I woke up refreshed and rested sooner than usual too! Deep restful sleep. Best I've had in years and the dreams were spectacular!

If you want your Moldavite to have a stronger effect on you, couple it with clear quartz when you're wearing it too. I have a medicine bag with many little, tumbled, clear quartz mixed in with my Moldavite. (Quartz amplifies any crystal it is coupled with.)

Something else you may need to know, Moldavite never stops working. As you get used to it, you may think it stopped working at times, but I assure you, it is still working.

Don't forget to charge it often! Moldavite does need regular charging if you are wearing it all the time. Laying it on the quartz overnight, as I described, will also charge it as it works for you and your dreams.

Good luck!

by: JAY

I have a collection of modavites, I find by rotating the time I spend with them on a regular basis helps keep the energies fresh. When they are resting I place them on a bed of selenite. I am never without a moldavite on me. I feel naked with out them. Love the stone. ☆☆☆☆☆•☆☆☆☆☆

Don't put in water use moonlight
by: Anonymous

If you feel moldivite is not working after you clear and cleanse, could be that it's a fake there are a lot of fakes due to its rarity. Check with a trusted crystal shop or jeweler. Also moldavite doesn't like water, I put it under water and it flew out of my hand as if something slapped it out very violently, it didn't even fall down in the sink but rather behind me on the floor, moonlight works best

by: Angel M


I thought when I bought it has no effect on me. I've tried to meditate and feel its vibration. first I held it on my fingertips on my left, nothing. Switched to right and felt it held it between my thumb and pointing finger. At first it will emit heat. Then you will slowly hear your pulse. The feeling that Moldy pumps something into your veins. It is too powerful made my whole arm numb.

Anyways good luck on your crystals, It seems Herkimers amplify Moldavites too. While tourmaline is good for grounding, it is good if you do not like to feel lightheaded.

does moldavite dies?
by: Maria

I bought two moldavite pendants, I had flashes, headaches, dizziness, and floating sensation, but I don't know if its from moldavite or my menopausal, so I put th3 moldavite into my perfume, I sank it there! and the other one into my magic oil.

After few months maybe two, I remembered they where there and took it back out, wiped it and smoked it into white sage and wore it. No feeling anymore.

Did it die? And I bought another. At first I felt the stone is hot! I wasn't holding it that tight but lightly, but its getting hotter! So I put it down for a while then wore it.

hmm..I have been sleeping a lot! Once in a while I feel strange like its not me or normal. And I can't concentrate as if my mind is floating? I hope it will be good on me and I want moldavite to work for my financial needs, is it possible?

Well I want to have powers too, like healing, clairvoyance, etc. But not astral, and I'm scared of it.

Moldavite never stop working
by: Reiki

The floating sensation is a normal effect when you wear moldavite for the first time. Once you get used to it you won't feel it that much, but you will when is necessary, it still working on you even if you don't feel it. Moldavite can be charged in a full moon stage but to get it fully charged, leave it outside on a meteor shower night all night, you will feel the difference.

Moldavites get along well together with herkimer diamond to amplify its effect, black tourmaline to calm their strong effect if necessary to ground yourself and Moldau Quartz this quartz is the moldavite's big brother, they come from the same place and they are both attuned to the same kind of energy. They love to work together for you.

I work with crystals often as I'm an empath and energy Reiki healer.

Cleansing Moldavite
by: Anonymous

Hi I read you don't have to cleanse Moldavite you have to recharge it with Hematite.

Don't feel anything
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was suggested to buy moldavite for some issues in life. I bought it from chezrepublic online, got it few days ago. But I haven't feel anything like other people, moldavite flush, headache, dizziness etc. I tried to meditate for 40 min with pendant in my left hand, but no feelings.

Can Crystals Stop Working
by: Renee

Crystals lose their energy over a period of time IF they are not cleansed frequently of negative energy which could have been collected from others while wearing the Crystal.

I usually place the Crystal that I'm wearing during the day, in an Amethyst Geode overnight for cleansing. That is the easiest and most effective way of Crystal Cleansing.

Checking Authentication
by: Ohiodozer

Moldavite Authentication

I too was leary of buying this rare crystal, which the Arizona dealer said was "authentic." I sat down with these 2, thoroughly inspected them with a magnifying glass and didn't see the tell-tale clues of it being from the Czech meteorite. I then brought out one of my fluorite pendulum crystals, hung it over them and before I could ask it if they were real, it started shaking. After a few seconds of amazement, I asked it if they were real. It started spinning in a Yes affirmation. Before even cleansing or charging them, I sat down meditating with eyes closed, them in both hands and I started seeing flashes and repeating waves of colored blue lights. They immediately went out to be cleansed and then charged in moonlight! For the heck of it, I checked auction pictures on-line with the pendulum and found some very high priced moldavite crystals, were being told to me by the pendulum that they were fakes.

Beware of counterfeit Moldavite specimen
by: Crystal Fan

I hope this will help you out. Beware of counterfeit moldavite specimens. If you have genuine specimen, oh boy you can feel the sensation. At first I doubted it.

But since I experienced it myself, oh my it really worked. Tingling sensation, mild jolts like an electric shock, then gradually feeling a hot sensation. It's true that the energy is very intense. Don't operate any machine while you have this specimen against your skin, because it will make you feel you like you are on drugs.

Different people had different way how to cleanse this specimen. Follow your heart. Smudging then with sage, running under water, under the moonlight or singing bowl. Don't pass your specimen to someone else. Since this is personal specimen, only you can be the owner. You have been chosen by this specimen. Happy journey

Moldavite transformation
by: New to Moldavite

I happened to visit a crystal exhibit with my sister who is a reiki healer and psychic. My hands reached the beautiful green crystal without knowing what the crystal is. My sister introduced it to me and asked me to get one as it has attracted me by itself.

Initially I didn't feel anything but over a period of time I was very strong with expressing my views or intuition about a situation came up...and recently I left my job which was getting bad on my health and had started unhealthy politics in office. It happened as a sudden decision and my sister assured Moldavite is transforming you life for your better career and healthy happy life.

I trust my Moldavite and sisters words. Waiting for the transformation to begin as I haven't heard anyone having any such experiences while having this crystal.

Long time soaking Moldavite in liquid leads to dormanting
by: Anonymous

I read that ppl don’t feel Moldavite anymore after soaking them in oil/water. Personally I also find it true that the energy weakened a lil after Moldavite got touched with water, even just for washing it clean.

So I guess it’s not the best way of cleansing it. I found on a website of a Moldavite seller that says long time soaking in water can lead to Hibernation of the Moldavite, and therefore it’s strongly not suggested that you do so.... and I guess it’s true with magic oil or any type of oil.

Then does anybody have any idea on some ppl’s suggestion "cleansing the moldavite with (magical) oil"? Because it’s apparently recommended by a lot of bloggers and energy workers. Who’s telling the truth?<


Tears from Heaven
by: cassi

I just got my moldavite in November 2020, I bought it locally in Philippines because international shipping is kind of expensive. At first, I didn't feel anything. I was frustrated, it felt like my anxieties and fears were amplified. I was not sure if it was the great conjunction on December 21 or my moldavite. Later on, I tried to put in on my third eye to meditate, I had the feeling of pulsation in that area.

A lot of major changes also happened in my life. I programmed it to attract money and meditated with it. After going out of my room to meditate, my brother immediately gave me allowance for my birthday. I was so surprised. Any way that is my experience with moldavite.

Tears and Joy
by: Anonymous

You know, I have wondered similarly about my moldavite. I found it at a local rock show and while I loved it, I never really felt the energy you were supposed to from it. I put it away for about a year, then picked it up again. Still virtually nothing was felt. So I sat at my computer and watched some videos about moldavite while holding it in my hand. I started to sense a hint of a vibration. Soon I felt it stronger, and began to fell emotion well up in me, and before I knew it I was crying, tears running down my cheeks. I spent a lot of time with my moldavite that day.

After that, I would feel some vibrational energy from it, but not huge. I work at a rock store and we recently moved some furniture around which uncovered a plastic package with a small piece of moldavite in it. I instantly knew it was coming home with me, and I also felt that it and my other piece needed to "talk". I wondered if my bigger piece had become dormant or otherwise was slow to remember it's true nature. Yes, the imagery is not lost on me. Moldavite works with past life issues, and perhaps that is one I'm working through.

Well, tonight I brought home the smaller piece. I was holding onto my bigger piece for a while first. I was feeling the gentle buzzing which always feels like home, and makes me smile. I then switched to the smaller, new moldavite. Instantly I was again in tears, feeling emotions. And WOW was the energy of this little gal HUGE! It is much stronger than that of the bigger piece. I still am interested to know what will take place after these two can "chat" together a while.

Personality? Purpose? Whatever it is, yes, moldavite shifts, ebbs and flows.

by: Lightbylei

What you expect is what you get. It’s as simple as that.

Acclimatized to its energy
by: Katy

I just purchased moldavite, a couple days ago and boy did I ever feel its energy. I had the heat, I had some burning feelings in spots. Light headed, tingles the whole shabang. It's true it feels like you're on drugs.

Since I use psychedelics from time to time these sensations did not freak me out as they do pass. But for a full day of having it I was definitely feeling drained more so that if I put it down and walked away the feeling lifted but when I went back to it I could feel it again.

It's a powerful stone, my client held and even she felt it. But something changed after two days of having it mid way through the day the energy started to subside and I could of feel it subtlety. Have I finally caught up with its energy?

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