Cool Sensation when wearing a Lemurian Seed

by Ruri

Hello, my name is Ruri and I want to share some story of mine. Also, a couple of questions behind. I am collecting crystal from September 2015. Among of my collection there are shungite (I wear it daily as pendant before lemurian comes), selenite, citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite (which I cannot wear because it gives me a sense of 'cannot imagine anything' while I was very imaginative person), carnelian, aventurine, tiger eye, labradorite, lapis lazuli and clear quartz.

As usual at the end of the month was my schedule to buy some 'crystal of the month' and on my wishlist there is nuummite. But at that time, nuummite were a bit overpriced so I looked on another stone to buy. I have some card stone and at that relaxed time, I unintentionally put a 'lemurian seed' card stone above my 'vegvisir' (a type of galrdastavr, or type of runes in other words) and leave that card there overnight.

Then at the morning when checking at usual website I bought crystals at, I almost screaming happily because there is just a new lemurian seed sold by the shop just now with reasonable price.
I don't know why I want lemurian so much, because at the other night I just feel that lemurian is a usual 'rare crystal stone' that I'll bought someday.

After my lemurian arrived, I cleansed it physically, energetically, consecrated and programmed it to hone my intuition and instinct. Honestly during the first two hours wearing it, I felt a cool sensation. Its physically cool as if the temperature just down, like a breeze, and I loved it. Also feel a deep vibration of love similar like rose quartz but five times more stronger.

I was happy, that cool sensation come two days a row and at the same exact time (15.00-17.00 gmt+7). But sadly from the next day until now, I didn't feel that anymore. I read on some blog that lemurian linked with earth spirit. Is that possible if the earth spirit was waiting until I ready to receive 'lemurian message' again?

Now I wear my lemurian daily as a pendant, just above chest/center position. I feel that the love energy is still and always the same and that's why I love my lemurian. But that strong 'cool sensation' is what I am missing from my lemurian.

If anyone can give me some idea about how to get that sensation back, I will really appreciate it. Thank you xoxo

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Crystal Sensations
by: Lucy

Hello, I have got a great number of crystals but do not think that I am very expert. I try to buy high vibration crystals.

Your idea of buying a crystal of the month sounds lovely, but the effect you had from the Lemurian Seed may have been & gone - unless you tried cleansing & dedicating it all over again. At least you still have the love energy? That in itself is very special. I'd love that.

I had a similar experience with Gel Lithium Silica after cleansing etc I held it & focused on holding it so it brought me such pleasant feelings of joy & happiness that can't be described, but have since gone. I carry it with me always & put it into my pillowcase each night (combined with Que Sera & Tugtupite in a pouch). Maybe I will start again with it individually but I love them together - love all my crystals.
Keep up your wonderful job of Crystal Keeper - Lucy

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