Crystal Experiences Are Scientific!

by Nelly Starfileds

Hi to whoever reads my story! I began to crystal healing about 3-4 months ago due to my OCD and stress. At first, I was skeptical because I couldn't find any scientific ground. However, once I start to study it more, I found a scientific explanation. This info includes biophotons, magnetism and piezoelectricity.

Lets Look At What I Found About The Scientific Explanation of Crystal Healing

• Ionizing radiation is a type of energy released by atoms in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles.

• Light is not only what brightens up our world by day and makes us see the things around us, light is also produced by our own cells and forms a major component of man's inner environment and a non-material part of our bodies connecting

• All living organisms, including humans, emit a low-intensity glow that cannot be seen by the naked eye, but can be measured by photomultipliers that amplify the weak signals several million times and enable the researchers to register it in the form of a diagram.

As long as they live, cells and whole organisms give off a pulsating glow with a mean intensity of several up to a few ten thousand photons per second and square centimeter.

This corresponds to a candle-light seen from 15 miles distance and is tens to hundreds of millions times weaker than daylight.

• Because of its low intensity, this cellular glow, also known as biophoton emission, is often referred to as ultra-weak cell radiation, or ultra-weak bioluminescence

• Biophotons were discovered in 1922, when the Russian embryologist and histologist Alexander G.Gurwitsch (1874-1954) performed an experiment with onion roots. He found that some influence from the dividing cells at the tip of one root stimulated the division of cells in the other root.

When he observed that this influence passed through quartz glass, while it was blocked by ordinary glass, he concluded it must be a ffmitogenetic radiation" in the UV range.

• The radiation also increases during mitosis (cell division) and undergoes very characteristic changes during all phases of the cell cycle. It reacts very sensitively to all disturbances, external influences, and inner changes in the organism.

• Some test persons were able to increase the emission up to 100 percent by using breathing techniques and deliberate trembling. In 1989 and 1990, a group of British researchers obtained more than three times higher intensities in the spectral range of 420-650 nm from hands, trunk and forehead.

The palms showed a much higher emission (500 photons per second) than trunk and forehead. according to need to a broad range of frequencies and polarisations. The organism is able to react sensitively to the smallest stimuli, but at the same time can also abruptly become transparent for quite strong stimuli.

• First of all, as a complement to the solid body of molecules, we have an important new component or aspect of the organism to consider, namely the „electromagnetic field body" (Zhang, 2003).

From this point of view, the living organism appears as a highly complex and self-tunable resonating system of oscillating fields that are coupled nonlinearly by their phase relations (Bischof, 2003).

• Able to tune itself according to need to a broad range of frequencies and polarisations. The organism is able to react sensitively to the smallest stimuli, but at the same time can also abruptly become transparent for quite strong stimuli.

• Studies on Stones and Healing - German Studies show that our cells emit weak electromagnetic fields, called biophotons, which help cells to communicate with each other. (see Bischof, Biophotonen – Das Licht in unseren Zellen Translation: Biophotons – the light in our cells Zweitausendeins, Frankfurt, 1995).

• Other studies have found that electromagnetic radiation from crystals affect these biophotons. Energy from the crystals were found to make changes in brain patterns when stones were placed near or laid on the body (Institut für kinesiologische Pädiatrie Translation: Institute for kinesiological Pediatrics, Dr. Kühl, Reutlingen).

• As Michael Gienger explains: “Stones emit measurable frequencies of radiation in the range of infrared and ultraviolet, as well as of visible light. And although radiation from crystals is of a low intensity, because of its regularity and duration it does have great effect!

For comparison, imagine a vibrating guitar string, which can barely be heard in a room, but that sounds beautifully loud through the medium of the guitar’s wooden body. Analogously, the weak radiation of a crystal may at times cause a strong reaction in our organism.”

• Resonance And Healing - We are electrical beings. When the radiation of a crystal comes into contact with the human body, it impacts it on many different levels.

• On a cellular level. The crystal affects the metabolism of the cells, tissues and organs when the metabolic exchange inside cell membranes is stimulated electromagnetically.

• So the effects are profound, but they are only profound where the crystal comes into contact with like frequencies. This will happen when the energetic properties of the mineral substance are similar to those in your body. Where similar substances, particles or structures are able to vibrate this is called “resonance”.

Hope this explains some points. These are summarised points.

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