Crystal Skull Changes

by SusanK
(South Dakota USA)

Hello, I wish to share my ongoing experiences with my crystal skulls. I have 10 skulls and I've noticed 5 of them are changing.. OVERNIGHT!
Rose quartz, phantom chlorite quartz, green fluorite, labradorite, white onyx aragonite and clear quartz.

The changes occur at the eye, nose, chin and head. It looks like the skulls have been bumped or hit during the night while I sleep. New bits of crystal seem to be forming at these
aforementioned areas.

Just two days ago, I noticed a new rough crack or indentation near the
eyebrow on my phantom chlorite skull. "Oh no, not you too!" I said to myself. This skull's chin has also changed: becoming crystal clear like clear as glass clear.

The white onyx aragonite: when I got it,the front face and sides were white. Now, the frontal face is losing its whiteness, while the back of the skull is becoming more white. In-between the front and the back of the aragonite, are spaces between the mineral.So no change there.

The clear quartz skull: all smooth and shiny, but the next morning, a concave line on the back of the skull. Huh?

I've been wondering: are these changes due to my energy or are these changes due to the high-level energies currently surrounding our planet Earth? Maybe it's both.

A friend of mine who is a medium told me this was the case. High energies around Earth. I was also told there's nothing we can do about these crystal changes.

Well thanks for listening! I've been looking for a blog of other's experiences with crystals and I'm glad I found this site.

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