Crystal Story About Crystals

by Liba
(The Czech Republic)

Hi Liz, I am passionate about minerals and all sorts of stones in general and of course about healing crystals too. So it is very hard for me to choose my favorite crystal - many, many crystals are my favorite.

Maybe Chiastolite and Ruby - when I feel bad or negative and need protection, as they help me very much.

I use blue lace agate - when I feel extremely nervous or angry this stone always helps me. I would like to say one thing: crystals are my big hobby and my big life love.

For me crystals are living beings and my best friends and I live with them. I love wearing bracelets-still and many bracelets and I change them according to my mood or need, and my intuition say which is the best for me. I am Liba from the Czech Republic (central Europe)- country of Moldavite and Czech red garnet.

My favorite book is The Book of Stones - R.Simmons, N.Ahsian (my daughter living in the USA sent it to me 2 years ago) and my favorite sites are your Healing Crystals For You - I love your site and reading this site is my favorite hobby. It is very interesting and I am able to get to know still new things about my beloved crystals.

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