Crystal Story About Lemurian Crystal.

by Kirsten Settli

Hi :) I'm Kirsten from Norway and I want to share an amazing experience I had on holding a very special shaped Lemurian Crystal.

Meditating with it my room was filled with a very bright light --flowing. With my eyes open to this miraculous sight three very tall figures stood in the room. They had white robes --long white hair --falling down on their shoulders. Dark intense eyes and smiles like angels.

Outside my window...I live in the middle of a small town, I could see a huge golden round "thing" and realized that it was a spaceship. No I am not crazy and I am not joking...

And it all felt so natural and good. Since then I have been working with many types of Lemurian Crystal, but the one I'm telling about here was shaped like a triangle with a strange pattern on top of it,when I hold it in my palm,it fits perfectly--like a missing link. Namaste

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