Crystal Vortexes

by Gerald
(Whylie, TX)

Selenite left, clear Quartz right

Selenite left, clear Quartz right

A crystal story that's way out there but also a learning experience spanning decades. My favorite Crystal's in H.S. in the late 80's were moonstone and rose quartz, both tumbled crystals. It wasn't till I was in my 40's that I was going through some spiritual awakening. I picked up a clear quartz single terminated crystal and put it on the night stand where I meditated and slept. I would wake up at times with mind strain. Other times, I would feel the electromagnetic push and pull as I meditated. These experiences were well managed.

Then years later, I added a selenite tower and put it next to the clear quartz crystal on the night stand. Within one week, I woke up half asleep and everything was spinning clockwise. I went back to bed then woke up around 9am. Everything was spinning clockwise, I was disoriented. This is when I realized, I was sensitive to crystals.

Being disoriented, I knew I had to put the crystals away. I put them in a tin container, closed the lid then walked carefully to put the box in the dresser. As I got to the dresser, I was pulled to the ground as if a big magnet was underneath me, the force was stronger then my strength.

Finally, I put the crystals away. There was so much crystal energy in the room, I had to get away so I went to the park, stayed out the entire day. As such, every time, I layed down on a bench, everything was spinning like a vortex as if consciousness was transcending.

Around 9pm, I was back home a n.v d to my surprise, I could lay down peacefully without feeling disoriented. The next day, I was going to put on my crystal bracelet and immediately from touching the bracelet, I became disoriented for 10 seconds.

Afterwards, I didn't meditate or work with crystals for 2 weeks. Today, I'm still sensitive to crystals and continue to work with them but I always put them away and do not leave them in the open. It doesn't matter what crystal it is, if I meditate in front of or, or lay down relaxing with a tumble in my palm, or on the 3rd eye, or within the aura at a range of 6 feet, I will experience effects that gradually build or amplify the longer the crystal is within the aura range.

One time, I left them under the bed and knew immediately upon awakening, I left a crystal out and didn't put it away before bed. I'm more careful when working with crystals these days, my awareness is key in knowing just how much is sufficient vs what is moving towards being over crystalized.

There are after effects of working with crystals, for us this is vivid dreaming, enhanced visualization, stronger visions, enlightenment, inspiration. With crystals, I can feel pressure, waves of energy, residence, and sometimes I can hear a humming sound. When I see others wearing crystal jewelry, I'm thinking just how "lucky" they are, to walk around with there lucky charm and not become overwhelm with the energy its reflecting or projecting.

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