Crystals Heal Spine, Arthritis Pain & Protect When Needed

by Angelstar
(Gosford, NSW, Australia)

Hello to All the Crystal Loving Angels :)

Can anyone advise what crystals help with women's hormones such as starting or during menopouse, etc? Would appreciate any advice.

I cannot praise crystals highly enough for their amazing healing and other abilities.

I have found that whenever I am in a situation where a person is harassing or intimidating me, that if I wear black tourmaline and sometimes with smokey quartz together that person leaves me alone or goes away. I also feel a calmness and feel no fear.

The most amazing healing experience I have had was about 5 years ago when I lay down with a few pieces of calcite and clear quartz along my body. My spine was twisted out of line by an accident as a child when a banana sun lounge folded up on me when I was being silly on it.

While I laid with the crystals my skeletal frame swayed side to side while the outer part of my body remained still and next minute my spine went click click all the way along from bottom to top and I felt must straighter when I stood up. I had always felt twisted as if I was walking slightly side on.

I have suffered osteoarthritis for years and decided to try this again today but with clear quartz only. For months, every day I have been in pain in my lower back, hips and legs and after an hour rest with the clear quartz I woke up and walked across the room better and all that crippling arthritic pain was gone. I have tried everything else, chiros, physios, herbs and vitamins, ibuprofen pain killers but to no avail the pain just got worse.

On top of all that, I love crystals and have them placed around my home. They are beautiful gems of love created for us to enjoy.


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Crystals For Menopause
by: Liz Oakes

Angelstar, there are quite a few crystals for menopause that are beneficial to aid the hormonal system generally and in particular sacral chakra stones as this is the area that governs the hormonal system. Crystals that are very beneficial include Shiva Lingam stones, which will help to heal reproductive problems and will assist the healing of infertility, relieve menopausal symptoms and menstrual cramps.

Zincite will also assist women who suffer with menopause symptoms, and will gently help to allay the symptoms and aid you to adjust to the changes in your life. This stone is helpful for feelings of loss once children leave home, commonly known as empty nest syndrome, which may coincide with menopause in many women's lives.

Many women going through menopause get depressed due to hormonal changes and this is where Lilac Lepidolite can be beneficial. It is a beautiful crystal that also helps to aid your stress.

My article on ways to relieve stress may be beneficial to help you if you are feeling stressed, as hormone changes can be hard to manage. Green Diopside is also helpful as it will balance the reproduction areas and help the body to heal as the various changes occurs at that time, and Vanadinite will also help.

All the best. Liz

Crystals for Menopause
by: Angelstar

Thanks Liz for your advice
Very kind and helpful of you.
I will look into getting some of these crystals you mentioned.
Angelstar :)

Osteoarthritis story please
by: Gill Hughes

Hi Liz,

I read with interest your write up about osteo arthritis and how after years of pain crystals have helped. Can I please be given permission to put this story or just a part of it on my page to help so many others with this terrible pain?

I too have Oreo arthritis and am in constant pain with my body for over 30 years, so want to share this with as many peoples I can so that myself and others may be helped to ease the pain they are in xxx I wish you the very best with your healing through crystals, I have a page on Facebook with crystals and was hoping that I can use your story to help them xx

Kindest regards and blessings too Gill xxx

Mangano Calcite
by: Anonymous

Funny you should mention that calcite helped your pain. I have a piece of pinkish-white 'mangano' calcite and it helps to decrease pain caused by inflammation. I use it when the herniated disks in my neck are acting up, and also for menstrual cramps. During those times it also helps if I sleep with it, holding in my hand.

Crystal for spine/nerves and more
by: Sen

Hello! I have many health issues which include, thyroid disease, adrenal problems, herniated disc in spine, as well as scoliosis. I also have memory fog and problems thinking more frequently.

I know their are many crystals out there, I was wondering if you know of any specifically to help align and heal the spine and nerves?? as well as any others for thyroid,and memory.

I appreciate it so much.

Back Pain Suffering
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have suffered for many years with lower back pain alongside my hips. I was wondering if you could guide to which crystals to use to try and relieve the pressure and pain.

Crystals For Psoriatic Arthritis
by: helena


Would you have any recommendations for crystals to wear for people with psoriatic arthritis? Both my brother and I have it, and are on the same biological medication for it. I have been thinking about making a pendant for a gift, and wondering if selenite and black tourmaline would be a good combination? My brother is gemini.

I'm worried for my children because this shitty illness runs in the family so strong. Healthy lifestyle helps a little, at least to cope with the illness, but should I give them some crystals to protect them already? My children are still small, and all are sagittarians.

I have elite shungite pendant which I wear regularly, and I have gridded my home with shungite pyramids. I feel connected to shungite, and continue protecting me and my family with it.

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