Gives You A Stronger Connection To Mother Gaia

DiopsideThree colors of Diopside, Green, Black & White

Diopside is a strongly empowering stone for anyone who has a strong interest in the well-being of the planet.

It is quite a compelling crystal, as it promotes the ideal of 'service' to the earth.

This lovely crystal is most commonly seen as the green stone, which brings through the green ray

This helps you make a heart based connection with the energy of the planet on which you live.

If you wish to make a connection to Mother Gaia, this crystal will help the process, as it may aid you to harmonize with her energy.

Many of you may be feeling concern at all of the earth changes that you have experienced.

The green stone may help you to make a connection with the earth, as Mother Gaia makes the current changes you see happening around you.

If you are on the spiritual path, you should consider using this stone, as its energy may reassure you that the earth has both your best interests and hers at heart.

Where Is It From? Diopside Meaning

Deposits of this stone have been found in Sweden, Germany, Russia, China, India, Canada and the USA.

The meaning of name Diopside comes from the Greek word meaning view and double, referring to the way the prism of the stone may be orientated.

Although the predominant color for metaphysical use is green, also known as chrome, the other strong color for healing is the black variety of this stone.

This crystal may occur as colorless, white, green, grey, greenish black, blue-green, lavender (rare), yellowish brown and brown.

The black variety also occurs with a clearly seen star in the stone, and this is known as Black Star Diopside.

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Often the stone occurs with the various colors mixed within the one stone, such as black, green and white. The stone occurs as fibrous masses, as well as various shaped crystals including lovely prismatic crystals. 

Green Diopside

This lovely green stone brings through the green ray, and will connect you energetically with the heartbeat of the planet, and to Mother Gaia herself. 

Green Diopside

Its energy within the heart chakra supports the emotions and it is very empowering, particularly for women.

The energy of Diopside stone that is deeper Green, creates an immense sense of connection with the earth, via the heart chakra.

It transfers its vibration throughout the entire etheric chakra column, from the base of the spine through to the top of the head.

It will energize and activate the heart chakra, the sacral chakra and the third eye chakra, and bring healing within all of the chakras as it brings them into alignment.

It is excellent for emotional healing, as it enhances your ability to love yourself and others, as you improve your ability to both give and receive love.

Why Would You Use It?

Within the sacral or navel chakra, it will aid your body to balance your hormones. On the physical level this stone is excellent to aid weakness in the lungs.

It may assist heart problems as it resonates strongly in the heart chakra area. The green stone generally will aid you to more easily understand concepts if you are studying.

It will assist you if you have muscular aches and spasms, and it is known to assist runners. It helps runners with any muscular problems and to give them that little bit extra they need when competing, to take them to the next level.

The green color of the stone is said to help you to make contact with the fairie kingdom. 

At this time momentous earth changes have been occurring, so each of us need to do all we can to support Mother Gaia.

If you wish to aid her, this stone will help you. It will also aid you on a spiritual level to be more receptive to ideas and information that your guides are wishing to share with you.

The blue-green Diopside crystals are particularly known for their action to stimulate the third eye chakra.

Who Should Use It? How Will It Help You?

Both Green and Black Diopside are excellent stones for those of you who have an interest in the welfare of the earth.

DiopsideNatural Green Diopside Crystal

The green stones have a gentle and helpful energy that may make you more strongly aware of gifts that you wondered if you might possibly have.

They may also encourage you to take action.

Green Diopside crystals has a strong resonance within the sacral chakra area, and its energy may help to enhance your creative abilities.

It will balance the reproduction areas and assist the body to heal as change occurs. This stones action within the sacral chakra makes it an effective aid for women to use once they have reached menopause.

It may bring through healing for you if you have old grief, and have been holding back from crying. It aids the release of feelings that you need to be let go of, in order for you to heal.

It stimulates academic pursuits, and is very supportive of you if you are studying mathematics or analytical pursuits in the sciences or arts.

Wearing The Green Variety 

Green Diopside Crystal

Beautiful chrome crystals have a lovely energy, and may vary in shade from clear green to almost colorless.

Many of these stones are made into gemstones, which make quite beautiful jewelry pieces.

The crystalline type of the stone is more commonly made into jewelry.

To keep the stone close to the heart and sacral chakras, wearing lovely Green Diopside jewelry in the chest area, as a pendant for example, would be very effective.

It is easy to buy pieces of the stone, and it is possible to obtain it in a variety of colors. To aid healing, simply put a piece of the stone in your pocket during the day, and under your pillow at night.

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Henry David Thoreau.

Combining The Green Variety With Other Stones

This stone has a strong action to assist you to cope with grief after the death of a loved one.

To boost this energy you may like to combine it with other crystals that aid grief, including Tugtupite, Spurrite, Cavansite, Danburite, Apache Tears, Stilbite, Datolite, Lepidocrocite, Aquamarine and Morganite.


This is a strong stone to stimulate the area of the sacral chakra, so it is very effective combined with the specific stones that are helpful to assist the sacral area, and are particularly helpful for women who are menopausal.

Stones that may be combined with this stone to stimulate this area, includes Rainbow Moonstone, Larimar, Gem Silica and Ajoite.

Rose Quartz is a strong heart chakra stone, so the green variety of Diopside stone will combine well with it.

To aid it its action within the third eye chakra, combine it with Datolite, Satyaloka Quartz, Danburite or Phenacite.

Black Diopside

Black DiopsideBlack Diopside

Black Diopside makes a strong connection down to the earth star chakra.

That means that it is an excellent stone for you to use if you do dowsing.

As you make a connection with the energy of the earth, you may find that your values and ideals regarding earth changes.

As you make an earth connection, you have the potential to balance your aura.

This helps to bring through the full spectrum of light energy into your etheric body, as they are excellent spiritual grounding stones.

Black Star DiopsideBlack Star Diopside

It may make you more passionate, about doing all you are able to do, to treat the earth differently. 

This connection may teach you the sacredness of the planet on which you live.

They are strong base chakra and earth star chakra stones, with an excellent ability to aid you with spiritual grounding.

It is possible to buy Black Diopside, and the black colored crystal are helpful stones to own. 

You may find that you make a different type of connection to both the animal and plant kingdom as you recognize the sacredness of all life.

Combining The Black Variety With Other Stones

The Black variety of this crystal can be combined with the Green Diopside stone. It may be available to buy in one stone, or use the two different colored stones together.

Jet pendants make good jewelry, as they will build up an electrical charge when worn against the skin.

It will combine well with other earth star chakra stones, including Jet, Black Tourmaline, Tibetan Tektite, Apache Tears, Black Obsidian and Boji Stones.

Jet StoneJet Stone
Tibetan TektiteTibetan Tektite

The black or mixed colored stones may help you if you are working with any of the high vibration, strong crystal energy stones, because it has an excellent vibration to aid you with spiritually grounding.

It also is excellent to use it with base chakra stones, especially stones such as Red Garnet, Rubies, Red Jasper and Zincite.

Red GarnetRed Garnet

Photos of Both Green & Black Diopside

DiopsideAnother with mixed colors

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