Crystals & Reiki Miracles

by Ramya

Hmmm I am fairly new to this World of crystals. Probably about 2-3 months. My first crystal is Amethyst Cluster which my Reiki Guru handed to me when I did my masters in Reiki.

I had instantly selected it without much further thought, it was like I didn't have a choice. Keeping amethyst cluster on the headboard and my head resting a few inches away I meditated.

I was in kind of a daze. It's energy is intense and your entire being vibrates with it's energy. Reiki and crystals instantly make you connect to the vibrations and you can start feeling it and experiencing it. I have also lent some of my crystals to my neighbors who practice yoga. Even there, a person experiences much more deeper state then they would have because of these crystals.

Always use grounding stones when you begin working with amethyst. I use black tourmaline. However amethyst is still an intense crystal. It takes a little getting used to it's intense energy. And guess what I achieved 175 words highest score in scrabble although I didn't think of the benefits of working with amethyst. You are able recall all that you have read.

You are much smarter and you can feel part of your head buzzing with vibration when working and long after you have stopped meditating with amethyst. Its very good for children and adults to keep amethyst for optimum brain functioning and to cope with our day-to-day activities.

India is a big fan of cricket. And for years I have not been following it. But it is a game specially if one's nation is playing one gets hooked on and automatically starts praying. Last night India was playing against Australia. India was playing fairly well. But once the wickets started falling and one of the batsman got injured.

Yuvraj has just recovered from cancer. And he was the batsman that got hurt on field last night. I started sending him reiki and then eventually started giving reiki to him and the Indian cricket team. But I had to serve dinner hence didn't have the luxury of completing what I had started (when I begin giving reiki I let reiki guide me and do not stop until it stops by itself).

So I just scribbled on a piece of paper "Thank you dear God for blessing the Indian cricket Batting", kept an elestial smoky Quartz crystal and a small blue kyanite on the piece of paper and rushed about doing my chores. Again guess what... India won. And the batsmen were overwhelmed with the turn of events.

After that I showed the paper in which I had scribbled on paper to my hubby. Of course the entire team have been practicing and giving so much of their life to cricket and cos of them and their preparations and performance we won, but a little bit of prayer from the heart and the crystals working their magic and taking it to the angelic realm getting all the help is an added bonus.

Hmmm did I tell you about my calcite story?

Most of the women in India complain about leg & back pain.

Bad posture and working for long hours standing in the kitchen for years together could be the root cause. We cook 3 hot meals a day everyday throughout the year. Make fresh eat fresh, so since I was trying to find an appropriate crystal for this I came across a story in which a lady said she was suffering from bone deformity all through her childhood from around 5 yrs of age and although it didn't show to the rest of the World.

She was constantly living in pain most of her life. She was in her 30's when she had begun working with crystals. One day the pain was so severe that she used calcite and along with another crystal. And while she was lying down with calcite where it was hurting on her back she heard clicking sounds of her backbone and she was healed.

This story remained in my head. I got a translucent white calcite with double reflection and can see rainbow colours when you hold it in the light. One of my friends mom had come to visit me and she said she has severe persistent back ache which has not gone. I kept small tiny really tiny magnetite pyramids on each of her chakra and then asked her to keep this calcite wherever it hurts the most.

I also felt like telling her and told her, 'you might hear clicking sounds of your bones... do not be afraid it is normal, since this is a very powerful stone' I will not hear it as it is internal.

She is new to reiki. And I gave her reiki like I usually do. Once it stopped she said she heard altogether 5 clicks. Starting from her left leg at the bottom and slowly upward to her mid spine during the 45 minutes reiki.

She is not 100% healed might take another few sessions with calcite and reiki. But the healing began and that too at a very deep level where no regular medicine has reached. Gives hope where a person has been living with a bone condition for years and suffering and trying to find a way out.

Every day I experience something new with crystals and reiki. Both are divine. At the same time I have seen if I have experienced something and I expect the same next time it doesn't happen. I guess it takes a while to understand this world or know how to go about it. Going with gut and doing just what you feel at that instant has led me to experience some of these miracles.

I would also like to thank for all the information you have so generously shared. It has helped me immensely and This is one website that is ON 24/7 on our iPad:) Thank you and God bless you :)

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