Digestive Problems

by Graham

I recently found Nirvana Quartz very useful for laying on my solar plexus and helping me get over a persistent stomach complaint that flares up a couples of times a year.

Its high vibration seemed to give my stuck solar plexus chakra a bit of a boost, like charging up a car battery! I don't want to wear Nirvana Quartz all the time as I'm inclined to be a bit spaced out anyway.

I saw some Golden Hematite advertised that kind of appealed to me, but haven't come across this before.

Does anyone know anything about Golden Hematite, or have any personal experience of it?

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Digestive Problems
by: Janice Suria

I've read the Orange Calcite is good for IBS and gas issues, and scolecite helps with parasites but so does the serpentine too.

This article you'll find of interest, try an orange calcite, moss agate and amethyst taped outside a glass water bottle with spring water, to structure the water overnight, and dilute 90% with water daily, this could help a lot with your issues.

If you don't like the mix combo, change a stone according to a color and energy you want, but use a max of 3 stones per bottle.

Water kefir is also great for digestive issues, easy to make and gives your body probiotics, just read about it watch a few video's on it, it takes away cravings for pastries and breads too.

Pollucite pulls the worst toxins out from the body. Use this one briefly, and not as an elixir. Work with this crystal only for very short periods of time - 10 minutes is good, and drink plenty of water when using this crystal. Go slowly and use this crystal sparingly.

Plus the other 7 scubber cystals:
Kurnakovite is the intelligent Scrubber.
Colemanite clears the debris from all your bodies so fast and easily. Colemanite carries electricity, so use sparingly, and then blows through the Crown Chakra when it's done.

Pollucite clears heavy metals. Kernite also KILLS CANCER. Tunellite also breaks any unhealthy attachments or energies that have moved into our aura or body. Scolecite also kills parasites as well.

Natrolite mainly likes to clear the brain and kills infection in the head. Natrolite also stimulates the Crown Chakra.

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