Distant Healing

by Vivien
(West Midlands GB)

If you know of someone maybe a friend or family member who is in need of healing - I think one way you can get "distant healing" through to them is this:

If you have a photograph of that person (even if it is an old one) - Place the appropriate crystals on the person in the photo.

If you know that the person suffers with worry or stress - a good idea would be to place Amethyst stones over them. (but this is just an example)

And personally I send out a prayer for healing and peace for that person too. Hope this is of help to someone out there.

Remember that you can do this with animals too.

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Distance Healing With Crystals
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Vivien

I quite like the idea of placing crystals on a photo for distance healing. That is an interesting idea!

For distance healing, I would usually use Reiki... but if placing crystals on a photo of your loved one works for you it is a good idea. Distance healing is really about intent, and if you have a strong intention to help the other person it should work.

The stronger the vibration of the crystal, the more likely it is that you will get a good result.

There are so many people in need of healing right now as the world has become quite stressful with all the problems occurring... such as floods, political chaos and various other difficulties.

In these cases you could use specific crystals that aid stress, as that should be very helpful. On my page on ways to relieve stress there is a list of useful crystals that you could use for this purpose.

Thanks for the idea. I will be using this idea along with the other types of distance healing I use, as the more energy you send someone the better the result.

Need Relationship Help
by: Ashok

hello...I am from India....could you do healing please for my relationship to flourish again with my beloved life Priyanka

I am in need of your kind help... I am in love with my beloved girl, from more than a year.... everything was going perfect with my beloved girl... whom I want to marry

From last 2 months all communications broken by her and her family stopped me to contact her. I want her and love her so much. Her mind was changed by her family and she is not talking from last 2 months to me.

Kindly I need your healing for her family and herself and my love relationship so that it can come again in happy track. So that they start feeling confidence and love for me and our relationship and give approval for our marriage and approach my family for the same.

Her family accept our love and give approval for our marriage. Plz help on this...
Kindly help me so that I can get my love back...I am desperately looking for your wishes and blessing.

my love Priyanka regains the confidence in me and start our love feelings and expression again.



Brain Injury
by: Anonymous

My sister suffered a traumatic brain bleed which has left her paralyzed on her right side (she is left handed) and I am new at this but have always been drawn to crystals and I would like to learn how to help her to heal.

It has been almost 2 months since the stroke/bleed and while there are times she seems lucid and recognizes us, there are many times that she is struggling. She hasn't been able to speak or move her right side.

She will be undergoing surgery again in another month to replace the bone in her skull that had to be removed so her brain had room to swell. I would love to learn how to help her heal properly. She has had other medical issues in the past which maybe I can also help her with, but right now getting her brain back to as much normalcy as I can is my goal.

Someone from the family visits her every day, but I am concerned if I leave crystals in her rehab room they may disappear or get moved which is why I'd love to learn about distant healing. Or, if there is a bracelet that I can put on her that can also be an option.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

A note on surgery patients
by: Cecilia

Please remember: depending on the hospital involved, it may be out of the question to keep crystals close to instruments (think, piezoelectric properties).

Also, if you observe that hospital staff do not wear jewelry over and above the watches nurses and physicians use to measure pulse rates, putting jewelry on a patient may be prohibited, as these are places where germs can easily proliferate. Distance healing may be the only help we can send.

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