Do Crystals Move By Themselves?

by Vonnie

Has anybody else noticed that their crystals move by themselves?

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a crystal shop and felt compelled to have some.

I keep them in a pouch and take them out for various reasons, but sometimes I find one out of the pouch, when I'm certain it shouldn't be.

Then shortly afterward I find I need that particular stone.

At first I tried to come up with explanations for this; I wasn't closing the pouch properly, or whatever, but now, short of sleepwalking, I can't find any reasonable explanation for this to keep happening.

Has anybody else experienced something similar? Do your crystals move by themselves?

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Not movement but...

I have never noticed my crystals move, but they do make their presence known to me when I need that specific stone in a store or at home. I notice when I am working on healing, certain healing stones look more attractive to me at that time, or the same with other issues I work on.

Your moving crystals.....
by: Jessica

Wow! It sounds like your guides are helping you with your crystals! I personally have not heard of them moving like that but I do have a few that are growing. So I know that they are alive!

When you said that you would find 1 outside of the bag and then later on finding out that is the stone that you need at the time.... there are no coincidences in life and I find it very interesting that the one you need is already out.

Either your stones have already connected with you and are choosing themselves for you or you have a guide that is helping. Either way it's a good thing for sure! I would make sure you keep those particular stones for as long as you feel it right... because they have seemed to pick you:)

I Can't Explain It
by: Anonymous

I have had crystals go missing before and I have been wooed by one at a store a few times. But less than 30 minutes ago I had a crystal move about 10 feet across my floor. I don't know why it did it!

I have never experienced or heard of any one who has experienced this before. Hopefully a person who can answer or explain this to me will see this post soon.

Yes They Move
by: Anonymous

I have several crystals in a circle and one in the middle, (egg crystal). During 12-21-12 I came home and found that my crystals were out of order, the middle one which I call the sun moved to a 90 degree angle and when we have the spring equinox it also move, when the planets are in alignment they move. lol

I thought I was the only one that experienced this action. I am so glad to hear others have experienced this also. But, I still don't understand how or why they move without me touching them. I Love My CRYSTALS!!!

Mine Move Randomly, And Often
by: Anonymous

My crystals, both the raw and the polished ones, move sometimes by just turning, other times they move feet or jump off a piece of furniture and hide underneath it!

If I sleep with them, I often awake with one or two either at my feet or under my arm or under me at the small of my back. It's always a surprise, sometimes I feel like I should be seatbelting them in place! :)

okay so im not crazy lol
by: SmokinTurtle

The other night I was on my tablet playing poker and I had two of my crystals hanging out with me sitting on the screen as I played. They're polished and cut in the shape of a turtle and bear.

They were pointing at me when I noticed the bear slowly shift and point towards the turtle. I couldn't believe it was happening and when it stopped moving I tried to recreate it by positioning the bear to were it originally was but nothing happened. This was the first time I saw something like this. I do feel strong vibes with my crystals I never would've thought they could move.

Yes they do!
by: Anonymous

I inherited a wonderful section of Kansas land that Earth Crystals come to the surface. It's when the Earth or the Crystals vibrate in certain frequencies from time to time. Once in awhile I can even detect little trails through the soil as they have vibrated along. I can't help believing they were once in possession of ancient man and were stored in various caches on this land. Everything in the Universe has it's realm!

by: Anonymous

Last night was my first night sleeping holding stones and crystals. I was holding selenite on my right hand. Black obsidian on my left and I had tigers eye on my forehead. When I woke up, I was still in the same position I was when I fell asleep.

My hands were even still cupping the crystals. But the selenite was sitting on my chest, and the obsidian was high up under my left shoulder and tigers eye was under my neck. I really want to know why, so now I'm looking up other experiences.

And it seems really rare for them to move. Or at least no one really knows why.

Confused- one crystal moved
by: Anonymous

Yesterday night there was a big full moon, and I placed a couple of crystals on the window frame. In the morning the amethyst had moved closer to the window. What does this mean?

by: Anonymous

I blessed a large flat crystal..within a garden..used small uneven sticks for posts..with chicken wire..blessed crystal for garden. land . animals. people at household..apparently.. the crystal had moved on top of this impossible.. uneven stick.

Yes They Can
by: Anonymous

I bought 3 crystals and put them on a pendant with a knot. I decided later to put them in a different order with darker one in center. A few days later found them back in original order.

With the knot it was impossible to do without untying and retying knot and no one could have done this. Was blown away.

Crystal Pyramid Moved
by: C. Diane

Hi, about ten days ago my husband place a crystal pyramid on our dresser in the bedroom. Tonight he heard a loud thump and found the pyramid lying on the bedroom floor.

He thought he may have knocked it to close to the edge on the dresser and it eventually fell. He proceeded to brush his teeth and when he came back into the bedroom the crystal pyramid was back on the floor beneath the dresser.

Now, we have a very heavy wool, thick placemat placed on the dresser to avoid scratches and there is no way that the crystal pyramid to slip or slide.

Any explanation or advise????

Moving crystals
by: Anonymous

My crystals seem to move whenever I'm not looking - sometimes while I'm sleeping and sometimes just when I'm out of the room. They can go a long way too... I keep them on a tray and I always arrange them in a certain way, none of them touching. When I return - or awaken - they are huddled close together or have taken to rolling to a different spot on the tray - in the case of my labradorite sphere or my tiger's eye....

Today my tektite and astrophylite needed to cuddle, as did all my pieces of calcite and on a separate area of the tray, there were my snowflake obsidian and turitella agate touching, and in a different spot than they were originally placed....

I don't know what's going on, but I find it interesting and amusing that they have their own personality like this... I'm a woman of science, but I'm rapidly embracing the energy of these beautiful "room-mates" on my tray....

Yes they do
by: Sheila

I came to this page to check if other people have noticed this. The most significant movement is when I sleep with them. They look as though deliberately placed somewhere. I regularly take a banded chevron amethyst (dense, dark, the size of my hand) and a heavy chunk of raw kyanite to bed, and often fall asleep holding one and placing the other beside me or under the pillow.

This morning I was more or less in the same position but the crystals were sitting side by side next to me. They also buzz with energy in the night..I feel it if I'm holding one but am often too sleepy to get up and take a look..also I feel it may stop if I try to scrutinize.

I experienced this just now
by: Anonymous

Ok so I was lying in my bed propped upright with pillows and I had my jade small jade crystal on my chest. I forgot it was there until it rolled up to my neck on its own!!!! Scared he crap out of me. But what does it mean???

my smoky quartz moved
by: Anonymous

I just looked this phenomenon up myself! Last night I put a group of crystals next to my bed on a nightstand. I had just bought a seer stone - rose quartz, a lepidolite, and a chrysocolla.

I had other crystals on the table as well, and I was trying to decide which crystals to hold in my hand as I slept. I chose the rose quartz, and a chrysophase. I was using a flashlight, to look at my crystals ( My husband was asleep already).

As I shone the light on my crystals, my smoky quartz started to pivot. I was in disbelief, and so I watched it for a while, and than in it moved again. Originally, I had bought this crystal because it moved toward my head by itself. It was hanging on a chain to be worn as a pendant, and moved toward me on it's own.

I have not seen it move again since last night. I am in awe of this discovery.

Your Not Alone
by: Bayz Finezt

I just bought my first polished clear crystal pendant. Also known as a pencil crystal, from India. Its energy was calling me. A friend told me to charge it in the Sun for at least 2 hours so I did.

As I stared at it the sun kept moving away from it so I would replace it back in the sun and as I moved my hand away I saw the crystal MOVE by itself, it turned itself to another side. I don't know why maybe it wanted its other angled charged by the sun.

I wear my crystal on my neck and now sometimes I notice or feel it jump up off my chest and back. Not sure what this means but it only gives me good vibes so it must be a good thing. I would love to connect with others who have had a similar experience.

Share your observation
by: Dayne

I felt it so strange. I don’t think that crystals could move by themselves. I could not understand that then how did you feel it is moving. Anyhow you once more just observe whether it will move or not. Remember to share your observation.

Stones moving across room
by: Anonymous

Hey wonder if you've ever experienced crystals moving across the room? I'm 99% sure I'm not going crazy. Two nights ago I chose 7 crystals from my collection and did a chakra clearing & activating meditation. Afterwards I lined all 7 up beside my bed.

When I woke the next morning and opened my eyes I saw my blue lace agate right beside me a few inches from the 7 lined up. I have all my crystals on the opposite end of the room and I remember at the time of choosing which to use, being drawn to use my blue lace agate but chose white howlite instead.

I have no logical explanation because I remember no other crystals on my bedside locker than the 7 and I fell asleep straight after lining them up and woke next morning to this! I have a clear memory before sleeping of exactly what I did! Tonight after putting some in a grid out of a test to see, two were in a different position!!The Amythest had moved forward & left and the same with my rhodochrosite. Should I be worried? Is it a bad thing?

New to Crystals
by: CAK

We have a strange thing going on with two crystals. We bought some color radiating crystals to put in our windows. They are basically 1 inch around, cut like diamonds, and have a "rainbow" color coating.

We have two clear windows in our bathroom so I strung each one with silver colored metallic thread and stuck one on each window 90 degrees apart with a suction cup. They are about 3 feet away from each other.

The last two nights, one of the crystals has "rattled" severely. I thought it may have fallen off but it was stuck tight. It happened again last night and I walked into the bathroom right after it did it and it was still shaking back and forth. The other crystal was not moving. This morning I rotated the crystal that had not "moved" to point away from the other to capture more sunlight and when I walked back into the bathroom 2 minutes later it had rotated back toward the other crystal.

I thought perhaps the string was the problem so I rotated it a full turn the other way to "hold" it against the window. I watched it sit still for over a minute, then all of a sudden it rotated toward the other crystal again. This kind of freaked us out since there is NO air flow in that area to explain why they moved. Any ideas as to what is going on? I am actually thinking of video taping it so I can show I am not making this stuff up.

Agate Ball Pendant
by: Anonymous

I have an agate ball pendant that I have not worn for months kept in a transparent container. One day while doing some area cleaning of my desk I felt the need to charge it on my clear quartz cluster crystal.

So I left it there during the day. About two nights after without checking on my agate pendant, I found it beside the cluster quartz, but not on the cluster quartz where I originally placed it to charge.

I was baffled, since neither my family would know about crystals and me, being a forgetful person, I didn't have any recollection of contact with the agate since leaving it to charge.

So its most likely the agate had moved itself off from the quartz cluster. Strange but adorable :)

My White Crystalline Quartz Anita
by: sandy

Anita gave me her name years ago when I was doing a healing: I was not given the name of the girl involved but I decided to connect through the caller and next day when I got Anita I was told the child was Anita.

Anita is always by a beautiful Mother Mary painting, a whole room across from my bed. I greet her and include her in my cleansings and meditations but normally do not touch her. I did feel my quartzes wanted to be close to me a few days ago. The only one I sleep with is a Lemurian one, either in my hand or under the pillow (great rest since).
I was doing my bed and found Anita under the covers! At first I thought it was Lemurian but they are quite different, Anita is totally smooth, Lemurian with indentations...I know I did not touch lovely companions are gathering around me helping me heal!

Also for months now I have containers with water and even pipes gurgle when I am close. Even the cat is surprised at the sound. At first I thought maybe some air trapped. No, it's when I am in the area.
All this only confirms I Am One with Nature!

Yes they move!
by: Nancy

Yes they do move. I had a package of crystals that I sent to my girlfriend to arrive before I did. She got the package and opened it and some crystals and an angel were missing. I told her that I wrapped them all really well so they would not break.

She opened up everything in the package and they were not there. I told her to go look in her office in her home. She went in and there was the angel on the shelf and three of the missing crystals sat on her desk waiting for her.

She tells me that she did not see them before and she did not place them there. Yes they move and do as they please to let us know that they are real and alive and waiting for us to just believe and know it is true!


Moving stones
by: Anonymous

I keep my chakra stones in a pouch and under my pillow. Yesterday morning I woke up and all the stones were scattered all over my bed

My selenite moved on its own
by: Anonymous

My selenite stone rolled over on my hand by itself this morning while I was meditating. I have been using it for meditation for a while and this is the first time that happened.

by: Anonymous

So I just purchased my first crystals, selenite, amethyst, rose quartz, and Crystal Quartz. I cleansed them and dedicated them. I laid down this evening with all 4. For some reason I laid them beside me.. . got ready to go to sleep finally and only 3 crystals were there.

I searched and searched... then it appeared on my nightstand where I originally allowed them to sit and charge. Scared the mess out of me it was the Rose Quartz! Never seen anything like this.

Crystals aligning on their own
by: Megan

Let me start off by saying I live alone lol. I meditate with amethyst, kyanite, carnelian agate, and rose quartz every morning. When I am done meditating, I leave my crystals in an unorganized pile on my meditation table.

I woke up this morning and my crystals were perfectly aligned, one on top of the other forming a vertical line. What could this mean?

They were in this order
Carnelian Agate
Rose Quartz


Appear and Disappearing Stones
by: Alice

I actually had a mother of pearl ring end up on my finger when I woke up in the morning. I owned the ring but it was stashed away under a lot of jewelry boxes. It happened when I lost my job and was a nervous wreck. As long as I kept the ring on I was calm.

I also had a pair of garnet earrings disappear after I moved. I searched high and low for over a year and could not find. When the mattress was replaced about 2 years later, lo and behold! There it was centered exactly under the bed.

Yes they move
by: Maria

First of all, thank you all for sharing your experiences -- made my jaw drop.

I have been going through a rough patch lately and have been very emotional. Several people had not been returning my calls and it was getting me down.

Last night I put my dish of crytals on my window sill and this morning my apache stone was across the room, on the floor, near the door. I just figured it was my cat but I remembered that one time a few months ago, the same stone was stuck to my leg.

I guess it does travel and it does make itself known to me when I need it most.

Yes they move!
by: Anonymous

I have recently purchased my first 3 crystals. I always keep them on my desk near my salt lamp. When I leave the room them come back a few hours later, I've begun to notice that they have moved to the windowsill, which the desk is right in front of.

At first I thought I had moved them subconsciously, but it didn't seem like a place I would put them. Last night I remember putting them back on my desk, and I woke up to find them back on the windowsill, and one even missing!

Jumped at us
by: Anonymous

My niece and I were walking around a crystal shop in Arizona. We both approached each other and clearly saw a green/purple fluorite donut shaped stone leap out of the bin about a foot off the ground and land between us at her feet. We told her she had to buy it and she did. I thought we were imagining things.

yes the answer they can slide along the table
by: Stephen

We all vibrate free flowing energy or static as paper can be statically charged to move to a balloon some crystals can interact with each other like magnets. I have a rose and amethyst geode that keep on drawing themselves to each other with a magnetic field near by for extra power.

As a crystal collects enough energy it becomes brighter well to me then it releases its self and starts again they all do it. Not totally sure about the science behind it all all I know it happens.

You always want to be sure you have the right crystals for you as ones that when you come close to it with your left hand you can feel the static and not pain. Its to do with your own vibration and how your cells in the blood stream communicate with the rest of your body.

by: Elizabeth

Wow! This is really amazing! I have small polished crystals at home. I have Rose Quartz, Smoky, Tigers eye, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Clear Quartz and a few others, and I notice that when I put one of them in my pocket, they vibrate in my pocket I know that they vibrate in your hand but I never had felt that in my pants pocket.

I also notice that they pivot a little too when I put them in my room on top of my dresser.. It is amazing what these crystals do, I also have an Amethyst the raw one in my living room and it is so beautiful when it shines.

Rocks moving and Disappearing
by: Davey Samson

At first my stones were rearranging themselves then they started to go missing - also rings on the dresser would move in and out of case to salt dish.

The other day one had made a noise like hitting wood as I had put them in box to see what next? While I wash reading two days later on the bed next to me it appeared, so I put in salt after looking at it momentarily- next morning gone? Is there any literature on this?

Crystal quartz jumps
by: Anonymous

On my night stand I layed 4 Crystals around 9 a.m. As I returned to my room around 1 p.m. A 4" Crystal quartz flew off the table and the point was facing me. I picked it up and rubbed it. Just amazing that's not the first time I've experienced that. I woke up one morning and a crystal was in my hand. I give the small ones away as gifts in a satchel.

Kinda yes
by: Anonymous

I did the same to my crystals, I put them into a little pouch and tied it to my bed frame by my head and have noticed that it shakes slightly even if everything is still, it hasn't stops since I hanged it there.

Not me, but...
by: Cecilia

I've said elsewhere I was relatively new to crystals. It was my husband who brought me around to them. He started out a rock collector, got into archeology and, I imagine, one day will bring the house down with the monolith from Palmyra sticking out.

His favorite stone at one time was a snow obsidian, which he stuck into his jacket just as we left for Mykonos. Next time he looked, there was a hole in his pocket and his stone had gone. He was mildly upset, but what could he do?

We took the mandatory boat trip to the island of Delphos, came back for lunch, and took in the archeological museum - a chock-full day. And as we walked back to the hotel, there she was in the middle of the coastal road, waiting to be picked up.

He has called her "Naughty" ever after.

Apophylite Pyramid Disappeared
by: Anonymous

I have two stories and if anyone can shed some light on it i would appreciate it.

So I bought an Apophylite pyramid. Something had been bothering me in my house so I was trying to clear negative energy. I meditated with my chakra stones and my pyramid on my Genesis pattern mat. After about half an hour I started to see this massive teal-blue light in front of me (with my eyes closed). I peeked for a second and I had afterburn image of the blue still there.

I closed my eyes and quickly laid on my back, and put the pyramid on my forehead. I kept attempting whatever my idea of meditation is at this point and eventually I had this flush of calm and peace. I took the pyramid, placed it into a small bag with a "chinese good luck coin" from the store where I bought the pyramid. I put it in my pocket and right as I left my house I felt my pocket, it was there. I went outside drove across town, and it was not there anymore. I was wearing tight jeans, no holes in pockets. Wtf happened to it?

Second story. I attempted to ward off negative energy/spirits by placing 4 shiny smooth obsidian stones under each corner of my bed. I laid all 7 chakra stones vertically where I would be lying and left them for 3 months. I had extremely vivid/premonitions/epiphany type dreams. I checked the stones when I moved out and the obsidian was so cracked it was unrecognizable. Now I say cracked, not broken/shattered. They were solid but they had pressure cracks and looked rough as if they had been tumbled through a clothing dryer full of rough rocks.

Later my chakra stones/obsidian were stolen by a sneaky friend. Not sure why the obsidian was so cracked?

Broken angel crystal without touching it
by: Paula

I walked into a crystal shop one day with my children and husband. At the time I was looking at the shelf, at a clear quartz angel. Before I could pick it up the crystal fell and broke into pieces. No one believed me and we were made to buy it.

A similar experience
by: Anonymous

I usually sleep with two of my crystals and one night I went to bed as I usually do. The next morning I woke up to put them away but one of them was missing and I looked around and found it on a desk across the room.

Crystals moving
by: Giamarie

Since I now have crystals in my home I decided I didn't want them inside a pouch or box so I put them all in a glass vase with a white candle in the middle. I have noticed that the entire vase is not in the same place I put it in. The entire thing moves about an inch or two. I am an Empath. I also have some other gifts. I wanted to know if it is because of the energy in my home or it's me. Or could it have anything to do with how much I meditate. Does anyone have an answer for me? Love and Light...G

Shared energy
by: Victor

We,yes,my crystals move to our shared energy...they seem to move together in some energy force.. Even when I approach new crystals sometimes they do the same, quote beautiful if you ask me.

Rose Quartz, fell on it's own!
by: Anonymous

A friend of mine gave me a rose quartz which I have forever kept unmoved in between two sea shells which have mine and my boyfriends name on them for luck and love. Last night at about 2am the rose quartz fell to the ground and I'm wondering could this be a bad thing or simply a natural thing?

Yes! But why I'm not sure
by: EmiAmourous

Hello! I actually had mine move but I'm not sure it was for positive reasons though :( I actually had a moment where I was having an extremely uncomfortable conversation with my aunt about her life decisions (I read her tarot cards)

She wanted me to explain to her if there was any other way to be with this man she had feeling for but her cards were telling me it was not meant to be and I guess the tension she was carrying made my crystals fly off my wall. Literally.

To this day I can't explain why my crystals flew, I told her it was probably the wind but I think her and I didn't really think that was true and maybe it was an omen for her to believe her fate with that man. Hopefully the next time my crystals move its for more positive vibrations. But yes I do think its possible for them to move.

I am glad I am not crazy
by: Anonymous

I was meditating tonight and my lapis lazuil and rose quartz both moved while chanting of the Lapis Lazuli activates the psychic centers at the Third Eye, and balances the energies of the Throat Chakra and the Rose Quartz the Heart Chakra. I do not know actually what this means but it was most diffidently noticeable in a big way.

Rose Quartz
by: Michele in WA

I had been doing a lot of heart chakra work because my heart chakra was severely blocked. I bought two rose quartz stones and placed them under my pillow. when I awoke one was under my body above my heart and one was below my heart. This happened several nights until my heart chakra was cleared and now they stay under my pillow.

I believe they are drawn to the part of the body that needs assistance from their energy. Since when ever my heart is hurting they will move to above and below my heart under my body. if my heart is good they don't move. Very interesting.

Forming patters
by: SLD

I have crystals and stones on my dresser and when I have a serious problem or uncertainty they move into a pattern. I have found some very insightful messages in the patterns thru the stone meanings and numerology.

I, like most of you thought I was crazy but it has happened 5 times. I do practice Wicca and meditation. My household of 5 adults all believe in the power of energies both good and bad. I have pictures to document the patterns.

The first time it happened I told my son by phone that my stone moved into a pattern and his first words were "it wasn't three straight lines was it?" It was. And he had a very vivid dream of an animal chasing him with three straight lines on it's side. It is the craziest manifestation I have ever experienced.

I believe it is a guardian spirit. I am a reasonable person and have eliminated any natural causes. These patterns are too perfect to be accidental.

My modavite moved
by: Anonymous

I left two of my stones under the moonshine, one of them is a Moldavite. I left them on top of a bench so they wouldn't get lost, the next morning the moldavite was on the floor. The stone that was on the bench is almost round and the Modavite is more like a flat triangle so I thought that was weird because if the wind moved them, the round should have moved.

I left them out again the next day for the super moon and I placed them in another location so the wind wouldn't move them and no one could touch them. Same thing. The moldavite was about 2 to 3 feet away from where I left them and the round one was still in the original place. I hope my moldavite is not trying to leave me because it was very expensive :)

Jumping Amethyst!
by: Kristin Fehrman

YES! So funny others have experienced this. I found my amethyst behind my refrigerator today- I have absolutely no idea how it got there. I can't find my Flourite, either. My amethyst was missing for weeks, and I noticed it was on the floor earlier today after I had set it on the table. Crazy!

New years full moon
by: Crystal yes thats my name lol

Went to the beach yesterday during the day and got some saltwater to charge my crystals. I watched 2017's final sunset and noticed there was a full Moon Rising. I thought "Very cool, it's a full moon and New Years Eve. Around 8:30 I put all the crystals in the bowl of salt water and drove an hour to spend the night and New Year's with my kids.

When I got home the next morning there were 6 crystals on the ground next to the Bowl. I'm not going to lie it was very unsettling even my nine-year-old daughter ask me if we should be scared?

Crystals randomly appearing
by: Anonymous

I have yet to experience my crystals moving but I have recently acquired a crystal mysteriously. Does anyone have any insight into similar instances?

Moving Shungite
by: Anonymous Diane

I've been collecting crystals for about 7 mths. All types. I've never felt vibrations but do feel drawn to Blue Lace Agate. I heard there was a miracle stone called Shungite. I ordered a necklace of elite shungite and a pendant with yin yang sign of normal shungite.

I put them both on bedside table about 6 inches apart and the yin yang one moved towards the elite necklace. I thought my cabinet must be on a slight slope and positioned them differently and it happened again.

Bezzie mates now. Haha. Spooky.

Obsidian moves and tiger eye moves
by: Anne-Marie tiger eye moved itself to the next town to Tucson by itself trading places with the black obsidian that I had given a friend. Now I have the black obsidian again. Crazy. It happened while it was cleansing in a dish of water and sea salt.

Jumping amethyst!
by: Renee

I carry four stones with me at all times in my pocket. Today at work my amethyst jumped right out and hit the floor slightly cracking it.. Never happened before, any insights??

Yep... They move.
by: Steve

Mine have never moved in terms of feet, unless haven't noticed that well or the cat is making a claim for a new toy.

However, they do like to walk across tables even with cloth under them. To be fair, every surface has a lot more residual vibration than what we notice, but this is above and beyond the constant tremors of the ground and sound waves.

Especially when I set up a crystal grids. They tend to walk inward and collapse on themselves. Been thinking of using some tacky tape to keep them from walking. Not sure if this is because of a vortex effect or not. (That is what I perceive in that case.)

But I think on any hard surface, with the way that some ring & vibrate on their own, I could see them going quite a ways depending on their energy. Plus they do seem to have a personalities, even if they are the same type of stones.

I am sure they do
by: Lenore

I have a small piece of raw Amethyst that I keep on top of a jar of other crystals sitting on a window sill. Every time I sit the crystal in the middle of the flat top of the jar, a few days later, it moves closer to one edge. I have also noticed that the direction it moves, changes based on the direction I place it down. Just astonishing!

Salt lamp rocks
by: Allison

My Himalayan salt lamp is in the shape of a fire bowl with salt rocks in the middle of it. There are approximately 15 rocks all up. The lamp sits on my bed side table.

Few night ago I woke up and found one of the salt rocks next to my pillow. I was confused but I just put it back and forgot about it. This morning I found the same rock on the floor next to my bed.

I am not scared I'm just curious if this is some sort of a message from the divine?

I'm also one of those people who see number sequences everywhere. I worry the divine is trying to communicate with me but I'm not smart enough to understand the message.

Hence why I'm looking for explanations here :)

Crystals moving objects?
by: Anonymous

This is going to sound crazy but I haven't seen my crystals move by themselves BUT I have witnessed them actually moving an object. My 3 crystals (moonstone, lapis lazuli and clear quartz) literally were pushing my phone away from them, slowly but still noticeable. I haven't been able to recreate it since that night so IDK what was going on any ideas anyone??

Moving Crystals
by: Carolyn

I was looking this up, about moving crystals because this week I found 5 milky quartz crystals in the cup holder of my car. No one put them there...I asked the only people around me that would even think about crystals, my car stays locked.

This is a real mystery. I read that they have energy storing properties, healing, I’m not sure as I’m no expert. For the life of me I can’t figure out where they came from. Has anyone heard of this?

Aqua Aura
by: Anonymous

I’ve been going through some challenges at home lately I’m in a toxic relationship. At work yesterday’s my aqua aura jumped out of my shirt pocket, the pocket was inside my shirt.

Today my soon to be bf had me so upset and on edge that my aqua aura, I felt it rolling out of my pants pocket and rolled across the floor. What’s the meaning is it good or bad?

My crystal teleported itself
by: Sage

Hi there, I have just done a google search about crystals moving itself as I experienced this phenomenon today (new moon in Taurus and Uranus is moving from Aries to Taurus 15/05/18)- not sure of that has any relevance but I thought that I would include it in case it does.

I bought a snowy crystal quartz 5 days ago and last night I went to sleep with it in my hand ( this is something that I sometimes do with my crystals.) This morning I had my crystal with me and I was wearing a hoodie with a pouch in the front and I had my crystal in the front pouch of hoodie while walking to the shops and then out it in my bag as I did not want it to slide out, or, have my hands on the front pouch in the shop in case they thought I was lifting something.

The walk is about a 7 minute walk and I returned home and got to my bedroom and there on the bed was my snowy quartz. I was very surprised, I only have one snowy quartz and I knew that I had taken it with me - hence the google search.

I have had pendulums disappear in the past and I may have lost some but I have thought that some have disappeared. The snowy quartz moving was a big surprise and there was no mistaking it. I thought that I would add to the post to advise that I have also experienced this.

Not sure what it means - maybe it wanted me to go and rest and go back to sleep as it had spent the night in my bed. Strange story I know but there you go :) Thank you and have a good day.

Crystal Pyramid Movements
by: Dave

I have 2 pyramid crystals next to my bed.

One Black Obsidian pyramid and one Amethyst pyramid to offset each other, which they obviously do, because since I have been using them, I have had amazing night sleeps.

However, this morning when I woke up, the Amethyst pyramid, which is solid and heavy, had been moved off the lamp base and tipped over.

Now there is no way you could do this by knocking it, because of the way a pyramid is and of course it is weighty being Amethyst.

Now I am aware of spirits, outer body experiences, all of it since the age of 5, but I wanted to know myself what may have tipped the pyramid up and whether it is something that is undesirable, because I have had to eliminate 2 demons before, with the help of the Lord, one in specific was so nasty, that I actually sore the bright white light of God or whoever it is, come in and remove that demon that was pinning me down in my bed one night. I am telling anyone who doubts things like this exist, that they do exist, they are real and if you believe in it, well then you can be shown things, amazing things.

Anyway, that aside, I was curious to find out whether the heavy Amethyst pyramid next to me bed on the lamp table was moved by a demon or whether it is the good lot letting me know they are still watching and protecting me?.

If it is a demon, well bring it on, because nothing more than I like to kick their arses with the backing of the great light that comes and eliminates them.

Interesting subject and it is obvious to some of us who are thinking outside the box, that these things really do exist. They really do, I embrace it when I can, and the pyramids help me to embrace it more I feel.

Yes, they do!
by: Anonymous

I received a raw cut rose quartz and amethyst as a gift. Upon receiving them, I felt each had their own personalities and loved getting acquainted with them both. I keep them on my nightstand and began to notice they do move closer to each other when I am not looking.

I honestly think they love each other and they want to be close. This makes me happy too. I did not know they were so individualized and personal until now.

I am happy to have such wonderful new friends. I wonder where they have been and what types of things they have lived through all this time.

Thought I was losing my mind!!!
by: HauteMess

All of my crystals move!!! I didn't want to believe it but my husband confirmed it! LOL

Yes, I feel their energy when I hold them but it goes far beyond that. Sometimes, they'll rotate or they'll go for a "walk" in my palm. It's literally a game and if one starts it they will all patiently wait until it's their turn to be held and then off they go trying to roll right out of my hand.

Even my largest sphere which is 5" and he weighs in at over 3 lbs wants in on the game! Also when I am physically looking at them or mentally engaging them they will turn from side to side while on their bases.

I predominantly connect with spheres though in the last 2 months I added 2 egg shaped pieces. They also interact with me in the same way. They are all alive, have huge personalities, and even bigger hearts!

Mine moved
by: Sandra

I had mine for yrs in a bag, I recently took them out and set up in row and next day amethyst n another one was way up front out of line ... I put them back in line.

Next day the amethyst was up front again... I put them back in line again. It was a full moon not sure what it all means, but very interesting.

Kinda similar story
by: Anonymous

Rose quarts keep showing up in my room.., even though I owned none previously. I have 2 now, the first I had seen in my room and didn’t pick it up it would be in different spots (I probably was kicking it around by accident) I later put it on my desk then the next day I saw a rose quarts in my chair and I assumed it got knocked into the chair but when I went to put it back to my suprise the old one was still there and this was a completely different rose quarts. I have no way of explaining it.. kinda funny though considering they’re my favorite

Tiger eye crystal
by: Anonymous

I have a neclace with a tiger eye crystal on it this is weird because I triple knot my neclace u can't move it. But every time I go to my in laws that hate me. My neclace always comes unknotted it's crazy it never fails. I believe my crystal is telling me something

Yes they move!
by: Diana

I thought I was going crazy. I was doing a chakra meditation I specifically put 3 small crystals on my upper stomach area and when I was adjusting the crystal on my third eye, one of the small crystals I had put on my upper stomach fell off the crystal I had on my third eye. I don't feel so crazy after I read all the previous comments, thanks!!!

by: Anonymous

I have 10 crystals on my windowsill and I rarely touch them, if I do I put them back exactly where they were beforehand. They're set out in a line, and a small silver spider bead in the center just for a little bit of pizazz and two rose quartz on the front and back of the spider.

Recently however I've noticed that they've moved around. Firstly I noticed that they were in a zig zag form instead of their usual straight lines.

Tonight I came into my room and they're in a complete random setup. Five stones are in a circle around the spider, three are in a rounded line on the right and there are two kind of behind/next to them on the left.

I'm fairly new to the world of crystals and stones, but I feel as though there's something greater to this. Any advice would be great x

Don't put it on the floor!
by: Barbie

I have no idea what compelled me to do it, but the first night I had a large polished black obsidian in the house, I placed it in the middle of my bedroom floor and went to bed. 30 minutes later something large fell off my armoire in the room. About an hour later, something fell off the entertainment center in the room and woke me from my sleep. Around 3 a.m. something else in the room woke me as it fell off the dresser and landed loudly. My husband was witness to all three unexplained occurrences.

I took it off the floor and placed it on my night stand. Three weeks later, I realized that I had not been dreaming at all and that I had been increasingly filling with hatred and anger. At this realization, I walked the obsidian outside and threw it in the garbage. From that moment, I have been calm and happy again and have been dreaming deeply and peacefully.

However, there is suddenly the spirit of a short dark-haired,freckled woman in our house. Also, my son's closet door is now sliding open by itself! Not sure what I'm going to do about this unwanted sudden activity.

Bottom line, I do not recommend black obsidian.

They do move
by: Sandy

A few nights ago, I went out for an hour. I had my crystals sitting out on the footlocker at the foot of my bed. When i returned, I found my crystals positioned in a semi-circle with the lapis Lazuli in the middle of the semi-circle and the clear quartz between it and the tourmaline which was the middle stone of the semi-circle. I didn't leave the stones on that position. I would have done it deliberately and remembered if I had left them that way. They moved by themselves.

by: Anonymous

LOL I’m sooo happy to hear I’m not going crazy!
I have 3 crystal skulls that have been imprinted by Einstein, one of the ancient crystal skulls. We had the 3 of them lined up on top of our entertainment unit. One morning my hubby got upset and asked who keeps moving the skulls as two of them were side by side touching.. I was baffled, cause I didn’t!

So he moved them back into postion. Last week the middle skull was moved AGAIN and he pointed this out to me again. So again I stood there in disbelief.. lol.. this week something gave me this "knowing" feeling that told me to go look at them, once again the 2 were side by side.

I pointed this out to my hubby, he almost fell off the chair hahaha anyhow, I’m glad I found this post! We have done another test and notice that this happens at night after we go to bed.

Obsidian May be Holding Negative Energy
by: Anonymous

Your obsidian could have been hanging on to negative or dark energy from somebody who handled it before it came to be in your posession. A cleansing to the crystal may been all it needed.

Around the time I got a few new stones I noticed that they were moving, and my address book along with my smoky quartz disappeared. It's been over a month now and still no trace of either. I've heard of stones manifesting themselves into other dimensions, but can they actually take other things with it?? Still perplexed.

As far,as the obsidian goes maybe give it another chance. It's a protection stone and a very valuable piece to my collection. If you still don't want to use black obsidian, black tourmaline is another protection stone you can use in its place.

Glad to know I’m not the only one!
by: Anonymous

I went out of town over this past weekend. When I got home, I realized my fluorite pyramid was not sitting on my desk like it usually is. After 20 minutes of looking, I found it sitting about a foot under my bed. Super curious as to why this happened and intrigued to see if it will happen again!

My favourite Lapis Lazuli moved
by: Vero

I was staying over at my boyfriend's house and thought that I should try bringing my crystals over to sleep. Wanted to try that since my boyfriend's house is a very spiritual one with a buddhist altar in the living room.

So wondering if I'd have a different experience, I went to bed with two small amethyst points on my crown, my favourite lapis lazuli on my forehead and a green flourite on my neck.

The next morning I noticed my lapis lazuli wasn't anywhere on the bed and I got pretty upset. I thought I had lost them for good until I found it around 20 inches across the room, on the floor, resting beside the dresser with one of its points cracked all around. I clearly remembered waking up in the same exact position and it really confused me on how it could have probably jumped away from my forehead and onto the floor with so much force that it cracked.

Kinda wondering what the crack actually means but did not feel anything other than good vibes and fascination though! Would love to know if anyone has an explanation for the crack, and any similar experiences! Love reading all of them so far!

My tourmaline jumped ship
by: Perplexed

I have a necklace with several biogeometry pendants that I wear to protect me from EMF and psychic attacks. Several days ago, I added a black tourmaline pendant to it. The chain is silver and closes securely with a clasp. The pendant has a solid loop (no opening) soldered to another piece of silver, which is melted onto the top of the tourmaline and I had strung it on and kept it clasped after adding it. I lay it carefully on its stand before bed and put it on every morning without opening the clasp.

This morning I was going to visit a new friend, who has a sort of suspicious energy--she even admitted that many people have called her a witch. Nevertheless, I decided to give her a chance and meet up for coffee. When I put on my necklace, I hoped that it would absorb any negative energy that she might be directing at me.

As I got in the car, I looked down and noticed that my pendants were all twisted up, with the tourmaline pointing in an odd direction. At that moment, they untwisted themselves, and the tourmaline landed in my lap!! At first I tried coming up with logical explanations, but when I examined it carefully, I saw there was no physical way this could have happened!

As I had no pockets in my purse in which to keep it safe, I left it in a little cubby in the car.

I later realized that the tourmaline did not want to come with me to absorb that person's energy! It was protecting itself, and probably protecting me, because if it absorbed something bad, I would carry it around with me! It knew somehow that if it jumped off at that moment it would land safely in my lap and I would have no way to take it with me.

Tonight I watched a course from Vesica on crystals and laughed out loud when the teacher was talking about "instructing crystals" and mentioned that while some crystals, like quartz, take instruction very well, others like tourmaline, do not like to be instructed.

Looking back, I think I didn't realize it at the time, but I think the reason I looked down is because I felt it moving and twisting. My mind couldn't wrap my head around that though, until I perceived the reason for the crystal jumping ship, and the metaphysical reality of it.

I'm glad to find so many other stories, because I just could not get over it. I've never witnessed anything that seemed to defy the laws of physics like this!

My Moldavite Moves!
by: Anonymous

This evening, I was holding my new very small, newly purchased Moldavite. I was reading about Moldavite in my iPhone when the Moldavite jumped out of my hand and towards my chest.

I am wearing a necklace with turquoise and a few other stones. It was like it wanted to be closer to the necklace. I put the Moldavite in a snap tight plastic box on my night stand and it’s jumped a few more times. This is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this. Wow!

Where did this stone egg come from!?
by: Samantha Lee Hansen

I found a stone egg in my car and i have no idea where it came from. No one else drives in my car except me and my daughter who is 19 months of age.

I was taking her out the car seat one day and something caught my eye... a green stone egg with black blotches. I looked it up and it is septarian.

I clean my car often and I am also always looking for missing toys all over the place under seats etc. I honestly have no idea where it comes from. One of the most bizarre things that have happened to me.

strange happenings
by: Anonymous

Hi all, I bought a crystal ball and a piece of clear quartz, I cleansed them in Himalayan salt water (cold water) over night then in the morning i put them on the grass... I don't know why, I just had that urge, anyway it started to drizzle and decided to fetch them in, and my piece of quartz was on the patio, about 2 feet away, how could this be? Any information on this would be "magic"

Many thanks guys

My Amethyst came off my chain
by: Anonymous

I wear an amethyst, a small cross & a small locket on a strong chain. On 2 occasions the amethyst has come off my chain, the other two items have remained in place. I have no explanation for this happening & decided not wear it as I don't want to lose it.

by: Anonymous

I was cleaning my kitchen when I saw a Carnalian crystal lying on the floor, I even asked my family members if it was theirs but they replied No. Then I washed it and kept it on my bed. Its very surprising for me and I'm happy 😊❤

Red Coral
by: Clarissa

I went to sleep with my red coral pendant on. The hole is small so I put it on a simple thread to wear as a necklace (Its been on a string for months and hasn't broken). Thats odd in my opinion but not the reason for the comment.

So I fell asleep with the necklace on and woke to find it in the middle of the bed with the string tied up and knotted around the coral. I cant imagine how it came off, the string isn't long enough for it to fall off and I have long thick hair that makes it even more unlikely for that to have happened naturally.

I know somethings up but not sure what.
I put it on because I was feeling negative and salty :/

Any thoughts?

Moving Rose Quartz
by: Anonymous

Slept with my Rose Quartz and woke up without it. About three days later it was sitting in the middle of the bathroom. I didn't know if it was just ready to be used again or if it wanted to be in the bathroom.

I left it in the bathroom and researched benefits of it being there. Took a bath together and have really been taking the time to put myself together in the mornings (as the Rose Quartz encourages self love). I will leave it in there if that's where it wants to be. But I really miss having it with me.

Tigers eye keeps coming off the chain
by: Anonymous

I just brought a small tigers eye stone. Since the day I purchased it, it continuously detaches from the chain. And there is no way it can come off without snapping the chain or breaking the link. So I am trying to figure out why. Three times I've woken up in the morning and it's been on the bed.

I go to inspected it to find out why and I saw that there is no way it can come off the chain without it snapping, so I'm baffled. And then one day as I was walking out of my room it came off and fell to the floor. Again the chain is still around my neck and link on the chain is not broken.

Crystal's and grandpas donuts
by: Jamie

My grandfather passed away on fathers day in June. In September I was gifted two Crystal's. Well before my grandfather passed he would wake up at 5am every Sunday morning.

I have a son now and we had decided to take him to the donut shop for the first time last Sunday. Later on that day after cleaning up leftover donuts and packaging up the good ones we continued on our shopping.

It is now late September and I decorated my coffee table for halloween with my Crystal's. Long story short I went for that crystal that night and couldn't find it. I had searched for hours my S.O. pulled out the trash and even dug through it for me.

I ended up getting the feeling to check the donuts. And the crystal ended up finding it's way into the donuts. In my belief I feel like my grandfather was with us the time we took our son to his first donut shop. What do you think?

First time for everything, I guess?
by: VenusBaby

Has anyone went to sleep with no crystal in their hand, to wake up in the middle of the night gripping one? This happened to me tonight. I woke up clinching a blue quartz that was near my pillow before I slept. I woke up feeling like a just dreamt something I can't remember and my fist was clinched.

I opened up my hand and there was my blue quartz egg.. Has ANYONE ever heard of such a thing? I am really looking for some feedback. lol! This has never happened before

Magickal Crystals!!
by: Anonymous

Today, as I was sitting at my desk, my Citrine crystal literally jumped out at me! I took it as a sign of upcoming prosperity and wealth, thanked it and put it in my bra with an Aventurine that was also sitting on my desk.

I purchased a beautiful Flourite about 8 months ago and it just completely disappeared off my night stand. I have looked EVERYWHERE and it is nowhere to be found. I hope that it found someone that needed it more than me.

I love the magickal powers of crystals!

by: Anonymous

I was recently on a trip to an area known for paranormal activity. I read crystals can clear negative energy so I brought 2 rose quartz, 2 agates found in CA and a quartz encrusted geode.

Not many of you mention the sound of the stones moving, but I heard them move. I didn't see them move. I went to bed and the room was quiet. I heard 2 sounds. The next day I moved the geode and the crystals and I knew for certain that was the noise I heard.

I feel a bit crazy saying so. Sorry.

That time I lost my Clear Quartz Necklace
by: Ashley

In 1998 I was in 8th grade. For about 9 months straight I wore a clear quartz necklace with a black rope. A silver cover connected the top of the crystal to the necklace eye. I remember just KNOWING I had built a connection with this necklace.

Much to my dismay, one day it was gone. I can't remember where I was when I realized it was missing. I do know about a week went by, when I was in my middle school cafeteria daydreaming about how I missed my necklace.

All of a sudden, mid day dream I spotted it UNDER the stage in the cafeteria. It was about 10 feet away and I bolted towards it. My best friend at the time and I were in complete shock that I was the one who ended up finding it. I am 35 and I still have that necklace in my jewelry box. Its special.

Crystals moving by themselves
by: Anonymous

I have actually had the same experience where I know for a fact that I put my crystal(s)in a particular place & looked up & it had moved on a flat surface.

Chrystal disappearing from under my pillow
by: Alex

I have just bought a chiasolite because I heard it helps with astral travel and lucid dreaming. So the same night I have put it under my pillow. I thought it's no way it can move out while I'm sleeping but I have put in the pillow cover to make sure. I was sleeping with my cat at my legs. Next day I woke up and the stone was missing from under my pillow. I used flash light to check under the bed and around.

Nowhere..My cat couldn't take it from under my pillow since I was laying on it and was in the pillow cover under the pillow in the middle of it. I took out the pillow from the cover, touched both, wasn't there.

I don't understand where it's gone. I even started to think that an extraterrestrial came into my room and took it lol

Movement while meditating
by: Anonymous

I was meditating while holding a moss agate in my right hand and a hematite in my left ,I I was really relaxed, sitting Indian style with both hands on knees with palms open and relaxed stones sitting middle of my palm.

Now I thought I noticed slight movement in my right hand, but didn't open my eyes to look, but then I noticed even more movement in my left hand I just had to look, I watched my hematite stone slowly turn up and until it was on its side sit there a few seconds and slowly fell the rest of the way over. What does this mean?

Similar thing happened to me
by: Anonymous

I had a bunch of small crystals that I was gonna put in a pouch but couldn't find it so I left them on my desk. When I woke up yesterday my rose quartz was under my pillow. So I had put it back on my desk, but then, today I put my jacket over a chair and it rolled out of my pocket. I don't know how or why this keeps happening.

So Confused
by: Anonymous

So a few months ago myself and my friends were on our way home from a festival and we were talking about really personal things that have happened throughout our life. Anyway a man came up to us and said he heard what we were saying and gave us a bag of crystals and said these will guide us.

I obviously was shocked but so grateful, so we were sorting out the crystals and he gave us 5 different crystals each. Anyway I forgotten where I put them and just then my partner said "what’s that" and the purple crystal out of the 5 was sitting right next to my ear.

Mind you I hadn’t seen them in a while and there’s no way it could of been there as I was in the bed all day. I got scared accusing him of putting it there but he really didn’t?? Any idea on what just happened?

Chakra stones disappeared
by: Anonymous

Today I noticed that my 7 chakra stones disappeared. I put them under my pillows. They were in the pouch and today I was changing my blankets and I didn't find the pouch anymore! Is that possible that the whole pouch disappears?

Large chunk of Quartz on matrix has hidden from me!
by: Anonymous

I have collected (& been working with) crystals since age 2 which is over 50 years now. We are broke for cash at the moment so I decided to sell some of my large collection o crystals on ebay. Last week I listed a large 1KG chunk of quartz & after listing I placed it with my other things I am selling. 5 days later I sold it for £20 & when I went to pack it up, it had VANISHED! & this is a big chunk of crystal!

I have absolutely turned my house up side down looking for it, & even the buyer kindly said he would wait for me to find it too! My only explanation is that it has hidden it's self, & I have still not found it. This afternoon I listed another quartz wand & just after I hit "list" it abruptly fell off the table next to me!

Thank you for this superb, inspiring thread, because I think I am going nuts at the moment, but I am not listing anymore for now.

Mysterious crystal
by: Anonymous

I was sitting on my living room floor just thinking and suddenly a very tiny black crystal or rock? fell directly in front of me. I have never seen it before and it’s not apart of my collection, so how did it end up here?

It was very odd, like it just fell from straight down? I don’t know if anyone has experience something similar or can explain this to me! I’m curious as to what it may mean or how this happened, or maybe I’m just losing it.

Rose Quartz Heart
by: Anonymous

I actually found your post on a search. I had my rose quartz heart move twice. I always keep it in a little box in my dresser. The first time, my daughter found it and I put it back in its box. The second time, it ended up in my slipper one morning. This time it shook me.

What the heck is going on with my little pink heart? I went to put it back in its box and I open the box to find another rose quartz heart. I am baffled. I only had that one heart. Now I have two.

It’s just me and my young daughter that live in our house. No one has come in and moved anything or brought anything in. At any rate, I take it as a good sign. It’s one of the most magical and sweet things I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Moving Crystals
by: Vernon

Last night, I had my crystal set next to my bed. It wasn't on my nightstand in the morning and I looked almost everywhere for it. It was actually at the foot of my bed and I was freaked out how it got there. So my answer would be yes.

Mysterious stone
by: Cat Lady

Today, while cat-sitting, I was sitting on the sofa and a milky white polished stone appeared between my thighs. It was as if it fell from the sky. Does anyone know what this means? Was it sent to me for a reason?

Wrapped and buried crystals disappeared
by: Kim

My 19 year old granddaughter had just purchased 2 crystals, she wrapped these two crystals in paper towels and taped to seal. She also did this with a crystal she could while gem mining as a little girl. She buried the three crystals in a approximately 3x6 inch hole and covered them up with pretty much dirt covering them in our flower garden. She went to dig them up and everything was gone except for two small pieces of paper towel. We are both perplexed! Any one else have this happen to them?

Crystals coming off leather and metal
by: Sandy

I went to sleep on my loveseat with a crystal on a silk cord tied around my neck. The crystal had a metal link on the top for metal or leather necklaces. It was a 3 piece crystal with 3 different stones. I woke up with the crystal on my chest and the silk cord still tied! The loop had not come unsoldered. There was no way it would physically have happened.

Then, several nights later, I had an antique crystal necklace that I had placed on my dresser. Woke up the next morning and the crystal was placed neatly beside the necklace. Checked the loop, no way could this have been done. That was in the 1990's.

Recently 2 crystals (one is several points and the other is a smaller one that I had wrapped in gold wire for a necklace. Both have since lost several points! What is going on? I am a very peaceful, loving person. It kind of scares me that this is happening again. Any answer is appreciated.

Disappearing and Appearing Crystals
by: Ayla

I have seen my crystals appearing and disappearing and I can not seem to find them anywhere.

Amethyst Angel Flying?
by: Deb

Ok, can someone tell me what it means when my pearl amethyst angel flys 1 metre off my shelf?

Yes crystals move!!
by: Nina

Once I'd been at my friends house, that friend has two crystals, and we put them in the living room. When we got to her room we saw one of the crystals on her desk!!! Then we went to the kitchen we saw the other Crystal in the fridge!!!

I’m pretty sure mine just did
by: Anonymous

So I googled "do crystals move" because I think my rose quartz was today. I placed it on my selenite moon (not bowl, flat) just for no reason today, something pulled me to it. And it fell off it once, but I thought it was because of the bass of the stereo that’s on the same unit. It happened again, stereo off this time. Maybe it was my footsteps over the course of the hour moving it slowly, but it brought me here so I’ll just leave this here too.

Rose quartz moving!
by: Jessie

I'm new to this and just purchased my first few crystals. A selenite wand, an amethyst, rose quartz and black tourmaline. I've had them charging on top of the wand today and twice my rose quartz has disappeared to under my bed and again on top of my bed. Could this be my spirit guide connecting with me?!

So my golden labradorite...
by: Anonymous

I'm very new to the world of crystals - merely a few weeks in - but I had to share this brief story about my golden labradorite.

This is a crystal I picked up in the local shop by instinct. Last week, I slept with it under my pillow for the first time. When I woke up, I rushed to gather my sheets for laundry and completely forgot that my little labradorite was in the pillow case!

Until...I opened the dryer and pulled all of the clothes out. I did one last check before I was about to close the door and guess who's perched right on this little ledge at the front of the dryer, cool as a cucumber??

I do not know how she managed to get on that ledge...and also not to be knocked off as I was pulling the clothes out. And if she'd stayed in my pillow case, I might not have found her again for weeks...!

Blue Tiger Eye flipped over
by: Anonymous

Last night,I went on a spiritual journey into another realm to defeat past enemies. I prayed and called for my ancestors my Orishas to guide and protect.

In setting my ritual I place my crystals in a certain position to align all energy and realms to one specifically the Blue tiger eye laying on the top of my bed by my crown was facing down at the start. After completing the mission and being completely aligned with myself I woke up to find the tiger eye had flipped over exposing the eye and symbolizing I am now one with myself!

I came online to find no information and needed to share my own experience. Now, let’s talk about how you know after things like this appear you start to think about all the other times you just thought you were tripping right? No no you are not, the spiritual world is in a war just like we see here on Earth. Align and become one with yourself.

We must all tune into ourselves and share the light share the true meaning of love and how we originally came on this Earth to save it we are only warriors of God we protect the earth! We are not another’s enemy! The dark is the enemy and these crystals bring people to the light charge and share them with the purest intentions. To be pure you must rid yourself of all your enemies....even yourself!

Moonstone Moved
by: Kay Trevaé

I was in my meditation room on the second floor of my home. I had a really bad day and prayed to the universe for aid. See, I’m extremely new to crystals. I purchased a beginners kit a while back that came with a selenite plate a while back and placed my moonstone in there, along with a few others.

So, as I was pouring my heart out and begging the universe to send help, I heard something hit the desk behind me. I looked and didn’t see anything out of the usual as the room was pretty dim. So I ignored it and continued to meditate in silence for a while. When I turned on the lights, I saw my moonstone was a few inches off of the selenite plate. There was no draft, and absolutely no way it could’ve been forcefully moved without my knowing.

It was strange. I’ve been meditating with it for a while now and have no idea of what I should expect.

My crystals travel
by: Anonymous

Ok... so I’m not normally a forgetful person or one to lose things. It’s very rare. In the case of things I use regularly/often, I have a place for them and I put them in the same vicinity, often the exact same spot (like, I have a key tree near my door and a coat rack that I put my coat and purse, so I never misplace any of them).

Well, for about two years I’ve been growing a small crystal collection. I have about 25 so far. Weird things were happening here and there surrounding crystals but I was willing to chalk it up to the eccentricities of the Universe. For the last several months, this strangeness has amped up and the frequency is uncanny to the point where I had to start Googling to see if others had similar experiences.

I like to wear my crystals. I put them in my pockets. I put them in my bra. I put them in my purse and car... I’m a bit intuitive and sometimes it strikes me, "Labradorite, you’re coming with me today." Or "Heart shaped smoky quartz, you’ll rest under my heart." Etc. They’ve really become increasingly like friends and sometimes they almost seem EAGER to get chosen for any particular morning.

Well, I had a blessed and charged oval of opal that I’ve become quite attached to. It was in my bra and supported me so well one day. Then when I got home for the night, I couldn’t find it. I shook all of my clothes out and couldn’t find it. I tore my house apart and couldn’t find it. I looked for it for weeks, even in my car and along the route I took the last time I wore it.

I gave up on finding it after a few months, convinced that I’d dropped it and lost it and purchased one off Amazon (which wasn’t correctly advertised and wasn’t what I wanted, but I couldn’t return it so I was pretty bummed out). My other crystals seemed to console me, but I was bummed out for probably 4-6 months.

One day, out of the blue, I’m walking past my couch and it’s right THERE on the floor, between the couch and coffee table. I’ve vacuumed under and around the couch and coffee table dozens of times since the opal disappeared. But yet here it was: strangely materialized in the middle of the floor! I was delighted! Shocked! So joyful! It was like reuniting with an old friend!

"Where did you get up to! You’ve been gone so long! But you came back! Please always come back! Please don’t leave forever while I still need you!" And do you know it’s disappeared for a few hours since, but never a whole day! And it will appear in another room from where I last saw it.

Soooo spooky at times because it appears in rooms I’d never even bring it into (like my bathroom or a closet). I live alone so I’ve no idea how it winds up in these places.

Or, another most uncanny example: my Labradorite oval I LOVE to sleep with, usually under my pillow or on my chest or in my hands. Well, about 3 weeks ago, IT disappeared! Seriously! It DISAPPEARED. I woke up and it was GONE! I often sleep on my couch and I was asleep on my couch 3 weeks ago. I tore my couch apart, tore the living room apart, moved the couch around, took off all the pillows... no dice. Logically I knew it HAD to be there, SOMEWHERE. It had nowhere to possible get "lost."

I was really unnerved that it had disappeared, so much so that I Googled "do crystals walk away?" And came here. Well, this morning, I sat on my couch to drink some coffee and felt something under me when I sat down. I stood up to look thinking maybe it was my phone. It was THE LABRODITE!!! I swear it just APPEARED on the couch! The same couch I had torn to pieces weeks ago. The same couch I was on yesterday and for the last 20 odd days that this gemstone was nowhere to be found! Suddenly, I’m sitting on it!! How!!!

I asked my Labradorite to not leave for so long and to always come back. We’ll see how it goes! Lol
Crystals are quite mysterious! It’s amazing how many others have had similar experiences!

Moving citrine
by: Anonymous

I do have a moving Citrine, in a matter of minutes/hours it rotates a little, I can guarantee that nobody is touching it, I used to think that maybe the sound vibration was moving it, but honestly its impossible, it's really interesting, I think I'm going to record it with a camera.

by: Anonymous

Whoever deals with hundreds of stones knows this well. This thing happened to me three times .. it did not move, but rather disappeared completely, although I kept it in its box .. That explains the misunderstanding about the reality of the energy of stones .. And the correct thing is that some of them are objects that feel, think and decide. Because I deal with a lot of raw crystals and stones, some of them cause me a gene to hold it between my fingers pain that lasts for a whole day or maybe three days.

moving crystals
by: Anonymous

Last night I was meditating with my chakra stones placed on my chakras and then I put them in a pouch to go to sleep. I woke up at 3:33 in the morning with my clear quartz in my hand and my red jasper on my night stand.

I just thought this was crazy because I wouldn’t sleep with it in my hand cause I am very cautious about my crystals and I swore that I put all of them back into their pouch.

My crystal necklace moves too!
by: Anonymous

I think that this crystal was one of the first ones that I had ever gotten. So I ended up buying a coil and ordering a black tourmaline arrow and putting it towards the bottom of the coil. its very pretty! But mine twists and turns, I've seen it literally pull like someone was pulling it and taking a look at it. Lately it has been jumping like crazy, its so cool. Hope to believe its my spirit guides.

Most definitely
by: Emnma

I thought exactly like you, trying to rule out any other logical reason. I have had a couple of crystals, 2 different sizes going walkabout for the past 17-18 years. I put them in a tall freestanding jewellery box, but every time they move.

I don't get them out, only put them in, it's a pattern. I have noticed that thing's stop working, such as lights, batteries in tv, mobile phone, everything, cooker, fridge all break when I'm in a bad place inside. The crystals move and hanging one's definitely feel my energy, they spin and pull!

Moving Crystal
by: sophia

Next to my bed side table I have all my crystals and smaller ones in a little pouch. One night I turned away from my crystals and heard a drop on the floor. I turned on the light to see a mini clear quartz that was in the pouch. I’m so curious how it managed to end up on the floor, when I swear I put every little crystal in the pouch.

Rose Quartz
by: Sophie

My friend gifted me a rose quartz and I carried it with me every day and put it on my bedside table while I slept. One day I woke up and it was just nowhere to be found. I turned my room upside down trying to find it but nothing. About a month later I walked into my room and it was just sitting in the middle of the floor. Very strange.

Rattling Crystals
by: Anonymous

Just tonight I was awakened by all of my crystals by my bed rattling. I've never experienced this but I'm taking it as a sign and doing some work. Keeping my eye open on what may be required of me.

by: Carina

I went to look at my crystals today and there is a new one. I’ve heard of disappearing crystals but never appearing. this has happened before with seeing a new clear quarts but I brushed it off as just me going crazy.

This one though looks nothing like any other crystal I have, is much smaller than my other crystals, and couldn’t have been a broken piece because I have nothing like it. It’s blueish green, a bit transparent, a rough/raw crystal (not tumbled), and I wouldn’t even say an inch long. Does anyone know what this means?

My amethyst has completely disappeared into thin air
by: Anonymous

I keep an amethyst on my bedside table and this morning I woke up and it’s completely disappeared! I don’t understand how this is possible or where it could be, no one has moved it and it’s only me and my mum in the house.

Freaking Out
by: Anonymous

I've been finding rocks that literally come out of the ground by themselves to a certain degree. It seems to happen only at night when there is a wired glow in the sky. I will see patterns or like trails on my security cameras that look different on the ground where this occurs sometimes. I can go on and on about strange things, all like this.

So I'm thinking it's meteorites that are being pulled by moon activity or something so I'm like yes getting paid the spot I gathered the most had at least 100. I grabbed like 50 no mind u they showed up outside my front yard where I had been no more than 6 hours prior and weren't there. So grabbed a bucket filled it up pulled out hands full and put them on my counter went and got more when I came in they formed trails and shapes.

They react to each other and different ones huge ones I believe are Stony iron meteorite and other stones I've never seen before after gathering all kinds big small hundreds I'm walking around my house and notice some move when I walk by them. And I can feel like a magnetic pull of my body by them very weird I did feel at for awhile a really like good feeling through my whole body so anyway it gets crazy.

My jade just flew off my bed
by: Anonymous

It’s 2:30 am and I’m doing homework and my spotted jade crystal for tranquility just flew off the bed. I wonder if it’s an entity trying to communicate? And crystals are easier objects for them to move? What could’ve thrown it?

The sound it made when it hit the ground made me jump. It’s a crystal for tranquility and just scared the sh*t out of me.

Do crystals move
by: Anonymous



Mine appear in different places all the time. I moved into my partners last year because of lockdown and half of my stuff is still at the other house.

Two weeks ago during a conversation with my partner in the spare room, I suddenly noticed my labradorite stone on the carpet in the middle of us. I didn’t even take it from the other house.

Today my chrysocolla cabochons turned up in his house in my hairdressing kit.

Last year before lockdown my clear quartz turned up in the pocket of my makeup kit.

They live in a drawer at my parents....

by: JaeDee

I've just recently been called towards crystals being interested in their healing properties beauty and honesty I have a huge amount reverence they are some of the oldest life forms. So today I'm sitting outside reading a book on crystals. I had all of my crystals outside with me. I went to the street to meet my father and on the ground was a green double pointed cloudy green crystal. I was shocked. Especially because of the things I had just been reading. What does it mean when a crystal finds you and I'm also not sure how to identify it.
Jae Dee

my crystals switched spots while I was sleeping...
by: Anonymous

I was sleeping with my two amethyst under my pillow and I woke up to find my smokey quarts and the other amethyst together under my pillow I was so confused.

I just had this happen
by: Anonymous

So I have a bloodstone pendant I hang off a key hook when I go to bed. I woke up to a weird noise and see it ticking back and forth like a clock almost, but it was a little off time. What does it mean?

Moving Crystals
by: Anonymous

So I usually wear my crystal around my neck on a necklace and this morning, I remember clearly leaving the necklace on my dresser and I left to go do my classes and when I had arrived I noticed my necklace was around my neck and I did not put it on when I left. I have no idea how it got there.

yes just had this happen!
by: Rose

I just had this happen right now and came here too see if anyone else had this happen. I normally keep all my crystals up on my shelf and sometimes carry them throughout the day but I hadn’t used my newest citrine crystal in a while.

So it stayed up on the shelf until I lifted a blanket up off the floor and there it was just right on the floor under it. I am absolutely sure this is real because I would have never put it on the floor!

I’m not crazy ig...
by: Anonymous

A few months ago, I decided to cleanse my crystal by leaving it on my window sill (since it was full moon). Before the sun rises up I got up to retrieve the crystal but I instead found it on my desk.

My chain fell from my neck
by: Anonymous

I had a silver chain around my neck with my crystal on and I was talking to a friend on the phone, when I put the phone down to her the chain gently fell from my neck. The chain was not damaged in anyway. Can this happen??

Tigers Eye Crystal Necklace Falling Off
by: Anonymous

I recently bought a tiger’s eye necklace. I knotted it tight on me because it had fallen off before. Now emphasis on that I knotted it TIGHT and every it has come off twice since I knotted it. Is this a sign not to wear it?

Quartz moving
by: Anonymous

I recently started wearing a quartz necklace and started to notice it moving on my neck it’s the strangest thing I’ve seen. Sometimes it seems to make little jumps. I thought I was loosing my mind so I filmed it with my phone. It seems to have a lot of energy.

Crystals moving in room
by: Anonymous

I recently added a few of my crystals into a bowl of pink Himalayan salt for cleansing, I was sitting on my bed on youtube and could hear the sound of the crystals shifting around for a few seconds, I had no fan on and there was no breeze coming through the window, I'm not really sure what it could be though, but it kept occurring every few minutes.

Bag of Stones
by: DEBBIE a.

A while ago I started keeping several crystals of various types in a small zipped satchel. The satchel/bag was the size of a coin purse. I was preparing to move to a new home and put the bag of stones in my backpack the evening before the moving date (June 9, 2021).

Once I moved I could not locate the bag. I thoroughly searched the backpack and all of my boxes and plastic totes from June 9th forward and they were no where to be found. Until late last night when I found them under the pillow on my bed. I've been at my new home 3 weeks yesterday and apparently they needed that time to feel out the apartment.

I was having a very restless night and was struggling to sleep when I found them. I relaxed immediately and slept the rest of the night. They were still there this morning so I poured them out into a selenite bowl I got 10 days ago and was cleansing the apartment. Hopefully they will still be there when I get home tonight.

Tigers Eye Keeps Moving?
by: Shauna

My tigers eye crystal has kept moving. I put it one place, loose it and find it in another. why? has anyone got an explanation for this?

Moldavite came off my chain by itself
by: Marnie

I have been wearing Moldavite earrings and ring plus a pendent on my neck for about 5 months. I paired my pendant with Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli. I just added the Lapis 4 days ago. In the last 4 days I have been receiving lots of premonitions which are World Events usually 6 hours before I hear of something happening.

Today my Moldavite came off my braided cord necklace. It was like it was struck and then went through the cord. The necklace I was still wearing still had the other 2 stones on it and the pendant clasp was perfect. There was no reason why it should have came off. The stone fell to the ground and now seems like it has a strike on it. Like it was zapped.

Also the other day I was doing laundry and the dryer was off and showed off and also displayed Open Door to gather the clothes but the dryer was still in cycle. It has never done this before. It was running when it should have been turned off.

Am I just in a different Frequency now or is there another reason for these strange happenings? Just curious if anyone would know. Thanks so kindly in advance.

Woke up with crystal underneath me
by: Megan

I’m not totally well-versed on crystals and get easily overwhelmed with new information so I started slow- chose a gratitude rock that felt right (clear quartz) and that’s been my go-to for months.

I’ve been having a tough time lately (as is expected during a spiritual awakening) and typically just keep my crystal on my bedside table.

This morning I woke up and it was UNDERNEATH my body- jabbing me as if it was very obviously trying to make it’s presence know. I am blown away. How does this happen?!

I'm not joking, this was confusing
by: Kate

I have a rose quartz and I put it in my pocket for going to the shops. When I returned from the shops, I found my rose quartz sitting on my desk.

I only have 1 so I couldn't have got it confused with any others. I know I didn't take it out so how did it get on my desk? Nothing or no one has been in my pockets and if they were, I don't understand how I didn't feel it since they're jeans. I just found it weird and confusing. I'm trying not to jump to conclusions but if I didn't move it, who or what did?

I tried a trick my friend tried showing me with crystals, basically you hold it flat on your hand and say some words and it's supposed to knock over. My friend does it by giving it some wind so it's easier. I tried doing it but without the wind. Not even half a minute later the crystal flew out of my hand right before my eyes. There was no breeze, no nothing. I didn't move or breathe on it.

So if I or the wind didn't do it, what did?

by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a 4 shelf glass case that holds all of
my crystals that I have collected within the past
year. I have it in the corner facing outward into
the tv room so the back corner tips of display are backed up against the 2 walls that make the corner.

We went to my sons football game then had ice cream and came home. Immediately when I walked into the room I noticed that the whole case is about 3-4 inches away from the corner and even turned slightly to the right! Crystals are still in case and for some reason the 3rd shelf seems a little empty or not placed right and the 1st shelf one of my spheres was turned because the sticker I have on it is showing on the side and I definitely had it on the bottom.

The case is too heavy to move w/rocks in and they would have fallen off of their stands. No signs of robbery or entry. Not sure if I should move it back? This just happened yesterday 8-8-2021. Geez and it was my birthday too. Last crystal I got was about a month ago.

I thought I was crazy
by: Anonymous

Basically as it was full moon I decided to collect some moon water, I also decided to recharge some crystals. Everything was good, I didn’t sleep at all because I just don’t sleep, but in the morning I went to go check on my crystals and moon water.

Two things had happened. The jars no longer had water in them and my amethyst was nowhere to be seen. Later on I found my amethyst in a plant pot in my actual house? I couldn’t believe my eyes, I also live by myself and no one can get to my balcony but me. It’s very obscure and I have no clue what it is?

Crystal is gone
by: Stephanie

Okay so last night I put my crystals outside and when I got up this morning my quartz crystal was gone. Like I can't find it anywhere. What does that mean, should I be worried? Hopefully it will show back up. I don't know...

by: Kat

I was browsing a new crystal store that I've never been in before. I walked toward the elastic stretch bracelets and a green moss agate fell down to my right hand. That was a huge sign.

My crystal did freaky stuff and I got scared cuz I'm new to crystals
by: Fae

Its not just me! Two days ago I purchased green aventurine for the specific use to help me spiritually. I also purchased some other crystals however I kept my green aventurine on my necklace and with me the rest of the day and yesterday too. Last night I was meditating in my bed and when I was done I reached over for my phone charger and found my crystal even though I had set it to charge in the moonlight! I woke my brother up and we both started freaking out! It was insane and creepy and I was so scared but thank God I'm not alone <3

My crystal moved on it’s own!
by: Anonymous

My crystals are laid down in a circle, I have been manifesting growth and positive change in my life recently, I walked into my room last night and a blue agate (which is ALWAYS in my circle of crystals) was sitting on top of my pillow. There is no possible explanation for it moving, has anyone experienced something like this?

Yes and it’s creepy
by: Anonymous

Me and my girlfriend recently bought amethyst angels and a pyramid. We keep them on the dresser, one day they disappeared and we found them under our pillows. Just last night we came in the bedroom and they were scattered on the floor so I picked them up and put them back. We had left to her sister’s house for a little while and when we came back the two angels were gone and when I woke up this morning to get dressed they were in my pockets, one in each pocket.

It's been happening
by: Stefani

For the past two weeks, my black term has been showing up at the foot of my bed. You see my altar is above that spot on the wall. I've been thinking the same stone keeps falling. "Falling" or 'this is not a coincidence anymore'.

The strange this is, this morning I made my bed. And nothing was on it! I just came home from work to find the black stone at the end of my bed. I know now something is going on. I googled my question and came across your testimony. This is crazy! I'm not sure what to make of this.

My rose quartz did the same thing!! help plz
by: NeaSean

Last night, Sep. 14th, I had my crystal in bed with me as I always do before going to sleep. I woke up this morning for school, got on the bus and was almost certain that had left her in my bed but I go into my backpack pouch for chapstick and I pull out Jazmin (my crystal)

I do not remember putting her there at all. I know it isn't a coincidence, and I know I didn't put her in there. Does anyone have any advice or any idea of how this could have happened. Is it my spirits? I need help I'm very intrigued and also pulled in by this! Thank you!!

What brought me here ! Haha
by: Anonymous

I had to look this up! I’m very spiritual but I’ve yet to get into crystals although I have been learning much about sacred geometry lately. That being said, I found a piece of rose quartz under my pillow today with no clue where it came from. I asked all my roommates if anyone’s been home. I make my bed every day. I just cleaned and changed the sheets two days ago. Ha!

Pendant on Necklace found in bed
by: Anonymous

Hi really puzzled bought peridot stone set in pendant to put on a necklace Sunday wear it all the time went to bed last night Wednesday 23rd next morning it's by my leg twisted round it hadn't untied and was quite hard to pull over my head? Partner said I never moved in the night can someone please explain?

Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have had crystals for a while now and I had never seen one move until last night, I have a large piece of Pink Agate and it was one of my first stones.

I put it in a bowel that I put all my stones in and went to sleep. Nothing weird happened until I woke up and found the Agate piece laying on my pillow next to my head.

The little pouch that I put my crystals in for school had fallen on the floor as well but it wasn’t touched by anyone because no one was in my room apart from me and I don’t sleep walk.

Jumping stones
by: Christine

I broke up with my boyfriend October 1st, but on the 15th and 16th I felt the crystals I was carrying " jump" in my pocket at work. Curious, what does that mean?

Mine Moved
by: Anonymous

I am a newbie to the power and energy of crystals. My sister and daughter collect crystals so I thought I would delve into it never being a believer but I thought what the heck.

I started by making moon water from the full harvest moon in September and cleansed my crystals in the moon water.

I had trouble sleeping so I placed my rose quartz and selenite under my pillow.. Both are calming and peaceful crystals. In the morning I reached under my pillow to retrieve the crystals. The selenite was where I put it the night before but the rose quartz was INSIDE my pillow case in the center of my pillow. I would understand it if I was restless and the rose quartz made its way out from under my pillow and fell off the bed but inside my pillow case? I get chills thinking about it.

This experience has turned me into a believer.

Found One
by: Anonymous

So this morning I went to get into my car to go to school, I don’t have any crystals but I have slight knowledge in them. Well, I crunk my car and moved a jug of water out of my passenger seat that I keep for hydration.

I then looked down and I found a rose quartz on my center console. I have multiple vehicles so I don’t always drive them and the last time I drove it was Sunday. Anyways I saw it, was spooked because my car stays locked and I turned it off and locked it back up. Needless to say, I drove another car to school. Can I get some background on why this would happen?

I resonate with Moving Crystals
by: Malisha

I keep finding my crystal on the floor in the same spot and every time after I pick it up and put it back in the same spot on my floating shelf.

My crystals just moved
by: Anonymous

Okay so I was meditating with my clear quartz, candle and water.

I placed each crystal in the palm of my hands
I noticed when I no longer felt the weight in my hands. I thought I was deeper in meditation and I felt light.

When I finished I opened my eyes and noticed my crystals were gone, but my hands were in the same position my palms were still up and fingers closed
So I felt around for them and they were together right in front of me I have no explanation

So I ran to do a google search on moving crystals and your comments. Thanks!!

Woke with carnelian in my hand
by: Anonymous

I sleep with crystals on the headboard of my bed. At around 6am I woke with my carnelian agate stone in my hand I have no idea how it even got there. It was so weird!

Selenite and Black Tourmaline Towers
by: Msfine57

Yes they do. I purchased a Selenite Tower and a Black Tourmaline Tower together and they arrived in the same shipping box together. I placed the Selenite Tower on the left, a Rose Quartz crystal in the middle, and the Black Tourmaline Tower on the right. A few hours later I walked pass them and the Rose Quartz was on the left and the Selenite and Black Tourmaline Towers were on the right leaning up against each other. Amazing!

Yes they move I had it happen to me!
by: Marissa

My tigers eye crystal was one of the ones I would bring out a lot. At one point it randomly disappeared. Seeing that all my crystals I had brought out with it was still accounted for. Around a month ago I got jars to organize my crystals and I sorted through them all and still no sight of it.

It was missing for around a few months and within that time I had done many deep cleanings of the bedroom where it would be. Still nothing at all. I was super confused. Just today, I had done a cleaning of my alter, fulling wiping it down and taking everything off then Reorganizing. No sight of it. Next to my alter I have a shelf with random figurines and other things I like, which I also did a deep clean. And set every single thing down looking at everything.

I started dusting all the figurines to put them back up when a piece of round colored glass i had set down on the chair, rolled off and fell underneath. I bent down to grab the glass, when right in front of me under the chair was my tigers eye. Reminding you I had already cleaned up the room multiple times. I believe it knew I was gonna be reaching down there. Its really crazy!

60 pound Amethyst "fell" off fireplace hearth
by: Megan

I've kept a huge (60 lb.) amethyst on my fireplace hearth for a few years. It was my mom's and she passed away 11 years ago. It is so heavy that it is difficult to move. It has been quite a centerpiece and conversation piece.

This morning, I took out the garbage and when I opened the door to re-enter my house, I heard a loud crash, but couldn't see what cause it. Then I saw the amethyst upside down on the floor, huge chunks were broken off and many smaller pieces. Though there were shards, there were also tips and chunks that broke off quite beautifully.

No one was inside the house except the cat, but even if he used it to leap on or off, he only weighs 8 lbs. Could he have knocked it over when I can move it? Did the crystal break apart so it can be separated and go to new people or places?

The main part is still big and beautiful. I feel like the crystal itself tipped off the edge. Thoughts? Anyone?

My Amethyst
by: Andrea

This just happened the day before yesterday. I have lost my amethyst I remember I had put it somewhere but couldn’t remember it’s been a few months since I’ve lost it. I have my favorite cardigan I rewear at least 3 times a week and doing laundry this week I found it! I was folding laundry and it was still in my cardigan pocket I found it to be weird because I never feel anything in the pockets.

Again I misplaced it. But I found it on my bathroom floor. I got it put it on the counter. I lay in bed last night to find it in bed with me! I get it put it in my pajama pants pocket. I got hot so I went to the bathroom took off my pants (forgetting about the crystal until I started falling asleep but was too lazy to get it). Went to bed. This morning I wake up I’m on a different side of the bed. I felt like I was lying on something…MY AMETHYST IS UNDER ME!!! Lol

I’m so shocked. Because I noticed crystals leave me and never come back but my amethyst came back and wanted it to be known.

by: Anonymous

I have a tourmaline pendant chain on a shoelace stystyle chain I have been wearing this for months. At the very start I experienced waking up to it across the room, neither chain or crystal broken. After some time it settled down and I have not had another incident of this moving by itself until this morning.

When I woke up to my chain and crystal placed neatly next to me on my bed but again chain was not broken I also have long hair and would have thought I would feel this happen. Can anyone explain?

Moving crystal
by: Anonymous

That is the reason I was checking to see if this was happening to anyone else. I have a chevron amethyst. I had it on my night stand, when I was making the bed I found it under my pillow beside me.

That jogged my memory. Some time previously, I found the same crystal in the middle of the bed, outside the covers and when I picked it up it was hot to the touch.

Quartz cluster jumped
by: Anonymous

Last night I was watching a YouTube video about Sacred Geometry when a small quartz cluster that was sitting on a speaker near my TV suddenly jumped off. And, no, the speaker wasn't vibrating - it was barely audible. If the speaker was vibrated enough to cause the crystal to move towards the edge earlier in the day, it would've just fallen off the side; however, it literally jumped from the speaker about 5 inches in front of the speaker and landed right side up. I was stunned and sat still on my couch for about an hour before placing it back on the speaker where it's been for the last several months.

Amethyst Point Moving
by: Lena

Well, I'm glad to see that other people had similar experiences. It's interesting that very few to no other website makes reference to crystals moving although they will tell you all of their attributes for specific crystals.

I recently purchased a Amethyst Point Tower. I cleared the crystal as soon as I arrived home and then place it on top of a selenite log for charging. Two days later, I was in my bedroom and got into an argument with a family member over the phone. All of a sudden, the Amethyst started rocking back and forth while it was lying down. I was nervous because I never heard or seen anything like this.

I made sure that I cleared the crystal again in addition to do a spiritual bath. Perhaps the crystal picked up on negative energy. It is so important that we regularly energetically cleanse our crystals, our homes and our body because energy of all sorts can get attached to us and it is formed with our thoughts.

I'm trying my best to be conscious of my thoughts. I will continue to research the science on crystals and their abilities to move since there is not much information on the internet.

Caught them moving on video
by: Penny

I’ve actually captured a white quartz moving in our office, I had bought some from a gorgeous crystal shop in Brighton.

Anyway, I took some into work for my staff and I had them on the in tray waiting for the girls to pick theirs.

Anyway, we have caught it happening 3 times over 48 hours. I have the videos here. I could not believe my eyes!

We watched one edge towards the edge over the course of 5 minutes then drop - it was a bit scary but it happened again when I was gone. The power of these beautiful crystals. Fascinating.

Moving Stones
by: Natural Healer

Yes, my stones move all by themselves. They also suck the impurities out of my body. I see the negative energy they purify out of my body. It is crazy but they move a lot!

So glad I found this thread!
by: Jen

I just started using crystals, and I have a circular fluorite with a hole in the middle, I wear it on a necklace.

Two nights running, I've woken to find it next to me in bed! I still have the necklace on, and there's no way for the crystal to come off without me taking off the necklace. It's so spooky!

Crystals moving on their own
by: Aayla

I noticed one turquoise gemstone that came out of my bag and I would always put it back in the gemstone bag. Well recently more have been coming out ( different gemstones such as Clear Quartz ) and the knot is still in the bag, but somehow they are still able to get out? And another thing, I wear a black with white cracks on it (I’m not sure what it’s called if you know plz let me know) crystal necklace and the chain keeps tying into knots? I tried to google it but something else comes up.. In my opinion, the crystal has energy and wants to be used so it shows you that it has power.

Moving crystal
by: Anonymous

Yes, on the day of the new moon I placed all of crystals in the window. I placed my white quartz in a standing position. The rest were lying down. In the morning the white quartz was in lying down position and other pieces of quartz were also moved. I asked everyone in the house if they have touched my quartz.

All of them said we didn’t know you have quartz in the window. I was then in shock!!! Planning to put my all my crystal again and going to take picture. I wanna say are guides and angels since I’m very playful with them and so are they.

Thank you for affirming my crystals moving is not in my head!!
by: Anonymous

This has happened to me for years. It happened today that a crystal that normally is with the rest of its family suddenly was in my kitchen. There's more to my story but I'm not really sure how old this post is! So will leave it at that for now. I found this by Googling Do Crystals Move?

The same thing happened to me tonight
by: Anonymous

I have two rose quartz crystals, and tonight I reached for them to put under my pillow- but couldn’t see them in my collection. At first I was happy because I thought they’d served me and that’s why I’d lost them. But when I lifted my pillows up to take the crystal that I put under there earlier this week out, both of my rose quartz crystals were there.

I’ve been spiralling for the past 15 minutes thinking that I was going crazy, but clearly someone/thing knew that I needed them and put them right where I wanted.

Yes my crystals move
by: Kelly

I have seven crystals now, bought one at a time depending on which one I was attracted to because I thought why not? They are pretty.

I put my crystals in my study/exercise room where I placed them one at a time. I have sunny Western exposure since I read they need to be charged. I am a neat freak so I line them up behind my laptop. They move and decide where they want to be. Its bizarre but true.

Help Please
by: Kaaren

Well I’m a beginner and a Christian so this is hard for me to say this.

My crystals have moved every night since my son gave me these soul cards which I burnt today. As I said I’m a Christian and this does not settle well with us. Lol.

Anyway yesterday morning I woke to my two bears that were at the back of the table halfway up it now. All the crystals were moved completely around. Then as this scared me a wee bit, I stayed awake all last night and when I looked at them they were all moved again into some lines.

I have photos and also have a security cam coming. I sleep on the couch which is only three feet away and never saw or heard anything.

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