Dowsing - Concerning The Energy Of Crystals.

by Andrew Riker
(Terre Haute, Indiana, USA)

I am a newborn when it comes to crystal metaphysics (only 3 days) I had no idea of the vast wealth of knowledge that was out there, besides my ignorance on the matter I have always had a passion for collecting such things through my childhood and adult life.

Now let me share with you a probably known fact that will substantiate the claim of crystal energy for those who already know about it, and help show others that, "hey there is something to it"! DOWSING RODS.

I have been in construction for years now with my father. He showed me a technique when I was a little boy that WILL find anything buried (DOWSING).

What seemed at first magical then turned to basic knowledge now, as we use it every time w/out fail for finding buried water, gas, electric and sewage lines and anything else you don't want to run into whilst digging.

This may already be known out there somewhere I am just to excited I have to share NOW. Just today AUG 12 2012 after reading countless pages on the matter of crystal metaphysics, for the past 3 days, that old technique popped into my brain, "Dowsing, could that work with crystals?"

I grabbed up some crystals and tossed them in the yard and yes I checked beforehand nothing was under the ground, and every time w/out fail my lines crossed over the crystals. I don't like making exaggerated claims, but I don't see how this can be exaggerated there is something to it, and if nothing more than a fun trick to do, I recommend it. If you don't know dowsing I'm sure you can find info on the web somewhere, you don't have to be psychic to do it.

Peace, Love and happy thoughts from me to you. DREW.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you Drew for posting your story - concerning the crystals - I found it very interesting.

by: Janice Suria

Thanks how Yuri Geller got his first millions from the oil companies flying his around on a copter dowsing for where the minerals were. They do this with many people but don't want to let people know. I'am still very curious what this Yuri guy is even doing today though.

The medical and oil company big guys truly do know the benefits of minerals to our health, and gem elixers are such a truly hidden subject because 50% of the people are like "you must be an expert, or You MUST always see the doctor first.....but we each get to decide for ourselves to use common sense, read and learn.

It's just really weird that even 50% of the people with crystal knowledge even do that, it's like why?? Why are they so scared?

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