Feeling like I can't control myself

by Christina Castro
(Waynesboro, Georgia, united States)

I have a citrine crystal. Every time I touch this crystal I feel like I'm getting weak, nauseated, dizzy, like I'm going to pass out.

I also have a tiger's eye stone that makes me feel like I'm warm and happy. Why does the citrine crystal make me feel like this?

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by: Milan

Some people react different when they work with powerful crystals, like Citrine is.

I would try to be more "grounded" while working with Citrine to avoid unpleasant sensations you have.

Grounding is really well covered at this site, so it won't be hard to find the way that suits you best.

Best wishes :)

You Should Cleanse Your Citrine
by: Liz Site Author

Hi Christina

I am wondering if maybe the Citrine you have is causing this issue because it has picked up too much negativity.

When buying new crystals, even if they come from a good source, I suggest always to cleanse them. If you buy your stones from a shop they may have been touched by other people who were looking at them, and left negativity in them.

Even stones sent in the mail may have picked up negative energy, as they may have been touched by various people on their way to you.

I suggest you cleanse any stone you are using regularly, even Citrine which is said not to need cleansing. I don't agree with this, and I cleanse my Citrine regularly.

There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and stones, and I have an article on this subject... so I suggest you might like to take a look at it...

Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals.

All the best

Many blessings


Citrine stone
by: Christina Castro

Even though my citrine stone makes me sick the more I carry it around the more of luck and money I'm getting.

I recently joined a beauty pageant and normally it takes a long time to gain so much money but since I've been holding the crystal in less than a day I'm three dollars away from my goal. I'm super happy :)

nice to find someone else with a similar problem
by: Sue

I've read that it means that the energy of the crystal and your own do not match. This may be true of this one individual crystal or the whole group. I found this answer when I was searching for information for myself as for as long as I've been working with crystals (near twenty years now) amethyst has given me a headache. I know how to properly cleanse and charge crystals, the ones in my care are kept safely in a grid pattern, are cleansed and charged each full moon (or whatever moon phase suits individual crystals) and are regularly washed if that's what's needed. Still amethyst gives me a headache :)(

I knew that it was the energy rather the stones because it happens with all of them, the darker the colour the worse the reaction. In fact my lovely new piece of auralite that I have been looking forward to has given me the nastiest migraine yet just yesterday. Sigh..

The only answer is to stop working with that stone in a personal way. I have amethyst clusters for charging other crystals, and I have all of one amethyst that I can use in my personal work, (strangely a very dark one but it is cut and polished whereas all my other working crystals are natural points) it does not affect me if it's in the environment, just if i try to wear it.

So perhaps see if other pieces of citrine have the same effect, if they do then just keep the stone in your environment (but not too close to you) because it IS beautiful and very effective but don't wear it. If you can find one you wear then problem solved. If the latter is the case I would be tempted to bury that citrine in the earth either permanently or for a time to see if that helps. Hope this reply is of use :)

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