Finding Balance

by Anonymous
(Phoenix AZ)

I have been studying crystals and stones for over 25 yrs now and favorites come in and out depending on what has been going on. I also like spiritual items from all world religions and years ago found Shiva Lingam stones from the sacred Narmada River in India.

I have had small ones in my possession for several years but never worked with them much. Until recently, I didn't know a whole lot about working with them. I knew they have been considered sacred items for 1000's of years. I knew they are cryptocrystalline quartz (electric vibration) and the markings are iron based (magnetic) which made them balanced energy--the earthly representation of yin/yang.

I have since found out that there are several huge huge ones erected upright in my home state. They started calling to me and now have immersed myself in the study of their different energies and how so many people are drawn to them when they hold them.

One friend says she can feels it change her brain. They are all so individual in look and have "personalities" and their energies are so loving and kind. I now feel compelled to help them find homes and feel like an adoption agent like I read some others who deal with them feel.

They are all helping to spread calm and balance to our world. They are also going to stop being harvested when a new dam goes online. They rock my world in a huge way as a tool for personal transformation, and now I am also using them to amplify my intentional energy prayers, specifically Dr. Emoto's call to heal the waters around Japan.

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