Getting into Crystals

by Anonymous
(United States)

I am currently a junior in high school. When I was 12 a medium told me I was psychic, up until that point I just thought I was sensitive to energies. As I have gotten older those abilities have gotten stronger. I think my major awakening happened from last fall until now. I never knew the technical term for sensing others energies until last fall when I discovered I was an empath.

I had lots of stress and negativity in my life last year as well. I have also always had anxiety which later turned into depression which is on and off. I first learned about the healing properties of quartz when I was watching "long island medium" and from the day I have always wanted a pendant.

That was a few years ago but I recently came across someone selling crystal pendants and so I bought a crystal quartz pendant for myself and my best friend. I also purchased a wand of selenite. I have worn the pendant everyday since mid-July. I love to wear it and feel comforted by its energy. However it likes to "take walks" when I take it off to shower.

I once lost it for two weeks even though I had known exactly where I left it. It was after someone said to focus on the energy and I got nothing. I had to take my hamper down stairs for laundry and boom there it is laid out in a perfect line. I have been wanting to get more crystals.

Lately "past three nights" I have been waking up very early and although I only checked the time once I think it was the same hour each night. Its so frustrating as I need to get enough sleep for school and because no matter what I do I cannot fall back asleep. Also the first two nights of this happening I had very unsettling dreams which when I awoke left me in a state of sadness/fear.

Ever since I got my crystal I have worn it and neglected to charge it. I now wonder if this is the reason for me waking up. Last night I charged it on my selenite and today the color is much better. I was amazed how last night it look yellow and today it is white and frosted.

I will see how I sleep tonight and I may try the selenite to get a good nights rest. Another thing I think I should mention is I have very strong connections to animals. I have been this way since I was a child.

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Nice Post
by: J.N.

Nice post! It can be very useful to some of us in the future.

It looks like you're going the right way with your future and abilities. If I lived near you, I'd help you figure things out... You have a hell of a selenite bar, by the way!

I suggest meditating, though. Meditation can help you be more in control of yourself and eventually help you understand things, too.

by: Anonymous

I was at a flea market in VT over the summer and I bought that selenite for 5$ he had even bigger ones too! I'm mad I didn't buy more, he had tons of raw crystals. It was a few weeks before my necklace starting moving and then the more research I did the more obsessed I got. I have been meditating some since I got my crystals.

I really want to meet my spirit guide. I have tried multiple meditations but I am only given small glimpses. I find when(what feels like) im going into a higher level of concioussness I start tinging all over but then my body twitches and it fizzes out.I have tried hard and I'm getting better but my spirit guide is not ready to reveal itself yet. Although that bums me out I know it will happen when I'm ready.

I added to my crystal collection with opalite, emerald, angelite which i love, black tourmaline, tourmilated quartz, and one other which I forget what its called but its orange and white. I just love my angelite, out of all the stones its always the first one I grab when I open the little pouch and it gives me such a serene and comforting feeling. I also had a very negative day on Saturday and I couldn't be near my crystals. Nothing happened it was just a blah day. They left sharp pains in my hand and I had to put them on the other side of my room.

Its strange because in the store two crystals in particular, a tan agate and blue chalcedony left parts of my hand sore so I specifically got crystals that I felt comfortable with. I found it strange that when What I thought would comfort me left me in pain.

Thank you for your comment, I'm so excited to continue working with crystals! I actually ordered 16 stones like the one in my necklace but there are all different kinds and I'm just so excited!

Quartz under your pillow
by: Anonymous

I brought a small bag of chakra stones one being rose quartz and put them under my pillow. I thought they would do their healing while I slept. I tried them for months only to have very disturbing dreams. I found out later that quartz has too much of a strong vibration for sleeping near.

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