Grandmothers Amethyst Necklace

by Sian
(Tasmania , Australia )

Hi all, my grandmother left me her amethyst bead necklace. When I used to try wearing it I never kept it on for long, as it did not feel right to me, even though I loved the way it looked and it was lovely and cool in summer. It suddenly occurred to me that I had never cleansed it since my grandmother had worn it. She was also very sick when she died and had some of her own grief in her life. After I cleansed it well it suddenly felt so different ! It was light and sparkly, fresh and new again.

I then began wearing it again. Even though I wore it often I never truly 'understood' or 'connected ' to the spirit of amethyst. I read the description of amethyst but never experienced it first hand. I have many other crystals and have felt their spirit straight away and understood them, but amethyst was a true mystery to me.

For over 5 years it was like this, and then one day 'Whamo' amethyst became alive and present in my whole being, and I felt her dimension. To me, she is St Mary, mother Mary. She is propriety and wisdom. She is sober and unmoved by lust or emotional attachments. The main point I wanted to share is that the connection will happen when you are ready for it, you can't rush it.

Thanks, Sian

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