Have you ever come across certain crystal stone(s) that make you feel sick?

by Elis

Hello, I have been advised by my families and friends that I should wear black tourmaline, since I am always a sensitive soul who picks up a lot of different kinds of energies and negative people.

Since I am a hearing impaired person I am able to sense things, more like my third eye is open. I want to share an experience that I have felt with Black Tourmaline and other colored Tourmaline and lithium crystals.

I don't know if some have ever experience getting sick such as headache, feeling like nausea or different kind of feelings. I will usually get a serious migraine after wearing it for a day and if I try to wear it for a week I am really sick.

Does this mean this crystal is too strong for me? Does it mean that this certain crystal doesn't resonate with my energies or what?

Any suggestion why I experience this? Hopefully someone can help me understand with this.

Thanks for reading. Blessings and have a nice day. Elis

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Ensure it is cleansed first
by: Swanand

Perhaps u need to cleanse the stone first by burying it in the soil. I think you need empowerment at your ajna chakra(third eye) to be able to go beyond your sensitivity around places and people.

Maybe you can give Lapis Lazuli a try or other stones that provide a shielding and at the same time empower your chakras like Nuumite, Labradorite or Tiger eyes.

I've got a question for you
by: Caleb

Usually this isn't the first thing to pop up in my mind in these situations, but I am curious.. Do you know what your astrological sign is? (not asking just because of birthstones.. there are other reasons..) Wishing you much love, peace, health and wealth! :D

Thanks Swanand!
by: Elis

Thanks Swanand, I've been working with Labradorite and that stone seems to help me along with Amethyst. Labradorite sure helps keeping my energies from being drained. Thanks for your suggestion about certain crystal ideas! Much Love and Blessings~

Some Ideas That May Help
by: Liz, Site Owner & Writer

Hi Elis I was interested to hear you say you react to... and I will quote you... Black Tourmaline and Color Tourmaline, Lithium crystal.

I am not sure what you mean by Color Tourmaline or Lithium crystal. I wonder if you mean the other colors of Tourmaline and Lithium Quartz. These are three quite diverse energies in these stones, so as there is nothing in common, I have to agree with Swanand and it does seem that they need cleansing.

So my first thought was that wherever you get your stones from they are not clean energetically. So the energy of anyone along the way could be in the stone. This includes so many possible people, from the seller to the postman who might have it on them during delivery. In a shop stones get touched, held for a while and put back, so always cleanse your new stones.

Also if you wear a stone day after day, without cleansing it, the crystal will help you by drawing out your negativity, and this will go into the stone.

So please rest it after every wear on top of a cluster of Amethyst, Smoky Quartz or Citrine, to help it to let go of any negativity. If you don't have those, use a bowl of natural rice and place them on top of that at night, as that can also help.

In regard to your symptoms, I suggest you checkout my article all about spiritual grounding: Are YOU Ungrounded? While its not usual for you to be ungrounded after using Black Tourmaline, if you have any of these symptoms, I also give you other ideas to help you to ground in this article.

Each of us are unique and we can react to various stones, so please try different grounding stones instead if you wish, there's a long list on the page.

I am surprised that the Black Tourmaline is making you sick, as it does not usually retain any negativity, but transmutes it. Just check its really Black Tourmaline. If you have a pendulum, use it to find out what could be causing your problem. If you don't know how to use a pendulum, check out this article with instructions on how to use a pendulum. Just remember when asking a question of the pendulum, make sure that you can answer with yes or no!

All the best Liz

Nauseous and ill
by: Kired

I know what your going through. I have black tourmaline. I blessed it and cleansed it but every time I hold it or have it on me I start to feel ill and nauseous.

I instantly feel better after I put it down. I have had friends slip it in my pocket without me knowing and I still get the same feelings. I will try some of these tips thanks everyone.

Nope, not the only one!
by: Wren

Alright, so when I was first understanding stones, being able to feel their energies and such, my partner have me a piece of black tourmaline, as would make sense for any aspiring crystal worker. Oh gods above I felt like I was going to be sick the moment it touched my hand. Now, for those who don't deal with this, it had nothing to do with any excess negativity in the stone (it had just been cleansed), I was not ungrounded, it wasn't negative energy stores in the crystal, it was just the surge of ENERGY!

Tourmaline, in any color, is VERY POWERFUL, as I'm sure all here are aware! For some people it is too much for our bodies to handle and it gives negative effects. There's nothing wrong with that, we just have to be a little more careful.

It's kind of like being very fair skinned at the beach. The sun is good and wonderful, we just need a little bit of protection. I haven't really touched tourmaline for a year (I've had this reaction to black as well as green tourmaline and don't wish to try any more as of now) nor do I plan on it until I feel more confident working with all my other stones.

So to answer your question, it's totally natural that tourmaline (black and colored) can make you feel unwell. It is a very very powerful stone that, for the energy sensitive, can cause problems! Fear not, though! There are other stones that can do tourmaline's job just as well, as stated above! I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful day!

Love, Wren

Shovel Quartz makes me ill
by: Dave

I have found this page in my search for why a raw Shovel Quartz stone makes me ill every time I wear it. It was a stone I was amazed with when I picked it up at a market stall a year ago and didn't have the asking $150 so I didn't buy it.

It never left my mind for a year and I talked about it in conversation many times. Then a year later at a music festival I discovered the exact same stone in the market stalls, even the stall owner was amazed it was still with him and he allowed me to wear it the last day and night of the festival and I could travel to Byron Bay to buy and collect later that week.

The day after I had worn it I became ill with total energy drain, headaches and sinus & chest cold for a week. When I was well enough to travel I went and bought the stone, first thing I did was swim in the ocean with it on to cleanse it and bond with it, the next day I was feeling ill again. I have kept it off, questioning if I have a sickness or is it the stone?

Last night I decided to wear it again, I connected with it, and slept with it on, and today I have been unable to get out of bed, totally drained again, headaches, unmotivated and my sinus and chest are in the early stages of blocked up again. It's become clear it's the crystal, but I am wanting answers. Anyone? Thank you

by: Anonymous

I think you need proper grounding before/while/after using this stone. Maybe, you need to work with other stones for the time being to empower your inner bodies and experiment with the shovel one very rarely...like andradite garnet.

The subtle bodies are not visible to our naked eyes and we don't see clearly what we lack and where we need empowerment and balance to really have a proper developement

It's something in me
by: Anonymous

Almost all stones feels like they're taking my energy down. I think it's something in me, not the crystals, but...

Sick from Black Tourmaline
by: LauraKatherine

Awesome I found this thread. I have known for many years I can't seem to handle wearing most black stones (Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian, and Onyx too, but not as bad).

However I was used in a magick sacrifice when I was 12 years old, and not let go by this dark cult until age 30. I'm now looking for protection from others magick. I need something very strong as these are some of the most powerful wizards/magicians from around the world.

I read clear quartz and black tourmaline worked well together but after wearing the beautiful tourmaline for only a few hours I was nauseous and sick to my stomach. As soon as I removed the tourmaline I started feeling better.

I should add that I've been heavily cursed by these people. Why I'm saying this is because I know I've been involved with very very dark energies for a long time. I want the Black Tourmaline for protection but I have a feeling it's because of what I was involved with that's making me feel sick when I wear it.

by: Wren

Hey Laura!! It's totally possible for the tourmaline and other black stones to do exactly what you're describing, they're awesome holders of negativity but if you can't handle them, they're sure to mess you up! So what do I recommend? Something to mess the negativity up instead!!

Try yellow topaz. I know it sounds a little strange, but there is logic, I assure you. Topaz can work as a disruptor of energy, think like a signal jammer for electricity. It doesn't collect negativity and stores it away, it destroys it before it gets to you! Try wearing a topaz necklace for a bit and see how that works ^^

Love and light, Wren

Sickness and stones
by: Jan

I used to get physically sick with moldavite. Someone advised me take zinc and it worked.

The only time that this has happened has been when I have sought out very high energy stones and zinc again helped. If I have had problems I reduce exposure.

These stones help us to raise our vibration but take it easy.

Too many crystals
by: Haley

I have too many strong crystals, I believe. I keep them together and cleanse them. I only carry one or two a day at a time. I take care of them. But I feel like I jumped on this bandwagon too soon and I have some that may be too strong right now, but I don't want to get rid of them!

Ensure You Cleanse Your Crystals
by: Nancy

Any crystals you buy needed to be cleansed and then bonded to your energy. I had a string of quartz and tourmaline that I purchased and make a pair of earrings from it.

Usually when I make the earrings I am cleansing and making them my own. I made them and wore them and within hours I was sick to my stomach. I took them off and placed them on my crystal altar and left them there for a week to release any other energies and make them my own. I wore them again and forget I had them on as the energies has changed to my energy.

Cleansing is important in anything you bring into your space. Energy is in everything so it picks up different vibrations from where ever it has been. using your intuition is important since you can tell if something is just not right and you need to move on.

Blessings to you

I know how you feel!
by: Vistal

I bought an agate slice necklace and I felt really weird and got an awful headache. As soon as I took it off I felt better.

I thought it was my herkimer diamond but I tried the agate again and I had the same symptoms. It is really odd because I cleanse all my stones on selenite everyday. Should I cleanse them with saltwater also?

I was starting to think I was going crazy.
by: Anonymous

I am happy to have found some confirmation that other people have experienced similar symptoms while handling crystals. But at the same time I am terribly sympathetic to you all.

I have been buying and selling stones for around 15 years now. An over this past year I have fallen ill several times and at first I blamed it on dehydration or food poisoning and heat exhaustion.

But around 6 months ago as weather began to get warmer and all the snow was melting away I started rock hounding in my area where I had found Quartz and other types of crystals and minerals. I found a really nice pocket of scepters.

At the end of the day I became very ill and I barely made it back to the house before I passed out. I luckily woke up hours later covered in mud with stones in all my pockets.

Feeling Weird
by: Paige

Hi! I bought 3 bracelets with the following crystals:

Black Tourmaline
Purple Agate

Black Tourmaline
Purple Agate

Pink Jade
Pink Agate

I feel lightheaded and dreamy. I feel like I'm walking in a cloud. Is this my imagination?

Got sick at a crystal shop
by: Anonymous

Hello all.

I am new to crystals, meditation, spirituality, etc. today I went to a beautiful crystal shop in San Francisco. I was there for about 5 minutes, checking out all the crystals and other goodies.

I poured myself a cup of water and immediately started experiencing a sharp stomach pain, followed by dizziness and nausea. I started sweating and my eyesight wasn't as clear. The stomach pain and dizziness went away the second I stepped outside.

It was the strangest experience, has this happened to anyone else? I just want to know if this is normal or not.

by: Anonymous

Tourmaline draws energy into it from holders and the atmosphere. It's like an onion drawing the toxins in from the air it is why magicians used it to protect them against other magicians/sages etc The nausea and ill feelings is your body fighting the effects of drainage.

Red Jasper made me feel suicidal and anxious
by: Help please

I've been told that I need to be grounded from trauma so I tried working with my first stone, red jasper. I placed the stone at the tail of my spine and at first I felt a great sense of strength, calmness, clarity with focusing among other sensations.

After an hour I started feeling fearful and suicidal and wanting to crawl out of my skin. The urgency to get out of my body was terrible. Now I'm terrified to go back to working with stones. Can you please advise?

strange experience with black tourmaline
by: Anonymous

I bought black tourmaline for protection. After wearing it, in few mins I started feeling heaviness in my heart and I felt I am losing consciousness and I felt I was draining.

Its really powerful stone. Is this the same experience every one gets or only me? If anyone can explain to me why this happened.

by: Anonymous

I bought mine a few days ago and had it near the rest of my stones. I have been feeling a really strong pull towards it, and finally allowed myself some time. I have some of the same symptoms. I feel nauseous, hazey and my body feels warm if it's touching the stone.

I am so glad I am not the only one!
by: Anonymous

Coming in contact with any stone makes me ill. I get nauseous and dizzy to the point that I feel like a drunk. I can't even step into a store that sells stones and crystals..I am not sure why and am still seeking an answer to this.

Stones and crystals - minerals
by: Swanand

Stones or crystals or quartz are minerals basically and there vibrations affect positively our bodies(etheric, mental, causal). To the physical body its like minerals fortifying it.. an excess of it can lead to certain illness.

Now the same thing is happening to the other layers of our being. I recommend for those who feel dizziness, to connect more with nature. Have a walk in some greeneries or have a swim in the sea.

Stones/quartz/crystals are meant for the well being of mankind provided we know how to tune ourself to their frequency.

Lastly, take it easy. Learn meditation first(cleanse the body -> bring it to health) and then experiment with them to have a boost.

Have strong reactions also
by: Anonymous

Hey there, I wish someone could tell me, too. Moldavite (sp) and dioptase both put my "hackles" up I can't wear moldavite at all and I just bought dioptase and immediately got so negative I could not understand it.

I love rocks of all kinds, don't have an answer for you, but go with your gut. We have instincts for a reason. If it doesn't feel right, get rid of it or pass it along. Not very helpful, but I empathize with u.

When u look at a rock, (and I don't care what the experts say) and it makes u happy, buy it. Happy life to u and yours🤗

Rutilated quartz and Pietersite
by: Anonymous

I combined Golden Rutilated Quartz and Pietersite in the same crystal pouch around my neck and within hours was crawling out of my skin! Especially in the solar plexus area, which is where both crystals resonate. Removing one solved the issue, but it was a very intense and almost overwhelming feeling!

by: Anonymous

Is this for real? I have a moldavite piece. At first I found the stones to neutral and I had no interest. I wanted to turn away from them, then found one I was attracted to. I wore it for the first time yesterday and immediately felt it needed balanced which I did by adding amethyst and and sugalite.

I got strangely sick though yesterday. So weak, metal taste in my mouth, liver pain, getting super hot, and thought it was a flu relapse. Today I put it on with labradorite and by 3:00 I was totally wiped out. It never occurred to me these things could make me sick until I read these posts.

At the same time, I was able to be absolutely present with my college students, and had a great conversation with a very difficult, argumentative, negative student I usually avoid interacting with. What is happening here?

Another answer
by: Matthew

I have had the same effect with Hematite...I always wondered if it was the grounding...some spirits do not belong to this realm and it is my belief therefore do not play by the same rules. If a stone makes you ill don't wear it it isn't what you need.

by: StoneLover

What is your sign? You should cleanse the stone in a similar medium. If you are a water sign, running water is best; if you are an earth sign, use rich soil; if you are a sun sign, use sunlight; and if you are an air sign; use exposure to air currents, preferably I high wind exposure area.

Black Tourmaline, Selenite, Hematite
by: Creel

I find that both selenite and black tourmaline "BUZZ." I deal with anxiety, PTSD, and hyper vigilance. They feel like they are demanding my attention all the time. I don't need that. For grounding, I find very dark smokey quartz or dark flint is soothing and soaks up negative energy and stress. Colorless, clear quartz works without buzzing, too. Hematite is feels like it is hiding something, dodgy, like a slick politician. I don't like it. It doesn't like me.

Feeling Warm Wearing Lepidolite
by: Anonymous

I hope you are well. I just read your article on Lepidolite which I found really beneficial. I just had a question. A few days back I wore a pink lepidolite bracelet. But as soon as I wore it I felt a feeling of heat/warmness run through my body all of a sudden.

I was a bit confused and to be honest a little scared too so I started reading about it where I found your article. Please guide me whether it is something normal or should I stop wearing it. Waiting for your kind reply. Thanks.



Rose Quartz and Amethyst
by: grace hana

I am feeling very hot in heart after wearing amethyst and rose quartz together. Is the stones too strong for me? I am kind of shocked after finding this article in internet.

sick from herkimer diamonds
by: simone

Hi, last summer I mined a bunch of Herkimer diamonds. Many of the imperfect and broken ones were still nice enough for my bf to put on display in his home, however we eventually deemed them tacky and opted to scatter them around the home.

I handled many many of these stones and got a headache that night, woke up in the morning with a huge headache and vomited. Laid splayed out on bathroom floor for most of morning-yes that kind of sick...It's 6pm now and I feel nearly all better, minor headache. Is this because of the stones?

Cleanse Your Cystals!
by: Liz Site Owner & Writer

Adapting to crystals can be difficult for some people, especially if they have absorbed negativity. It really valuable to make sure you cleanse your crystals. This has already been said further up this thread, so it might help to go back and re-read the information already here.

But if you haven't been cleansing your stones, make sure you do that, and you can read more here.

Secondly if you are surrounding yourself with stones, it can take some time to adapt to the energy. Herkimer Diamonds for instance have a high vibration, so this is common for high vibration stones to cause dizziness. Move them to another room and work with just one until you adapt.

As mentioned already also make sure you ground yourself! If they have made you ungrounded this may be the cause of your problems. There are a large number of grounding stones. I swear by Black Tourmaline but often use other stones, and while I read above that some people react to it, I feel this is uncommon.

Check out the list of grounding stones, and find one that suits you.

All the best Liz

by: Anonymous

Hi guys. Interesting read. At the moment sense I bought my Carnelian crystal and I hold on to it for the day or whatever I get frustrated, angry just feel really mad and get in a bad mood. I've cleansed it heaps of times.

Won't go near the stone for weeks etc tonight I thought maybe that's where I'm blocked and thought I'd hold it for awhile but I just ended up getting mad and put the stone back down. I feel fine now. Just really tired. Can anyone help? Please thanks xx

The inner being should be prepared well
by: Swanand

Yoga can help. Stones are vibrations and should not be taken for granted like quick fix pills. They won't work like that. They can give you a boost and it depends on how you are predisposed to attune yourself

Here's one reason
by: Jarrod

Putting something on your body that had a different vibration than your body can disturb your central nervous system alot. You just need to your body time to adjust. To do that wear the Crystal only nine minutes a day.

After forty days your body will then be accurately able to term you if that is for you or not. Some sensitive ppl just find the new and powerful energy too much for their body hence the headache and nausea, both signs of central nervous disturb disturbance. God bless you with radiant happiness

Red Jasper
by: Edo

Hi, I would like to know if red jasper can have this effect on people. I started using it for a couple of weeks and I can feel some benefits, but at the same time I can feel some problems. For example, headaches when I never suffer from them and problems with my stomach.

I don't know if it's casual or not, but I can see somo connection. Is it normal? Do I need the grounding meditation? It is quite strange, because in theory this stone doesn't hold bad energy.

Black tourmaline
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone. I believe crystals are here to help us all. Every crystal has a purpose, my advice is to research a little first and see what may suit your needs. I have a huge range of crystals and I too felt the above symptoms. Over time I have learned to attune to all my crystals. It is not always easy especially if you are not attuned to your higher self.

Black tourmaline has truly saved my life, as I have been exposed to a lot of negative energy my whole life. It truly is the best protection. If you feel unwell with tourmaline around your neck, keep a piece in your pocket in a pouch.

I find that tourmaline loves to be cleansed with water and sage. I have so many I even sleep with them and have the best sleep. I hope this helps.
Love & light

Crystal Effects..
by: Marco

I use to meditate frequently w Black Tourmaline never felt ill or anything of the sorts. I do prefer to have that stone spread around my home, for good vibes. For me, the best stones for grounding is Black Onyx and or Selenite.

When I meditate w Black Onyx it just kicks in, within minutes and one knows; "Wow"! Stones affect me differently. For example, if I carry a high vibration stone like Moldavite or a Herkimer, I start noticing negativity everywhere. And as one knows it only means "one is participating".

I will find myself at the right place, at the right time with crap situations... Nastiness everywhere! and it always feels like its ongoing!!! Sometimes my day can unfold like this if it is a combination of stones. (ANY KIND) Or maybe it takes 2 or 3 days for the stone to ramp up my light and then the crapola begins...

Amethyst makes me dream, but no side effects. The only stone I can "over use" and carry all the time without any ill effects is Green Aventurine and it truly keeps me above the fray. I read about Yellow Topaz, I might try that next.

Herkimer Diamond
by: Tara

I was searching the Internet for confirmation that others have become sick while around certain crystals. I have always collected crystals/fossils/minerals since I was a young child and never really had adverse reactions until I visited Herkimer to dig for Herkimer diamonds!!

I went this year in April and ended up with the worse respiratory infection I have ever had, and the all over body aches had me on bed rest for days. Then just this past weekend I went on another trip and came home with the same all over body aches, diarrhea and the worse headache ever. I don't think it's a coincidence!!

I am normally a very healthy person and only get sinus issues in the winter. So to be sick in the spring and the summer is crazy. Any suggestions??

Black Obsidian Headaches
by: Cara

I have had some extreme experiences with crystals lately: I wore Chrysoprase, and experienced some pretty full on detox symptoms; night fevers, floods of tears; nausea; headache. I persisted with wearing it, and after 4 days I felt amazing, and then I read Chrysoprase is the premier stone for detoxification.

Lately I started working with Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian. They are a very powerful combo, and I started to get headaches, I added Amethyst and it has really helped to soften the effects. Moldavite is one that makes me dizzy and feel as though I may pass out. Adding clear quartz helps to neutralize this effect.

I would highly recommend any type of quartz if experiencing symptoms from other crystals; they have an amazing healing effect, and speed symptoms on their way.

Amethyst Chevron crystal giving me a headache
by: Sarah

Hi, I got a Amethyst Chevron yesterday and ever since I got it, I have had a headache. The only reason why I got it was because a psychic told me I have my own psychic abilities as well. I thought if I got this crystal, that it would help my psychic abilities.

I know this crystal has to do with spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, healing, increases sensitivity, inner peace, meditation and balance. I know the chakra from the crystal is the third eye and crown. Could it possibly be helping me or is it something else? Thanks.

Go slowly with it
by: Jarrod

Even if a crystal has properties which are related to you its still a physical object giving energy that may not agree with your central nervous system.

Just wear it five minutes a day only for a week and let your body come to adjust to it and after some time you may find they're are no headaches and more of pleasant feelings. All the best to you.

Freaking out.
by: S.J


I just bought a big Black Tournaline in SF. Right after I was taking a tourist tour on Alcatraz. Since I have no idea on what this rock may do I decided today to play around with it. Watched a youtube video on healing with it and did the same thing. I did not know about cleansing and grounding at that point. What freaks me out is that I now constant feel the same feeling a was feeling inside one of the prison cells. It was so bad there that I could not stand more than a few seconds. What can I do?

Hoping for reply.


Put the black tourmaline outside on the yard
by: Swanand

Forget the black tourmaline for some days. Let it be with nature in the yard.

by: jaq

After reading about the properties of Moldavite I decided to buy a small piece. I kept it in my pocket for the first day to see what effect it would bring. Nothing..... until I went to bed.

I thought I was having a heart or panic attack my heart beat so fast. The next day I put it in with my other crystals and promptly forgot about it. A month or so later, I had a reiki treatment and I got the same symptoms. The healer said it could have been the Moldevite being erased from my energy field.

Shortly afterwards I met a gentleman crystal healer. We chatted about what had happened and he offered to attune me to the Moldavite. He asked me to hold Apophyllite and Rose quartz in one hand with the Moldavite in the other. He explained afterwards that the Moldavite's vibration was too fast and strong for me.

The Apophyllite was an even higher vibration which when added to the gentle energy of the Rose Quartz, neutralized the racing heart symptoms. It worked and I've never had any problems since.

Rose Quartz Headache
by: Eric

Let me be the 1st person(ha,ha)that's ever said this to you, that I don't believe in this new age crystal stuff. I am a practical, pragmatic person...However I am recalling that as a young boy, pubescent perhaps, I lived in a very large house. That is going to be more important as I go on.

My father was given a chess set of white and rose quartz pieces, good sizes maybe 4" tall. He placed them on a card table in his dressing room. Now this room was located easily 40' from the main stairs. (I have a picture but can not upload it here.) Nonetheless as I would come into view of this chess set the eastern light would come in through the window to my location, and there would be the most painful headache behind my eyes. If I looked away it would stop. I tested this several times, eventually I, by habit, would not look down that direction in the mornings.

But only the rose quartz pieces would have this effect and there was a smell too. Ozone. Now I had forgotten all about this. We sold the house 16 years ago and that was easily 45 years ago that I was a boy, maybe more years. But I wouldn't be mentioning it now, but I had the most disturbing occurrence.

I had an alarm technician working in my house a few months ago and I had to ask him to leave because something in his possession gave me those excruciating headaches whenever I looked at him. I literally had to crouch down with one hand on the floor so that I wouldn't fall down. I've had headaches but this was different. It throbbed and pulsated in a regular pattern, my vision was blurred and I had to sit down for few minutes after he left. And there was this smell of ozone for a while afterwards.

It felt mechanical, on purpose and consistent. Very disturbing. Never found out what that was, but I tell you if felt like a weapon. Me all rational and telling this sounds strange, but that's what happened. Any ideas?

Canelian causes me throat pain
by: Anonymous

Hello, I bought a few stones yesterday (rose quartz,carnelian, black obsidian, imperial jasper and orange calcite) I tried to cleanse them with running water, but as soon as I brought them home, I started feeling throat pain.

Today I took Carnelian with me, and I still feel this pain but a little less than yesterday. I wonder why?

Agate or haematite making me anxious
by: Anonymous

I've been collecting crystals for years, and had no effect that I've noticed, except for when I wear haematite, and feel palpitations. My son bought me a haematite angel for Xmas, I thought it would be ok as I wasn't wearing it, but since then I've been feeling the palpitations.

He removed the scary haematite 4 days ago but I still feel anxious. I also bought a purple agate tealight holder at the same time, so wondering if it's that that's making me feel so anxious and even depressed now.

Any ideas? Or am I going mad? Wibble.

Natural cure for physical ailments
by: Anonymous

I think if you feel something weird physically, you should pay attention. Either get rid of the stones..ditch them in a box and put aside or cleanse yourself..eat healthy, run in nature, walk barefoot, do yoga, bath with salt water...meditate.

by: Anonymous

I feel that black tourmaline is strong. You should wear only a little piece, and also don't wear during sleeping.

Why can't I pick up on the energy of a crystal or stone?
by: Candy

Hi my name is Candy. I'm wondering if you would by chance be able to tell me why I can't pick up the energy of any crystal or stone that I'm drawn to.

I've bought several but I don't feel anything, except for hematite. Other than that it gives me a migraine when its magnetized. I don't know if its because I'm hard of hearing or if there is another reason why I just can't connect with them?

Only so far
by: Marco

All crystals can only take you so far... If you are sensitive, you might feel an immediate response, then it fades (good or bad) then your body assimilates and adjusts. When it comes to grounding, I have tried them all. But nothing beats nutrition (think minerals) and a good nights sleep for grounding. Your body is well equipped for this task, on its own.

Trouble With Tourmaline
by: NithinMohan

It has an amazing grounding effect. It makes me calm, reduces anxity, enhances meditation and much more. But I also have trouble with it.

As I wear it on my heart chakra it is creating discomfort and pain in that area. The pain is spread all over the chest area. Then when I keep it on the stomach I feel heat and acidity kind of disturbance.

On sacral and base chakra It is making those parts cold like ice is kept on them. I need to find another stone for grounding I think.

Black Tourmaline
by: Anonymous

The Tourmaline could be pulling out any illnesses that was already repressed could be why you all are having these symptoms.

Amethyst is making me sick
by: William


I do not know anything about crystals, but this Jamaican girl who I thought was my friend cast a curse on me that brings these demons into my dreams every night. So I went to a shop today and bought some amethyst because I described it to the shop owner and he recommended it.

I put it around my neck and started feeling light-headed, dizzy, and nauseous immediately; it also got hard to breathe at one point and my eyesight was blurry. I even felt like it was burning me for a second. By time I made it home, which was a 10 minute drive, I had to take it off. My mother put it on an hour ago and seems fine. What is happening?

If you aren't broken..There's nothing to fix
by: Alexis Mana

The answer is simple and clearly not present in the comments. You are simply learning the hard way that you don't need them. Same happen to me..I noticed it happened in stages..But eventually I could not wear any stone or crystal at all. My love you are more powerful then you know. You yourself are crystalline and you must allow freedom and flow of your own power. It's safe to be without the assistance of crystals for in truth you are capable of assisting them.

Consider this...many of these crystals are holding on to energetic memories of earth history and before..human impact is probably the most dense of these memories. Many cruel things take place to collect these crystals...cruelest of them all is raping Gaia for selfish gain. The human race is vampiric or parasitic in its behavior.

So many ignorantly hold on to crystals to aid in healing when healing is something done from within not from without. In short what I'm saying is you are a beautiful being blooming in her divinity. You are on the right track and ahead of many. Embrace this. Blessed Be.

Crystals and symptoms
by: Anonymous

My flat mate told me that he was waking most mornings between 2-3am and hearing scratching noises in the ceiling. He asked if I had the same experience, which I hadn't.

It could have been rats or mice in the ceiling but I put a crystal grid underneath his bed, black tourmaline, red jasper, malachite, smokey quartz, carnelian, clear quartz crystals.. Can't remember if added any others.

I also traced the fleur de lis symbol on his walls and ceiling as a clearing symbol. The next morning he said that he heard no scratching but woke up at 4am with a very bad headache and felt off-colour/drained.

Tourmaline eyestalks powdered in adhesive tape
by: Debbie

A friend gave me an adhesive tape with powdered tourmaline crystals in it to help with some ailments. I put it on both wrists and took it off because it left blisters and rash on my skin. Which in turn has scarred my skin and one of the blisters itch.

Do you think this is caused because I am psychic? I do have abilities and also an empath. What is your assessment of this physical reaction?

Heart Palpitations From Labradorite
by: Justin

I received a pound of rough Labradorite in the mail last week. As soon as I started using it and every time since then, I've been having frequent heart palpitations. It's strange because I use many other crystals and have never had a problem like this before. I'm going to stop using these particular crystals for now.

Cursed crystal ?
by: Samie

So I've always been fascinated by crystals but I never actually took the time to hold them and actually tell my self to buy one but today I went to my usual crystal shop that I always browse around and decided hey let me see how I feel about getting a crystal.

As I picked up some I felt different but good and I'm just like I need this one and even held a stone for a while that made me feel like it understood me. And then I had a crystal that made me feel things in my heart that I never knew I could express and I said I have to have this one but I moved on cause.

Everything was just so new to me I was drawn to this crystal but I started to think about money and what would I do with it I didn't want it to end up in the bottom of my purse I wanted to take care of it but I knew I wasn't in a place where I could so I kept looking and happen to come by a Tourmalinated Quartz and I was interested so I picked it up and as soon as I touched it.

I said out loud what the hell is this !! The energy was just so negative! I didn't feel sick I think my symptoms was more with how I felt. I felt disgusted this one made me see the negativity not absorb it and not the negative that surrounds me but almost like the negativity it like it was cursed.

Some made me feel sick too
by: Anonymous

Yep, I'm an empath and while these work really well for some the darker stones have quite the effect on my body. I go for the lighter more gentle ones now. Have you tried citrine? Rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone are just a few I've had positive results with.

Third eye chakra
by: HCH

I feel I am very sensitive to crystal energies. If I walk into a room full of crystals I will feel a pressure on my third eye chakra.

Today I tried wearing tigers eye as an necklace today, as soon as I placed it on my chest if felt really heavy, within few minutes I had an intense pressure on my third eye chakra, my head felt super clouded I couldn't think straight and a little lightheaded.

Wondering if these means some crystals are too strong for me?

Yes, some stones make me ill
by: Anonymous

If your stone is clean, I think it is a matter of sensitivity. It is just you feeling how your energy interact with that of other stones.

When I first started with stones, my chakras were deeply unbalanced and i was very ungrounded. My 1st stone a black tourmaline was really too strong too me, just holding it a brief moment gave me a bad headache.

Later after doing reiki and being more grounded i was able to hold my tourmaline a little longer.
After much experimentation, i discovered that i could wear my tourmaline all day provided i also wear rose quartz and lapis lazuli. I feel that these 2 stones balance the energy of the tourmaline.

I feel perfectly fine with this combination.
There are other stones that make me feel sick at different level: With Tiger eye I feel as a perfect armor but has a too heavy energy. I feel exhausted dragging it around.

Turquoise is protective and make you confident, but too strong for me. Malachite also too strong. But I use it a few minutes to relieve pain and inflammation. Works wonders.

Red jade and red agate give me headache. Amethyst and citrine, no strong reactions but I just feel that they are not for me.

To sum up, try to balance your chakras, ground yourself and find the stone compatible with your energy.

Gave me chest pain
by: Steven

Hi. My friend made me buy some crystals to calm and give me confidence . Don't ask me which I have no idea but they're white and one dark blue one. Whenever I wear them I get dull aches under my breast bone and it's annoying so I gave up and stopped wearing them.

I'm not going to try and cleanse and give them another go I just want to know if anyone had similar symptoms?

Temporary fatigue
by: Anonymous

I also felt tired the first time I wore my black tourmaline but I kept wearing it and dont feel tired anymore now. One thing I recognized is that I can't feel sad while wearing it I can feel love or happiness but not sad.

Crystal bringing on pain?
by: Rhonda

Okay so I bought a bracelet with some pretty beads and on it has a dangling Crystal which I don't know anything about rocks or crystals or anything like that I bought it strictly cuz it was pretty anyways so I'm cooking last night and I noticed these electrical impulses jabbing me in the back.

I remember hearing that crystals can have power or healing agents I just remember hearing something about it so I take it off and immediately the pain goes away so I think that's kind of just maybe in my mind so I put it on the next day and again now I'm having these jabbing electrical pains.

Any explanation? Is this in my head or can this be caused by the crystal I'm wearing? I'd love to get some information about crystals.

by: Diana

I have many crystals for years and I love them all. Also very high vibrational ones such as Moldavite and Kyanite. I have no probem with them. I even sleep with them by my bedside and wear them too. But lately I can't even think about my Malachite. I get a feeling of disgust and I cannot understand why. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this.

Black tourmaline message me feel heavy headed and dizzy behind my eyes
by: Jess

As a new user of crystals, but aware of its properties, I just stared to wear a black tourmaline bracelet that was given to me. Immediately I felt like I was heavy headed with dizziness behind the eyes, so I took it off, and could feel the difference straight away.

I couldn't believe it! As I read that I could wear this stone due to being a Capricorn, I thought it might help. But I might see if this helps my libran fiance instead.

Quartz Crystal Illness
by: SilkysMoon

I was on my first Crystal digging trip and having settled into my room for the night, in anticipation of the dig the next day I became violently ill. I experienced a sudden onset of excruciating stomach pain so severe that before the night was over I was begging to die.

This pain was in my stomach only, not my gut. Extreme nausea and vomiting. My companions kept insisting that I go to the ER but I just knew if they tried to move me I would die!

Around five in the morning I finally dozed off. When I woke up around nine, I had no pain!

After a light breakfast it was off to the crystal mines for the day. We were there for three days and I did not become ill again. I went back there on two other trips and no illness. What happened to me?

Cuprite Flashes
by: Aine

Never felt such a strong reaction to a crystal before. I picked up a Cuprite crystal at my favorite gem dealer's. Within a minute I was having the most intense hot flash ever.

I kept the stone with me for over 10 minutes and the flash never stopped. As soon as I put the stone back, the insane hot flash stopped. I told the dealer it was menopausal kryptonite!

by: Cora

I was obsessed with bloodstone years ago for a while. I got outbid on a gorgeous wand and mourned it for weeks. Till I finally got some stones. Needed to detox (candida, impaired liver etc..) I laid them on my belly and OMG! It drained the life out of me! Exhausted. I took them off problem went away. I tried another treatment session: same thing. I put them away, they're in storage now. Pity, I do love a certain kind of bloodstone. It might have been drawing out toxins and I may have put too many on me. I don't know. It was back when I was new at crystals. Definitely feel the energy.

I read a few posts: never had anything happen with black tourmaline! In fact, I never leave home without one in my pocket. And, I believe, black tourmaline, unlike other black stones which are absorbent, simply deflects the dark energies back to people/environment where it came from. I'm sure you've tried rinsing it well? (It said to never need cleaning but it might have come from nefarious source, as did another crystal. Once I rinsed it in cold water and wiped its programming, I was ok wearing it, problem never recurred). Good luck to everyone! Cora :)

I have had effects with a few crystals
by: Anonymous

Green Aventurine gives me heart palpitations or makes me jump up while I'm sleeping, like a surge of adrenaline feeling, I can't explain it but on 2 occasions I've bought and then got rid of it a few weeks later.

Obsidian worn too much makes me feel slightly depressed and down.

Pyrite I hate, gives me an an angry feeling.

Amethyst is lovely but my current raw piece I own makes me feel a bit spacey and blocked ears if I carry it on me too long.

I think nearly most crystals for myself have a strong effect if not used in moderation.

Lastly blue agate. I had to find a bin and throw it away. I bought it as my daughter gets hyper at night and thought it would be calming, but it made me feel woozy and spacey, unable to think, (I am a fast thinker so maybe its that it being the opposite) made me feel weird.

Also felt very strange when I put it under my pillow that night. I tested with and without and eventually I wrapped it up in paper, then a bag then threw it away.

But I always carry on me raw black tourmaline 2 pieces and never had any side effects.

I think my crystals made me sick
by: Anonymous

I recently ordered 2 bracelets online...an aquamarine and a Smokey quartz. I know you’re supposed to cleanse the crystals before use but since they came in yesterday and my white sage won’t be here until Friday, I figured I’d wear them until then.

I had the worst sleep of my life. Couldn’t fall asleep until 4am, had very weird dreams, and when I woke up, I had the chills, a fever and body aches. Do you think this has to do with me not cleansing the stones before wearing them?

Black Obsidian
by: Anonymous

After 1 hour wearing it for the first time, I felt my heart racing and it was uncomfortable. The energy became much stronger when I held it along with rose quartz.

So I thought that maybe I had a blockage in my heart chakra. Because black obsidian can cleanse the chakras, I slowly swept it through the chakras from my head down. After the third swipe, I felt so much better.

And also I could feel a happy energy from it whenever I cleansed it with running water.

Now i can wear it and just feel ok. So I think people should wear it for short time only then cleanse it, then wear it again for a short time. After you feel ok, then cleanse it again, and repeat.

Stones that have made me sick
by: Roberta

I have tried wearing black tourmaline and even sodalite stone and have gotten very nauseous from wearing them also I have trouble wearing smokey quartz and black onyx.

Is there anything I could do about this? I have cleansed these stones and still get sick from wearing them.

Feel sick wearing turquoise & obsidian
by: Anonymous

I recently bought some turquoise and made a cartilage earring with some sterling silver. I was wearing it for 3 days but I kept getting headaches. I was on a food cleanse so I didn’t think much of it but I suspected the turquoise.

I wear rainbow moonstone everyday so I knew it wasn’t that. The fourth day I took out the earring & stopped using my phone because I thought that was contributing to the headaches. Headaches stopped. I started back using my phone & no headaches.

I put the earring back in today & I've been feeling so sick. Headache started back & bean feeling nauseous & weak. Took the earring out & within 30mins I began to feel so much better. Obsidian also affects me similarly but not as bad. This turquoise made me feel so sick.

I’m a cusp sign Aries-Taurus so idk if that has something to do with it or my closed root chakra😪 or maybe the stones are man made & handled poorly? Not sure but def not wearing either again.

same response
by: Malisa, VA

I have the same issue with Larimar. I was in a crystal shop and what up to their Larimar case and immediately started to feel nausious n head ache.
Itd be nice to know why.

Very strong Vibration
by: Azhar

Positive: When I started and my chakras were aligned. When earing black tourmaline I felt a rush of energy flowing upward. Positive energy booster. Felt blissful and very inward less grounded to physical body. Power to manifest increased.

Negative: Other time I felt a strong headache on touching black tourmaline, or even if it is kept at a distance. Now can't take it anymore too strong. Feels like it sucks all my energy not only negative but positive also.

Usage depends on where you stand energetically.

the same thing happens with me wearing moonstone
by: Anonymous

Hi there, can anybody suggest me what should I do? whenever I wear my moonstone bracelet I start feeling very heavy and nauseous.. I don't know why.. what is the cure for it.. It used to be very helpful initially but then it started to give me bad vibrations..

Reactions from wearing stones
by: Teri

I have been carrying Rhodochrosite (a love stone, so no problems) in my bra over my heart. I recently added a blessed, regularly cleansed Fire Agate and Labradorite, and man, did I start itching and burning. When I reach inside, it appears to be the Labradorite that is causing the reaction. It has left a mild red mark on my breast.

Maybe I'm being too naive, but I was thinking that this is an indication of the power of the stone and how well it is working for me. I've kept going because I need what I feel it is giving me. Could this be right?

Tourmaline sucking all energy and how to balance
by: Anonymous

I read the comment about the tourmaline sucking negative energy and also positive. Just a thought but what you perceive as positive, evaluate if it is pure light energy. Sometimes our learned perceptions and feelings about something are based on what we know.

The tourmaline can be clearing something. Also my thoughts on pain is that it has something to do with it being difficult to adjust loss/the deficit of losing energy even if it’s negative.

Make sure you have some crystal programmed to replace/replenish the energy lost with positive energy and maybe a crystal for healing from the drainage and detoxifying. I’d think this is a positive thing, detox, but most people are built pretty strong in their minds and energy to propel what they are used to and so it can live on!

When the negative energy drains your body can panic and think something is wrong than what’s normal. Even if it’s not good, that is only natural, so another crystal to set some positive new intentions, and restore energy to create balance.

Rest is one way, but a resorting energy or vitalizing crystal to help, also a protective one against your own body and minds potential freak out or painful reaction to being cleansed!

tourmalinized quartz
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have read a lot of your comments, and experiences. Here is my contribution to it. I started wearing a black tourmaline and quartz stone in my pocket, after many weeks of being in a very bad spot with my family in law.

I was not at easy at all, and this stone helped me to stay focused and grounded. I stopped feeling mood swings, and I started to focus more on my goals. In a matter of weeks I felt really good.

This has been many years ago. As of today I wear two bracelets of tourmalinated quartz beads in both of my wrists. I have never felt better.

Try to go in baby steps, allow your body energies to adapt and cleanse. Walk in your yard or beach barefoot at least once a week, and you'll be fine. Blessings to all.

by: Anonymous

After my 4th reiki session, and being told the same thing by 4 different reiki masters... my root chakra is very out of balance and NEED more grounding! Black tourmaline was highly suggested and I bought some to place next to my bed. It was the WORST sleep of my life. I was laid awake for hours, charged and energized.

The odd thing is the lack of internal conversation I usually have if I can't sleep. I literally laid there. On the other hand, my boyfriend thrashed and babbled the entire night in his sleep. I've never experience such a strong reaction to a crystal before...

Uncleansable Crystal ??
by: Jasmine

Hello everyone, I am new to the crystal scene and learning about them . I am not new to chakras, spirituality etc.

I went to a crystal shop in search of a rose quartz to help find love. I also purchased a pyrite to help attract money . I cleansed them with sage and held my stone and set my intentions.

Here’s what happened: the rose quartz instantly brought me a guy who was so intense that it became stalkerish.

The pyrite rock, which I used for money , was stored in my purse or kept on me at all times while at work ( bartending ).

Recently the pyrite has stopped working and the rose quartz went straight back to get cleansed.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but nothing is fixing

My pyrite. The rose quartz cleanse seemed to work as my stalker left me alone immediately .

Is it possible my pyrite is cursed? , every since I cleansed it I have been losing money .

I've tried sage . Salt water ( even though those rocks are not good for salt water ), sunlight , moonlight, holy water, I don’t know what else to do ???

Should I just bury it in the ground or throw it into the river? Is it possible pyrite doesn’t work with my energy?

Thanks for taking the time to read

my thoughts on this
by: Angel

Hello, I am not a professional when it comes to crystals, but my thoughts are if black tourmaline is making you feel sick when you are wearing, it's is pulling so much negativity off you at once it's almost as if you are going through detox.

On the flip side, it could be the negative energy trying to force you to stop wearing the black tourmaline so it can attack you. I have a very similar situation when I wear any holy metals. I put them on a necklace and a little bit later I start to feel warm around my neck, then as if it's' too tight around my neck when it isn't, my heart starts to beat fast as well, finally I gave in and took it off and I started to feel better.

I sprinkle holy water on the medals and I say prayers and I put it back on. I still do take it off if it gets too much, but I always put it back on. If I were you I would do the same with the black tourmaline, use it in small doses and build up to keeping it on longer and longer each time.

Also make sure to cleanse it often since it seems to be pulling off so much negative energy. I find after cleansing, to sit with the stone, give thanks to Almighty God for the gift of this healing crystal and use it in His name the Creator of heaven and earth. Blessings to you.

crystals are very powerful
by: Angel

I suggest buying a crystal from a crystal store. Don't just go on the internet and look for what to do buy, I have done that and when I receive the crystal, I try wearing it and just don't like it or how it looks.

Go to a place that sells crystals and buy what you like, meaning buying which you find pretty or are drawn too. Hold the crystal, see if you get a nice feeling, you will know, trust your instincts, the crystal should make you feel like you must have it, that you love looking at it.

I was told to get Lepidolite for depression, anxiety so I didn't even though I don't care for how it looks, it doesn't help me and makes me feel sad. Stones that I love the look of are carnelian either orange or red makes me feel happy inside. If you can't find a crystal store near you, look at crystals online and see what jumps out at you, or a crystal that's color/pattern you love.

This is what I find works best for me. Also you must cleanse and clear your crystal for any and all energy it has picked up along the way, I find cold running water works well or leave it in the sun or bury in the earth, but a stick or something to remember where you put it. Blessings!

For those that got bad effects, try walking outside barefoot if you can and/or put your hands in the grass and tell mother earth to remove all the bad energy from your or put your hands on a tree and do that same. Google how to ground yourself. Also always pray and ask God to protect you.

My unpleasant experience with Black Tourmaline
by: Anonymous

I read a lot that black tourmaline sucks all the negativity from and around you as well as it puts a electromagnetic layer to protect you from negative energies or lower vibrations.

Reading all this I buy a very good piece of Black tourmaline around 2.5 inches long and wear in my neck. My first experience is I lost my very active positive energy in my sacral chakra which I usually feel very intense and I feel good about it (I wore Black Tourmaline over my sacral chakra).

Next day evening, I got a head injury with an Iron gate. and after the very next day, I met a road accident. Then I don't know why but I put my Black Tourmaline pendant over my heart chakra and with 40 min I got a lot of heaviness and pain in my chest area. I realized it could be because of this stone and I removed it from my neck and now I feel comfortable.

I am in general very spiritual person and I always feel good and bad energies. whenever I go to temple (I am Hindu and live in India) I feel very intense positive energy of Goddess and I feel very good. Can anybody who have real depth knowledge of crystals can explain why black tourmaline is doing this to me.

Black stones blocking everything
by: Anonymous

I can't wear or hold any black stones. Onyx, obsidian, jet, etc. Everytime I would try, it felt like I had been put in a glass bubble. I felt numb. I couldn't feel any of the energy around me even though I knew it was there. I stay away from all black stones now.

How to use black tourmaline - why some people have bad reactions
by: David

So many people here have posted about black tourmaline making them feel sick. To be clear if you use the stone on it's own .... That's normal and to be expected. I never recommend using black tourmaline (or any similar heavy grounding stone) alone. It is a receptive/absorbing stone and should always be used in combination with a high vibrational energizing stone. The best pairing being clear quartz. They are perfect as a 1-2 punch for keeping your field clear and I will explain why below.

Clear Quartz - This is the base level crystal every person who works with crystals should start with. A common metaphor used for spiritual energy is that it is like water. It's why Christian's use water for baptism. To symbolize entering into the spirit of god.

Clear quartz generates more "water". More spiritual energy to work with. This can be used firstly to bring more energy into your own field - but - also to charge and amplify the energy of other crystals. Thus it is the base level crystal I believe everyone should start with. Its required you understand this crystal in order to effectively use others.

Black Tourmaline on the other hand is a very different crystal. If the metaphor for Clear quartz is water then Black Tourmaline is like a sponge. If your trying to clean something .... just washing clean water over something on its own isn't going to cut it and a dry sponge also isn't going to work very well. You need both.

Clean water and the sponge to absorb and soak up the excess dirt and particles the water frees up. This is Black Tourmalines role. It is a grounding stone. As the black color suggests, it draws in and absorbs spiritual energy much like a black hole. Primarily "heavier", denser lower vibrational negative energies are gathered first, but it also just absorbs any spiritual energy in general.

It is used to ground excess spiritual energy - bringing you back into your body when we perhaps have too much going on energetically. It is also used to draw off negative energy from your field\aura making it a common protection stone. Because of its absorbing nature,its best to work with it only in combination with an energizing crystal - like clear quartz which adds energy \ water.

Using tourmaline on its own will draw too much energy from your field and also dark energy to the surface with no clear energy to balance it. It will bring you into a low energy state or just very negative states when used alone. People often get lethargic, irritable, bad headaches, heart pain and have bad dreams when they use the stone on its own.

These two stones work well together. With the strength of each stone - complementing the other and balancing out the others potential weaknesses. Too much clear quartz can and will make you too energized, ungrounded, flightly - almost ADHD. Too much Black tourmaline can make you lethargic, low energy, depressed, irritable.

Using them together - water and a sponge - brings fresh water in and grounds and removes excess heaver energy. Its a basic clearing and cleaning combination and great starting point for beginners learning how to use crystals.

Feeling ill after using Flourite
by: Anonymous

I bought a clear Flourite pendant a few days ago. After about four or five days of wearing it I developed a mild chest infection. No temp as such but going between hot and cold and head feels groggy. Any advice anyone? Thanks

Anyone knows what this means?
by: Andrea

Okay this may seem weird but I'll never forget u went to my moms friends house who was really into stones and stuff. She had a really big rose quartz and I was holding it and my temple on my left side started pulsating. I had never had that happen before where my temple was pulsating.

What do you think that meant? It might of been nothing but I have always wanted to ask someone who is more experienced. I couldn't find anything related to my question this was the closest I could get.

Yes you can feel differently about the same mineral or stone.
by: Anonymous

Hi, Yes you can feel bad with particular stones. If you feel bad do not wear the stone again. That stone is not made for you. But you can chose another stone with the same name and you can feel food by.

I have 2 Labradorite stones. From one I feel angry and a pain in my upper body(medalion). Is like is burning from inside. And is very heavy energy. Is not good for me.

The other Labradorite is a heart stone form and I get a very calm feeling when I have it in my BH. So I have learned my lesson about stones and how they feel.

Jade is kicking my butt
by: Jaxon

Hey everyone I could use your help. I am born in April (Taurus) and read somewhere that Jade would be a great crystal to have. I went to my crystal shop picked up a piece and I was so excited to get working.

I cleansed it over selenite, incense, and meditation many times but when I’m holding it I notice my day isn’t the best. I feel drained and agitated, dried out even emotional sometimes.

Does my jade hate me? What should I do? I've thought about throwing it as far as I can because maybe it’s bad for me but I can’t.

Black tourmaline
by: Mark

Hello, I've notice every time I wear my black tourmaline as a necklace and the stone is over my heart for long period of the day I start feeling it hurts in my heart area.

So I have to take it off. How often do I have to cleanse it or is to strong for me to wear it as a necklace. Sometime when have it in my pocket during the day I'm fine. Need information thanks.

by: Anonymous

I have had a reaction to Moldavite...it’s very powerful! The first few times I wore the stone/glass, I felt like my heart was about to explode. Nausea, and intense anger for a few days.
Now all is good!

Not jiving
by: Anonymous

Definitely not alone here. I cannot for the life of me wear rose quartz. I absolutely adore it but I can’t wear it. Immediately it feels uncomfortable to place around my wrist and I will also have nausea and headaches. I am always hyper aware that I have it on and the stones will also never warm on my skin. I have also experienced this with aquamarine.

I approached a Crystal healing expert who owns a shop here in Toronto and she told me to cleanse it and try again in a different moon cycle or even in a different stage in life. I was a new mom at the time, so she said to give it a try after I was done nursing the baby.

I have since tried different rose quartz crystals (cleansed) and it will not jive with me. The effect of Aquamarine however did change. I can now wear it without negative reactions.

Also Labradorite I cannot seem to hold on to. I started noticing that every time I make a Labradorite piece for myself. It seems to call for someone else. And I always end up giving it away or selling it. It became a running joke with my mom. She said you can’t seem to hold on to any Lab!

Last night after years of not owning my own Labradorite I made myself a piece this time mixing it with Rhodochrosite and Moonstone. I thought maybe the 2 other crystals will help compliment the effect I was after, and the bracelet came off my wrist in the night. I found it underneath my pillow this morning. Has that ever happened to anyone?

As for the Rose Quartz, I will try it on again in a new life stage.

Me too
by: Amy

I came across this post while researching the same issue. I am also sensitive. Every time I put on the black tourmaline bracelet, my right arm starts hurting really bad. Within hours of taking it off, it stops.

Quartz hurts!
by: Anonymous

I too am sensitive and find that all forms of quartz weaken me or bring me intense pain. No one can explain it to me either

by: Anonymous

So weird. The same is happening to me! I put it in the cupboard and felt a bit better. I blamed my nasty cold on swimming in the ocean. I took it out and and BAM! I feel much worse today. I'm going to try to cleanse it and see what happens.

crystal bracelet
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have a crystal stone bracelet that I've tried several times to wear simply because it's pretty, but every single time I put it on, I come down with a massive sickness. Of course I want it to just be coincidental, but to happen every time doesn't leave much to the imagination.

The last time, it almost killed me. I'm convinced either my stone is cursed, or I just don't meld well with crystals. I, otherwise, am top notch healthy, and just don't get sick. My crystal bracelet now hangs on my lampshade. Be pretty at a distance.

by: Danielle Reitz

Hello, I got my first Labradorite Crystal stone and every time I put it in the palm of my hand and put my other hand on top of it my heart feels very heavy. I pick up my Amethyst Crystal and I feel my heart gets lighter and I feel peaceful and at ease.

For some reason when I put the other crystal in my hand it makes me have a very heavy heart like literally my heart feels really heavy. I am wondering why this is if it has just too much power or if it's supposed to do this to you I don't know.

I must remember that clear quartz is a good balancer!
by: Anonymous

I realized that clear quartz is a good balancer and I will try and make sure I remember that, and rose quartz too. I got a piece of danburite and kept it in my pocket and slept with it and I was sick for 2 weeks, super bad headache and just felt blah, I knew it was a detox so tried to tough it out but after 2 weeks I had to stop.

I now know that I should have used some clear quartz and also not slept with it so much and to not let myself get that sick. I have not work a lot of dark stones so haven't experienced that yet but I have heard others talk about it. The balancing makes a lot of sense to me.

Thanks to all who have posted - I have learned soooo much from these comments!!

Can’t touch it
by: Seer

I physically cannot touch my friends clear crystal. I think it’s clear quartz but I’m not sure. I’m a seer and a medium and I have a few friends that are either seers, hearers, feelers, or healers.

They are not as connected to the spirit world as I am and they can touch the crystal just fine. If I touch it, it feels like tiny, fiery needles are being shoved into my finger. Any suggestions?

Same symptoms here
by: Anonymous

I bought my brother and I tourmaline bracelets for Christmas and I wore mine a few days before I gave him his and for three days I experienced headache, nauseous, and an extremely heavy feeling of depression and I could tell it was the bracelet and it felt like it was sucking negativity out of me so I left it on and cleansed it under running water on day two.

Today on day three I feel more balanced and even more energy, and actually, I took the bracelet off to cleanse it through the night and immediately got a slight headache. I think we feel this way because this stone is removing the negative energies around us and on our physical body and so it is a form of detox.

If we have a lot of negative energy to detox we need to make sure to cleanse it repeatedly every day for a while.

I gave my brother his on Christmas and the next day I noticed that he was moody when I knocked on his door to see if he had the bracelet on before I said anything he said that he was moody and that he had to take the bracelet off because within hours of wearing it he too got a headache and nauseous and felt really depressed and heavy.

I am showing him how to cleanse his now but I do feel that he too will have to deal with the detox symptoms for a few days so that it can start helping him with his anxiety which is why I bought them in the first place.

I also have a strange reaction when I go into crystal shops, I think some stones feel so strong and have such weird reactions when we are not aligned to their energies, but I do not think this means we need to stop wearing them or dealing with them, I think we need to learn from them and look for what in our life is keeping us from being cleansed enough or in high enough frequency to deal with their vibrations because they are there for good not bad.

by: Lance

I was struck by lightning in 2007 and have had severe headaches. I can sense weather changes. Nothing has ever helped me. (Medicine) I tried looking into other options and started looking into Crystal's.

I picked up shungite and immediately had something pulling at the left side of of my head where I was stuck. It was like it was ripping something out of my head and I got very weak and pale. The store ran over asking if I needed an ambulance, because I looked so bad. I told her it seams to be be the Crystal shungite.

I put it down and left within minutes I was fine. I went back the next day and picked the shungite back up and immediately going south.

Now when I visit Crystal stores I know where the shungite is and avoid it, but I can't stay in the store very long. I'm looking for the Crystal with the opposite effect!!

Negative reaction
by: Suzi

Because black tourmaline transmutes negative energy, it brings negatives to the surface. Tumbled stones are less intense than the raw natural stones so I wear the tumbled stones at work. I've learned never to sleep with black tourmaline near my bed. I'd rather sleep than process negatives.

I don't know about the other colors of tourmaline. Since tourmaline really gives you trouble, my first step would to very sure you're well grounded. Something is off balance for such a strong reaction.

As far as lithium quartz, I only have a small raw Lepidolite which has lithium in it but I love it. I sleep with it sometimes and have even worn it to work in a macrame stone pouch. Work is so toxic sometimes. Love to you my friend.

Similar experience
by: Kirstie

I get very anxious when wearing black obsidian. I can hold it and have it around me I just can’t wear it. My heart races and I just get super anxious. I have been working with crystals for years and know how to cleanse it and even right after I do it I still get that reaction. You're not the only one.

Feel nauseous after removing black tormeline ring
by: tlog

Question for the Community: I wear my black tourmaline ring ALL OF THE TIME (even when I sleep, shower). I took it off today to charge it on a selenite charging plate (in the same room as I am) & I immediately felt nauseous. Has anyone experienced this or does anyone know why this would be? Thanks in advance.

Kyanite has me feeling "wonkey "
by: Anonymous

I have worn Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst at different times over the last 2 years. Each one had a very noticeable affect on me. In a very positive positive manner. No placebo effect going on others were affected in interactions with me. I bought a Kyanite pendant when my Citrine came off of its clasp. The kyanite has me feeling out of balance and incomplete.

Thank goodness. Finally! An explanation!!
by: Anonymous

For years since I made my black tourmaline bracelet, after a couple of days wearing it, it seems my wrist swells and begs me to take it off it become super irritating, I cannot explain how stifled I feel when I wear it a few days. The same has been happening with my pink kunzite bracelet.

I will check the black shungites I have in my office. I usually feel super drowsy in my office and find it much more productive to sit with my assistant... perhaps blacks stones are too much for me.

by: Lilith

I bought a black tourmaline crystal for protection as well and every time I wear it I feel EXHAUSTED! Some crystals don’t always resonate with us. Try Tigers Eye or Hematite instead. Blessings and I hope you’re feeling better

Yes amethyst
by: Anonymous

I only have to look at amethyst and it makes me feel sick, why is that?

Black Stones
by: Anonymous

Black stones make me sick and nauseous, I have a black star sapphire and the more I wore it that feeling went away. I think it’s because it’s a protective stone and my root or base chakras were out of balance. I firmly believe that sick feel is the stone clearing energy blocks and it went away the more time I worn it.

I did a quiz on my chakras and my root or base chakras needed work so black stones work well with me but when I first wear it I get sick because it’s clearing blockages in my aura.

Hematite is the one that make me feel sick as a dog but I feel it goes away and is beneficial when it make you feel sick. It just clearing blocked energy.

Feeling sick after wearing tiger eye
by: Anonymous

I brought one tiger eye bracelet and whenever I wear it I feel headache heaviness. When I remove it instantly I feel light and relieved. Also I wear garnet in other hand and citrine pendant.

But I didn't feel anything when I wear it, but with tiger eye I feel something is wrong. I ordered black tourmaline for protection but after reading this article I'm scared to wear it.

Healing is not supposed to be pleasant!
by: Elma

The healing part itself is hard and after comes pleasure. So if you are feeling sick in your stomach or anywhere else that means ITS WORKING! You are being freed from something that no longer serves you. One love❤️

I had the same feeling, can't wear dark crystals for long
by: Anonymous

I had the same feeling, crystal practitioners and Reiki masters told me not to wear dark grounding crystals/stones for long periods of time or in general. That it is best to have them in a room or nearby, but not on me; and not only tourmaline, even obsidian for example.

Stones can make you I'll. I have that issue with Garnet.
by: Druidrex

Folks saying that the stone needs cleansing or grounding don't really understand how stones work. Vibration (electromagnetic energy) everything has it. If your personal vibration does match up well with a certain stone you shouldn't wear it. Or only wear it for certain rituals or ceremonies then take it off.

Healing Crisis
by: Bec

Hey just wondering if the crystals are prompting a healing crisis..? This is a pretty common thing with natural remedies that when things are working to heal you your body experiencing some worsening of symptoms as the negativity/toxins are purging!

Heavy dizzy and nauseous
by: Diwi

I feel heavy dizzy and nauseous with my tourmaline bracelet when I first wore it when it arrived. I thought it was my tiger eye so I removed it but still I felt the same. So I removed my tourmaline and then I felt better. I tried my tiger's eye again to see if it feel heavy again but it's not.

Tourmaline caused me pain in my fingers and hands
by: Iba

I started wearing a pendulum of tourmaline and in question off days my fingers started to hurt. Then after some days the fingers from the left hand were sore too. I took the crystal off and now I'm feeling better. Very weird. So now I do t know if I should wear it again?

Black Tourmaline causes burning sensation
by: Anonymous

I have a burning sensation when wearing black tourmaline in my pocket. It feels like a burning sensation that is getting stronger and I have to remove the stone quickly at that point because the burning feels intense. It also makes me feel anxious and gives me a headache. I never heard of these effects before. Happy to find this thread and get some ideas as well as understanding why this might be happening.

by: Anonymous

I bought shungite online and at first I felt great , lots of energy and looked healthy I thought. I had it around my neck on some rope. The next day after breakfast I started to get very ill, my eyes became very sore and pounding head ache and feeling sick. I took it off and felt a little better so put it back on and started feeling very weird and panicked. Threw it in the bin. Strange experience.

Weakened by Lapis
by: Danica

This has happened to me many times. I used to own a Lapis Lazuli ring (which I gave to a relative). When I owned it, I would become exhausted & needed to take naps during the day.( Also, I was weakened by that stone)

It took a long time before I discovered that the Lapis was draining my energy (of which I have in abundance !) I'd also get migraine type headaches, which were a pain in the ass, since I suffer from splitting headaches. I haven't worn that ring for years.

My energy has come back & the exhaustion has stopped!

I also feel this
by: Anonymous

I feel the exact same with my black Tourmaline
necklace. I found that taking it off for a while during the day helps. I don't recommend
wearing it all day and night.

I hate black tourmaline for this exact reason
by: Paul Duran

I have the same problem since I started this when I was ten now I'm 16 but my school counselor gave me a black tourmaline necklace. I wore it for about 3 days but I had the worst migraine for about week after that.

I went to school. this was now the third day and I saw my counselor who gave me the necklace and right when she saw me she said take that off now and give me it and started to help me and saw that is was causing my chakra and energy was off and that I was just really foggy and was so sensitive.

She took it home with her and tried to cleanse it but what ever I did with it was so powerful that it took three cleansings, three different nights she had to do it.

I just got one today and I'm forcing myself to get used to it but my head is hurting so bad and there this ringing in my ears that won't go away until I put down the crystal.

I love clear quartz, but...
by: Ajannonymous

I have just recently started to realize the power of crystals. How ever one crystals energy must be too strong for me. The other evening I fell asleep with one of these crystals on my chest.

It’s about 3 inches long and and inch in diameter. When I woke up, about 20 minutes later, I was disoriented and nauseous, this lasted all night and part of the next day.

Yesterday I went shopping in a local antique shop and saw a chunk of rough clear quartz. I decided to buy it and carried it with me while looking at other stuff. I began to feel uncomfortable , enough so that I gave it to the cashier to keep till I was ready to go.

I’m going to keep the crystals because they are beautiful and they are just doing their thing😂but I will be more careful how I handle them. I also have a Black Tourmaline that manifests faces. One is of a man and one is demon- like. Has anyone had this experience. with any crystals?? Thank you and positive energy to all.

Black Tourmaline
by: Anonymous

Black Tourmaline is a very strong stone. The stone purifies and aligns your chakras. Black tourmaline is a grounding stone so its very important that you ground yourself. High vibrational stones needs you to be balanced and grounded in order to properly align with the vibrations. Pain is a sign that alerts you about something. So make sure you ground yourself in order to handle the high vibrational stones.

by: Abeer

Hi, Garnet is my birth stone, I purchased set of necklace, earring and ring. They look Astonishing. The first time I wore them I triggered child hood trauma. I cleansed the necklace a few times then I felt it’s kept recalling my past difficulties, that I have to deal with.

Then I cleansed it again, and the moment I touched it with tips of my finger I can feel the vibration it’s a bit overwhelming.

So I panicked again and decided to leave it alone. So I decided to keep it with other gemstones that I have already and visit it from time to time, especially when I feel ok to see how are we doing. If anyone has experienced the same or has any suggestions please tell me? I would be appreciate it.

by: Anonymous

I just bought tourmaline not too long ago and have been only able to wear it for a day at a time, à few times.. it has made me VERY tired I've noticed.

Heavyness in lower back almost pulling me to sit
by: Anonymous

Hello, I hope someone can help shed some light on my most recent reaction and first of all time to a crystal. Okay this is long so sit tight. I recently went to a store in Mass (visiting there) and was drawn to their selection of crystals.

Of course I know nothing about crystals but I did see somewhere that if when holding a crystal it pushes you back its not meant for you as when it pulls you forward that is the crystal for you. However, I picked up a crystal (of course I don't know what it was, either Uvite or Sphalerite based on my research, yes I didn't buy it and I'm regretting it right now).

When I picked up the crystal (it was good size, rough/raw crystal)I felt as if it was pulling me down like to sit down. I was also having some lower back issues. I was just wondering if this crystal was trying to tell me no back off or was it telling me to sit relax and pull me to ground me.

Please help, thank you all in advance.

Labrodite made us sick
by: Anonymous

I bought 2 labradorite crystals. One for myself and one for my wife. After 3 days we both became ill and were experiencing bad luck. I threw both away in a pond far from the house and we are feeling better and our luck has returned

Yes, I’ve had a similar experience
by: Kaila

I was at a crystal store and picked up a piece of Carnelian and just felt really off and like super anxious.

by: Anonymous Millie

I feel the same way. Everyone tells me to wear crystals to protect myself from picking up every one vibes. I tried the same ones you tried. I had them in the house bought to wear as a necklace.

Nope I get moody anxiety every time I wear it I tried for a whole month on and off wearing it it’s just not for me. I think empath people can’t wear certain crystals. Its different and not for me.

Yes I cleanse it, my daughter is into crystals she’s good with them. I think that people who are very hyperactive can’t wear them. My thoughts.

by: Salman

I also buy one blue sapphire when I wear it I get headache , in that time I wear it in my right hand, then I cleaned the stone after that I wear it in my left hand and then all goes well.

Even before I have red onyx every time I wear it I get headache and nausea then I take the stone to sea and put it in the sea water after that it going well.

Now same issue I get with yellow sapphire. When I wear it I get nausea and get a headache now when I'm dealing with it.

It was Carnelian for me
by: Cat_fer

I was energy drained after a short trip where I had to deal with many heavy-energy family members and, for the first time, I reached for a Carnelian chip necklace I got as a gift many years ago.
It had been cleansed by lying on a selenite plate for a few days. I picked up the Carnelian necklace and asked the crystals to give me vitality, energy and motivation (I'm a translator and had work due and didn't have any energy to get to it).

That day, I wore it on my left wrist like a bracelet, felt normal and was able to complete about 70% of my job, which was pretty good.
The next day, I put it back on my wrist and went through my day. By mid-afternoon, I started feeling nauseated and acid reflux symptoms. My left wrist felt heavy. I removed for a bit and I felt better and lighter. I thought "maybe it's just a coincidence" so, after a while, I put back on my wrist and felt nauseated again.

Also, I could not stop YAWNING consecutively (and I know that means we are aligning our energy with others' or the environment's energy, or it may mean we are cleansing either our or someone else's energy).

I put it next to me on my desk and continued working, albeit my head ached a bit. So now I understand that the Carnelian crystals had done their job helping me and when we were done, we were really done lol!

Now I'm cleansing it again on the Selenite plate and will then thank the crystal necklace for its help and put it away... Until some other time in the future maybe.


Yes, I get sick too
by: Anonymous

I get sick from clear quartz but can use high vibrational stones like Moldavite and amber with no issue. I normally stick to darker stones like tourmaline, obsidian, or Smokey quartz to block energies. The clear quartz draws too much energy toward me.

Red agate makes me sick
by: Abbas

Wearing red agate crystals causes me to have headaches, chest pain, high pressure on the heart and stomach and now nausea. From the point of view of metaphysical energy, a strong negative force radiates in my aura, which is annoying to me.

by: Anonymous

Garnet makes me feel anxious and all over the place. Tried to wear it 3 times. Each time - the same story. Within 5 minutes of taking it off, I am fine. P.S. Tried two different garnet rocks.

Tourmaline Fabric
by: Frolicker

I bought some material with powdered tourmaline put into dots onto some fabric and made a dress out of it. It burns my skin under my armpits leaving a red rash. You're not crazy. This fabric is supposed to induce infrared light to go deeper.

Moonstone gave me severe headaches, cold and cough
by: Anonymous

Hi, so glad I found this thread. I was worried as to why I suddenly fell sick. I was told by my astrologer to wear a moonstone necklace or bracelet, as it will help me. I did a lot of online reading for negative effects of moonstone but found none.

I bought a moonstone pendant chain immediately and wore it continuously. I fell sick with cough and cold, severe headache and even got my period before my date. I am struggling till now, but my headache went off soon as I removed my moonstone chain.

Does moonstone actually have negative effects or something I am not doing right? I don't want to be wearing multiple crystals now.

Purple Amethyst makes me sick!
by: Helen

Over the years I have discovered that wearing purple amethyst makes me sick. It starts with a headache, nausea and if I have persisted makes me feel really I’ll. it is my birthstone. I persisted beyond a week with a beautiful amethyst bracelet that had been gifted to me. The bracelet fell off and I lost it.

This has happened twice more with other purple amethyst jewellery. It’s almost like I shouldn’t be wearing it? I have nt lost any other jewellery I might add. I am curious for advice or knowledge 🙂

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