Help needed identifying potential Starseed Quartz.

by Matt

Side 1

Side 1

Hi everyone. I need help to identify a crystal I bought in the gift shop of the holiday camp I was staying at with my wife and kids. Here goes... Getting a bit bored with looking at tacky gifts with my wife and kids I slipped away to look at the tubs of crystals the shop had hidden away in the back corner. I started looking through the tubs until I came to the tub containing quartz points.

I found a quartz point I thought was a record keeper with the triangles on it. A point that got my attention had multiple teminations so I put that to one side as well. The tub was about a foot square and 6 inches deep, full to the brim of quartz points.

So I sat on the floor of the gift shop and emptied the tub in front of me on the floor. Looking at each one in turn i eventually found one that stood out and put every other one I'd looked at firmly in the shade. It had odd looking shapes that don't look natural on alternate faces that seemed to increase as you looked at it.

Suddenly I had a brainwave, jumped up and quickly located the mini led torches and purchased one. As fast as I could I got back to the pile of quartz points on the floor and picked up the etched point. I shone the torch through the base of the point and was blown away with the results.

So if anyone here can help me identify the crystal I would love to hear your thoughts on it..


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