Herkimer and Amblygonite

by Zephyr Caron
(BC, Canada)

I used to be a high vibration person (known as a "slider" - blowing out streetlights, appliances, wristwatches, etc.) but a difficult extraction from a psychic vampire has left me low and almost lifeless.

I saw a Herkimer Diamond in a crystal store and was immediately powerfully attracted to it. As I held it, the store clerk pointed out Amblygonite and stated she felt I could benefit from it. I put down the Herkimer and picked up the Amblygonite but felt nothing, although the stone was smooth and pleasant. I inwardly decided against the Amblygonite and picked up the Herkimer again, still holding the Amblygonite because I didn't want to seem rude to the clerk.

Almost instantly, I felt a bizarre charge of energy and, to me, the stones became hot in my hand (but not physically hot - it's hard to explain). There was a strange tingling in the back of my neck and I felt almost drunk. It was such a strong and unexpected sensation that I held onto the stones longer just to find out if the feeling would pass. It didn't.

Needless to say, I took the Herkimer and the Amblygonite home. I hold them regularly because I am compelled to but I find it difficult to do for very long - I will get a headache eventually. I'm addicted to that "charge" of energy and uplifting of my spirits. It feels like I'm feeding my soul.

For what it's worth, I've never been inclined to believe in the powers of crystals (I'm a scientist, so am very practical and linear in thought) but my unexpected experience prompted me to do some research and now I'm a believer, even if I can't explain why it works the way it does to my satisfaction. It just does.

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Someone With A Negative Attitude
by: Vivien

Can you suggest the best crystals to place on the photograph of someone who has a very negative disposition. - Very negative attitude in all their comments and thoughts.

Liz's Reply About Herkimer and Amblygonite
by: Liz

Hi Zephyr

When I read your story about the Amblygonite it made me remember something I had forgotten about it, which is how it seems to draw you to it... particularly when you combine it with other crystals.

This is especially true for those that have a clear vibration that is easy to feel like Herkimer Diamonds.

Your story brought to mind how I would sit with my Amblygonite in one hand and another crystal in the other, and how well it blended. Amblygonite has such a beautiful energy as do the Herkimers.

It seemed to go particularly well with the high vibration stones and with all types of quartz. I can understand how it would blend well with Herkimer Diamonds which are high vibration quartz crystals .

You may be getting a little ungrounded by the sound of it, hence the headache. I suggest that you add in one of the grounding stones. Have a look at the page about Spiritual Grounding to see which ones to use, if you have other crystals.

If you have no others I suggest Black Tourmaline, as it emits such positive energy.

Re the issue of scientific linear thought: scientists use crystals in industry due to their known ability to amplify. The vibration of crystals can be measured on scientific equipment, so don't feel that there is a conflict there for you!

I am so glad that this is such a positive result for you! All the best.

Blessings Liz

Liz's Reply About Negative Attitude
by: Liz

Hi Vivien

I feel that it is synchronicity that drew you to ask about this after reading the Amblygonite page.

Truly the best thing for you would be for you to use Amblygonite to release the emotional hooks that this person and you have between you.

I suggest any type of quartz crystals would be helpful as they amplify thoughts... and if it makes you feel that it helps, place it on the photo. Rose Quartz Crystal in particular helps to bring through loving feelings, and it may make all parties more loving to one another.

If there is a strong feeling of negative energy being sent to you, keep a piece of Fire Agate on you too, as this may help to send any negative energy back to the person if they are broadcasting negativity.



Black Touramaline
by: Zephyr

Hi Liz,

Fortunately, I do have Black Tourmaline as well, which I wear 24/7. There is a lot of healing to do.

It never really occurred to me that crystals are useful in industry (duh!) but now that I've explored further in an attempt to understand why I had such a strong reaction, it really does make sense.

I'd like to introduce my young daughter to this, too, since she endured terrible trauma at the hands of this psychic vampire, which has left her deeply untrusting, closed off and afraid (she still sees this person regularly, unfortunately, but I can't change that). Any suggestions what might help her?


Releasing Psychic Hooks
by: Liz

Hi Zephyr

Perhaps you might like to protect your daughter by getting her some Fire Agate. It sounds like she is young, but maybe a small piece she can wear? And place one under her pillow, (I put mine inside the pillow case so it says put.) As long as it is within her aura it will help her. Just make sure that you cleanse it well each time she encounters this person.

Get yourself some too, Crackled Fire Agate is strongest and is quite powerful, but even the ordinary Fire Agate has an excellent ability to send negativity back and keep you protected.

Maybe Spirit organized for you to get the Amblygonite to help you to release the hooks that you may still have had that linked you to this person. And the Herkimer makes the energy work even stronger. A good combination!

That could be why you feel better when you use it. Sometimes we release hooks then the other person recreates them, so keep it up as long as you feel the need. Just make sure you ground yourself. Walking on earth bare foot is good! (Hard in winter I know but that is why you use crystals!

I am glad to hear you have Black Tourmaline as it is such an excellent stone!



Black Tourmoline
by: NikkiEmma

Black Tourmaline always worked with me to rid negativity. I SWEAR BY BLACK TOURMOLINE. When I feel stressed or know I am going to have a stress full day at work I wear my Black Tourmaline point and my days seem to go better. Although I started wearing a Double Terminated Quartz point and a Herkimer Diamond ring and that seems to work better...

Nutty Professor
by: Anonymous

Someone who claims they are a scientist yet believes they (and their child) is being tormented by a "psychic vampire" needs some help. It frightens me that they are bringing up a child with this belief & it is tantamount to child abuse. Liz should be ashamed for encouraging such ludicrous behaviour. I am all for healing crystals but this is taking it way too far.

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