How To Choose My Crystals

by Maggie

I am fairly new to Crystals, and I'd like to know more about how to choose them, how to use them and cleanse/charge them etc. I'm not sure if I should heal first, then go onto confidence building, protection etc.

I want to try them before introducing them to my daughter who is in need of healing as she suffers from depression and lack of confidence. I hope you can help and look forward to your advice. Thank you.

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Starting with crystals
by: Jessica

Hello. The crystals will help you heal and figure out parts of yourself that otherwise without them might take you longer. I myself suffer from lack of confidence sometimes and insomnia.

Being an artist myself, I think a lot of other artists have problems with these areas among more even. My crystals help me with it. You just need to know which ones have the properties you're looking for.

There are 2 ways I have found to go about this. Over the years I have bought many crystal books to help describe the properties in each type of crystal and also I go to crystal & rock shows & stores.... and just mingle around.

Picking some up that seem to call to me or interest me as soon as I see them. If this happens to you, they are calling to you!! Then from there you can look up the type of crystal they are and find out why they were calling to you. You can also meditate with them (which I do often)

The books help because sometimes you're looking for a certain property and you want to go strait to the source. If you're new at crystals it might take a while to be able to develop the skills to be able to feel their energy. Everyone can do it, it just takes a bit of time. My whole life I've been drawn to rocks & crystals and would always pick them up & bring them home.. but never knew why. Now I know that they were calling to me.

Just to let you know a little how I use my crystals & stones.... When I work I wear a Citrine around my neck because it's suppose to help with confidence... amongst other things but that's the main reason I carry it on work days.

I work in an industry that is male dominated and sometimes I don't feel as if others look at me as an equal (which shouldn't matter) but it helps me with my confidence. Also another one... when I garden I wear a Moonstone because it helps you connect with mother earth. So those are just a few example how I use my crystals.

It seems they are calling to you, you just need to learn what works for you on how to let them help you:)

Choosing The Right Crystal
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Maggie

To help you with choosing the right crystal, if you feel that you are lacking confidence to do this, the crystals that will help you to feel confident may be the first ones to use. In particular the solar plexus chakra stones are very helpful for this purpose.

The primary color for the solar plexus is yellow and so you will find the stones in this color have these attributes. Stones such as Yellow Apatite and Golden Yellow Topaz and Orange Carnelian are yellow-orange stones that may help your confidence.

I also suggest you get a Black Tourmaline as they are highly protective and have lots of other excellent attributes. As well may like to look at stones on my page on developing intuition. This page gives you lots of alternatives, including the lovely violet flame healing stones Amethyst, Charoite and Iolite.

Once you begin to use crystals that aid your intuition you may be better able to use your intuition and allow yourself to be led to the next step to take.

This can be challenging if you are new to crystals. The best way to help yourself with choosing the right crystals may be to go to a crystal shop rather than buy online.

Take a list of possible stones with you. By all means if a Super Seven appeals to you buy one, but you may prefer to use less challenging stones first, although I can understand Jessica's partiality for this stone as they have gorgeous energy!

Blessings Liz

You Choice Of Crystals
by: Liz Oakes

Sorry but I had to do this in two parts as it was too long for the program.

As Jessica also said get yourself a crystal book. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (volume 1) is a one to start with. She gives lots of great info and Melody's smaller crystal book (she does a big encyclopedia) is good too.

My site covers many of the most common crystals although I have not yet covered all of them yet! Working on it gradually. If you buy a crystal and want information on it go to my sitemap page where there is a list of all the pages and you can navigate from there to the in-depth pages on individual crystals.

You do not really need to charge crystals and I never do, but I know some people put store in this. You do need to cleanse them regularly if you are using them and I have a page on cleansing crystals to help you with this aspect.

The best way to use crystals is to meditate with them, so read the page on crystal meditation as it gives instructions on how to program crystals.

If you feel your daughter could benefit from it have a look at the list of crystals on my page on ways to relieve stress, as these stones help depression, anxiety and stress.

In case you didn't know, any words highlighted with a link can be clicked on to take you to that page (to make it easier for you). I wish you all the best in your choices. Blessings Liz

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