How to prevent clairaudience when working with crystals?

by KSC

Hi... a few years ago I started to collect crystals and learn about them and how I can use them for healing myself and others (I'm also a massage therapist).

At the beginning of meditation practice I wasn't sure if I was doing any good. Then it started to be weird and I started to hear voices.

Then another time I had a strong feeling of wind blowing through my body and moving my soul (I was on my bed, alone and with closed doors and windows).

Than I was under ceiling (not physical)... at that moment it was too much and I asked that something to put me down and I stopped all meditation 'attempts' and crystal practice. However I'm not able to stay away from crystals again and I really really want to use their holistic healing properties, but.......

Please tell me how I can block everything paranormal as I don't want to talk or feel or hear spirits, angels or other entities. Also I don't want to have visions of future... only thing of all that abilities that I could accept is intuition, learn subtle energies healing, seeing auras and whatever could help people and myself to heal.. please help..

Just don't tell me to avoid crystals..
thank you in advance..

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Here's some tips!
by: Anonymous

Here's some tips, that may help you.

You need to ground yourself
Use black or red crystals
Don't think foolish thoughts
Genuinely learn to relax

Try and improve, not avoid...
by: J.N.

Yea, I agree with Anonymous's message. I'd really suggest Labradorite or Nuummite or something protective. I understand your reactions, even though I haven't had your experiences.

I'm a Sagittarius, haven't experienced any of that, my clairaudience, or any of my abilities aren't as exceptional as yours are. Therefore, it's easy for me to see your gifted. I can spiritually communicate though and have a few other abilities related to knowledge and insight. This message alone, I'm already aware, involves my abilities. Getting to your answer, Labradorite, which I believe is considered the 'Holy Grail' for protection and is excellent for beginners ought to help solve your matter. Amethyst may help also. Have you dealt with either of them yet?

I also dealt with shock from my abilities, but they were more minor. I've meditated, took off my shirt, and the shirt started flashing white, even though I'm not one who cares about or thinks of white light. Then other parts of my room and other locations had white light where there was no way for the light to get there. I'm smelling Tanzan Aura quattz now with three pieces in the room.

Usually, there's information that can be found online. I found out I was seeing the lights cause I'd reached an enlightened state...

I believe you can find a list of indicators for grounding somewhere on this website. I read the list not long ago. Click on gemstone descriptions and find one that allows you to read about grounding :-). Btw, being scared of your abilities won't help you. It probably won't make things worse though.

Long answer but it's my full answer.

Thanks JN
by: ksc


Thanks for your answer. I have one beautiful piece of Labradorite, a pendant, but I didn't use it during meditation. I have used black tourmaline and a shungite ball and I was fine, no weird experiences, and I'm back at the beginning where I'm not sure if I am doing it right :D

I did read that article on grounding and I have most of the symptoms listed and I have found where it begun in my childhood. Now its easier to deal with it knowing the root of it, when I see the same patterns in my mental and emotional state. Also, last month I had ''climax'' in several physical problems related to first chakra, sciatica pain as one of them and meditation and sleeping with shungite ball helped me a lot :)

by: J.N.

Glad to know!

About the wind
by: J.N.

Hey KSC,

:-j nice to be communicating with you again.

A while ago, I was wondering about the wind you feel. I've thought about it and it wouldn't surprise me if wind was your natural element.

There's a chance I've developed electric element.

Can you tell me anything about elemental matters?

I tried to find this post again, glad I've stumbled to it (unintentionally)

by: ksc

Unfortunately I have no idea about elements in this context... but thanks for remembering me :)

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