I Call This A Scroll Crystal...It Is Tiny But Mighty

by Joanne Klemstein Stoll
(Belmont, CA)

My name is Joanne Klemsten Stoll and I have been around and working with crystals for the last 15 years and this one is really different and would like to hear others opinion on this one.

I recently was ask to share my knowledge of feathers or working with feathers with three classes of 5th graders and let them experience their energies. There were some very exceptional children that were fascinated with the energies and what I had to say. After that day in thinking of the special children I had met, I then remembered some tiny crystals that I had bought to go in the handle of my Intuitive Prayer Fans several years ago that had been too big when they arrived.

I emailed the crystal dealer in Arkansas and he said to keep the original bag and he would send me another with tinier ones (my original specifications). So I ended up with extras to share with someone. I went through them again and made sure there were no small ones in them that I actually could use then I gave these crystals to the teacher to share with the kids that I believe were Indigo & Crystal who had shown a special interest in crystals and Spiritual things.

In that process I found this tiny special crystal that has such unusual characteristics. I know it is truly a gift but wish to get another opinion from someone else that "knows" crystals for an intuitive opinion on where it came from other than Arkansas and what it is here to do. This one is not like the others for sure.

The energy is soooo much different than the other Arkansas crystals it came with. It has such unusual attributes with double points and Rainbows and even though it is tiny I know it is powerful. I wonder what you might percieve/see from looking at it? This one has either smaller double terminated or self-healed crystals adjoined to it.

There are 6 separate smaller crystals on one side of the biggest crystal (mama) with 3 of those being double terminated ones and then a baby one (6th one) wedged in between the 5th and the big one (7th). The baby (9th) one riding on the side of the biggest one (8th) would make it a Barnacle crystal, right?

It all together reminds me of a "scroll" in a way. I hope you can connect with its energy through photos. I am grateful for your time if you can check it out.

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Liz's comments
by: Liz

Hi Joanne

I can't really tell from the picture what this may be, and I am unable to specifically connect with its energy either.

Maybe this stone came to you for a reason, so meditate with it and ask your guides what its purpose is and how best to use it.



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