I think I had another “Moldavite Moment”

by Alisa
(Australia )

26 June 2018 – My Dream.
I had a dream that I was in Japan with my fiancé. Walking through the streets and alley ways. I had absolutely no idea where I was going. Suddenly, there were these dogs that looked unloved and feral with sharp teeth, off grey and black scant coloured coats.

I wanted so desperately to pat the dogs, all though scared and in fear of what they might do to me if I reach out to pat them, I picked one up, the dog made it clear that he didn’t want to be touched. As I held the dog close to me, I retracted the dog’s claws to which they looked like sharp rusty steel nails.

When I placed the dog back down on the ground, it virtually leaped from my arms and ran up a tree close by, and hid deep within the canopy cover.

Conscience state – 12 hours later at work:

(At work) - Walking through to the kitchenette at work when mine and a co-workers paths aligned. (her name is Tamie, and she is Japanese) She pointed at my Moldavite crystal hanging from my necklace and became deeply intrigued by its presence and began to ask questions about it.

I wasted no time in getting straight to the point on describing it’s benefits in the crystal healing realm, and what it represents. Tamie proceeded to unpack her current state in life, telling me that there is a member in her team that has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

After sharing this news, Tamie said to me and I quote “I want to be happy” This comment gave me permission to introduce her to my “self-healing model” and beliefs in how to change our state of being, to which she became deeply immersed in my approach to life and how I joyfully submerge myself in to the present moment. She was enthusiastically taking mental notes. We finished our conversation by finding a quiet spot at my desk, we closed our eyes and in prayer, we quietly sent acknowledgement, peace and compassion to her co-worker who has been diagnosed.

Just before she got up to leave, she said to me and I quote “It’s like I was meant to run into you today, this was good for me”

The connection with the dream, and my conversation with Tamie:

I felt that my dream became a forecast for what later on in my waking state was a moment where I felt the universe aligned mine and Tamie’s pathways to cross so I could provide a message of love and light, along with guidance on how she can begin to feel abundant, worthy, wholesome and happy.

Taking note that I was in Japan in my dream, and Tamie is the only Japanese colleague I know at work amongst 700 people in the organisation. And the stray and scared dogs in my dream feared love, and fearfully ran up the tree for concealment, interpret this part of my dream to be a resemblance of Tamie’s emotions and fear of the unknown.

I also felt that she might personally shy/fear love in general, as I personally know that she has been hurt by a lover in the past, and has been single for a long time.

• Could this be my Moldavite putting a moment in an envelope, and addressing the message to Tamie?

• Perhaps the universal intelligence instigated a connection between a dream, a conversation, and a perception.

• Or, maybe what I am seeing inside my mind has become exactly what I am seeing outside of my eyes.

I leave this one up to you to decide.

- Alisa

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