Intuition and Crystals

by Nancy Gonzalez
(New Mexico)

Intuition had helped me in my journey with crystals. We all have intuition, we use it all the time. We just don't realize that we are using it.

We know when something does not feel right, we don't know why, we just know. That is intuition knocking at your door to help you.

In working with crystals using your intuition will help you to determine which crystals you need at certain times.

It is as simple as just asking what do I need right now and the first name of a crystal you hear will be the right one. Being in a store that sells crystals, just walk around and ask... who do I need right now, and you will be guided to the right one.

It is getting out of your head and just listening to what comes through. Pick it up and be aware, how does it feel? Does my hand tingle when I hold it? You will know.

It is a game that you play with yourself. Test yourself and see how well you do. We are always learning and using your intuition is one of the best ways to learn. Enjoy!

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